Doreen Virtue Video: Dropped by Hay House

I am not following the Doreen Virtue conversion to Christianity melodrama anymore, but when I logged into YouTube one of her videos popped up in my feed. She recorded herself answering frequently asked questions from her fans and former fans (February 9, 2018). It’s a shocker!

Watch the Doreen Virtue video on YouTube (1 hour long)

The bombshell comes at the end (around the 53-minute mark): Hay House has dropped Doreen Virtue! I was surprised because they stuck with her for awhile, even when she only wanted to write about Jesus and the Bible. What do you think?

The other interesting tidbit is that Doreen says she moved to the Pacific Northwest…which is the same info I got in a comment here. The person wrote that she is living in a small town near Seattle.

Doreen talks a lot about the rescue ranch she had in Hawaii and why it failed. Honestly, I’ve heard so many different versions of events from her now that I think she is backpedaling from all the criticism she has gotten online. Basically, Doreen and her husband Michael had no idea how to run a rescue ranch. And they never sought advice from seasoned rescue ranches. They just bought a huge (40 acres) ranch on the Big Island and started filling it with as many animals as she could buy off of Craigslist! They soon had 300 animals. They discovered that the feed bills and vet bills were enormous. They hired 2 full-time ranch hands. And leased grazing pastures for the sheep. Then, Doreen suddenly converted to Christianity (the Bible-thumping kind) and denounced her old books and divination card decks. She told the publishing company to remove her from any future royalties from the products that don’t fit her Christian beliefs. She says her income from Hay House dropped 70 per cent.

Oddly, she then decided to move to the mainland without selling the ranch first. She says in the YouTube video that a realtor told her the property would sell faster this way. The reason was that Doreen and Michael had 11 dogs in the little ranch house and the barking was intense, which could frustrate potential buyers looking at the house and land. The ranch still hasn’t sold! And she can no longer afford the mortgage! The original owners of the ranch have agreed to pay the mortgage while she pays a small amount to keep the property maintained for showings. She is still paying the 2 ranch hands to feed birds left behind on the property: chickens, peacocks and wild turkeys. I don’t know much about buying and selling houses, but it all seems backwards to me. She also says when they bought this ranch, her beautiful house in Maui hadn’t sold yet (the one you see in her videos with fairy doors). So, a lot of bad financial choices. Doreen spent ALL OF HER SAVINGS on feeding and caring for the rescue ranch animals.

On the bright side, I do think Doreen will get a publishing deal with a Christian publisher soon. She is quite a workhorse; always writing books and creating card decks.

Another odd thing: the rescue ranch was never listed as a charity. Doreen says a financial  advisor told her it would be confusing to the IRS since she (at the time) was wealthy and could finance it with her own money. This sounds completely crazy to me! I myself filled out charity paperwork and it’s quite easy! Because the rescue ranch was never a charity, Doreen said she couldn’t really ask for donations (although she sorta did). So, she sold off her goddess gowns on eBay and planned on using that money to help with the feed and vet bills…but Doreen offered FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, which is a selling no-no because someone could be living in Antartica and you’d have to pay the shipping for them. And she HIRED SOMEONE to do the whole eBay selling thing  for her (again, I’ve sold on eBay and it’s not hard! but maybe she felt like she didn’t have the time to deal with it). And she paid this person so well that almost no money was leftover. So, don’t hire Doreen to be in charge of your finances – hahaha.

Doreen and Michael gave away all of the animals (not her personal dogs and cats, but she did give away her personal horses because it would have cost too much to ship them from Hawaii to the mainland) to her vegan friends. She was part of some vegan groups, she said, and posted on the vegan message boards that all of her rescue animals (and horses) needed forever homes.

The whole saga is just such a disaster!

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Doreen Virtue’s husband Michael appears in her video for this week (June 5th, 2017): click here to watch on YouTube. The video is earmarked to start at the point he enters the conversation. He is very into animals and animal rehab. Lookswise, a bit of a schlubby hubby? I was expecting someone more professional and wealthy-looking. Lucky him to live on an animal rescue ranch full-time!

