Angel Tarot Card Readings by Email

I am a Certified Angel Tarot Reader with Radleigh Valentine’s program.  You don’t just get your cards read; I also get a lot of psychic insights while I’m doing your reading! I pull 3 cards from the Tarot deck of your choosing (Angels or Fairies or Furry Friends) and the cards tell me a story. Your spirit guides want you to have this information. Wherever you are in your life, you can course-correct and get to a happy place 😉 Coming soon to my Etsy shop: Special readings like Life Purpose Reading, Message from Beyond the Grace, Relationship Reading, Job Reading and Finding Love.

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I will email you a pdf file with your reading (1-2 pages) and a photo of all your cards.

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“Ellen is intuitive as a Tarot card reader, and a very generous and caring person. Her Tarot reading uplifted me emotionally and gave me new insights.” ~Misty