The husband says the 2 are already dipping into their savings to pay for the rescue ranch. This furthers my concern that they are getting TOO MANY ANIMALS! I cringe a little whenever they say they’ve gotten a new animal. I hope they are getting professional management advice from others in the animal rescue business.

P.S. I LOVE ANIMALS but I was ready to chuck that bird out a window after a few minutes of its screeching!

Old Doreen Virtue YouTube Video

I just watched this old video of a Doreen Virtue interview on YouTube. I kind of like this California beach babe version of her! She looks like Kristin Chenoweth here. This is back when she lived in SoCal, I’m guessing. She’s mentioned living near Laguna Beach with her then-husband Steven Farmer (he sells power animal cards and books). She says in the video he is her soulmate. Oops!

She is a little less polished and more “real” in this video. Still telling the same stories, though, like about the little Hot Wheels car her dad bought and then the family visualized getting the car and lo and behold they got the money to buy it! I wish I was that good at manifestation….

More about Doreen Virtue’s Conversion to Christianity

Doreen posted a new video to Facebook/YouTube about her conversion to Christianity. She will now be promoting Jesus instead of New Age stuff.

UPDATE: Doreen has taken this video down from YouTube! CLICK HERE to watch Doreen’s Jesus video.

She explains that she grew up in the Unity church, which is a little different than most Christian churches. It’s more similar to Christian Science, started by Mary Baker Eddy. Doreen said Mary Baker Eddy was actually a follower of Phineas Quimby, who started the Unity church. So, like I mentioned in my previous post, Doreen was never baptized as a baby! She’d heard about Jesus, but not in the traditional Christian way like with Hell and Damnation.

Now, she is attending an Episcopalian/Anglican church in Hawaii. I was wondering what denomination of church she is in – like how Bible-thumping. When I lived in Hollywood, the Episcopalian/Anglican church there displayed a huge AIDS ribbon. The church got a lot of press for allowing gay weddings and for ordaining gay clergy before most people were OK with it.

So, my burning question has been: what’s in and what’s out? Doreen says she will still sell stuff about angels (and, of course, Jesus). She will also sell books/cards about unicorns. And about fairies (she specifically mentioned flower fairies and tree fairies but said she will not promote “dark fairies”).

Who’s in?


Who’s out?


She mentioned her book again, Angels and Ascended Masters, and said she’ll be re-writing it and taking lots of deities out. She didn’t specifically say which ones… I guess Ascended Masters would include: Atlanteans, Egyptians, Greek gods/goddesses? I’m still wondering if she’ll axe the Celtic goddesses and the Island goddesses. She also has a Native American goddess, White Buffalo Calf Woman, in the Ascended Masters card deck, which she said she’ll be re-issuing minus the deities she no longer believes in. Merlin, the wizard is in the book and card deck, too. I am interested to see if she takes out her one alien reference, to Commander Ashtar. I think the aliens known as The Collective are very, very, very good and important in that they want the world to advance!


  • A Course in Miracles, which is a set of books and classes about Jesus that Marianne Williamson based her first book on (I love that book!). I never did read A Course in Miracles because it’s very long – like a bunch of encyclopedias.

So, why did Doreen Virtue convert to Christianity and become so Jesus-y? She says in the video that she feels like she has fewer problems since she started reading the Bible and going to church. And especially since getting baptized. She thinks New Agers are missing the boat. She said she knows a lot of New Agers who have a lot of personal problems = their religion doesn’t seem to be working for them. She had 3 intense visions of Jesus and wants to be completely devoted to Him now. She says in the video that her husband told her to watch some YouTube videos of people who were saved from hell by Jesus. In the videos, people describe how they were near death, like dying during surgery. They saw themselves in hell with people screaming and wailing. Then, they saw Jesus and He saved them. Doreen thinks because each person (some weren’t Christian at all) says it was Jesus who saved them, that Jesus must be the most important/powerful deity.

This annoys me a bit. IMO born-again Christians go gah-gah over Jesus while barely mentioning God who is above Him; in the Catholic church it is more about the Trinity which is God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Plus, in every Catholic church you’ll find a statue of Mary plus many saints, so people’s devotion is more balanced – one thing the Catholic church gets right! When I went to non-denominational churches in the South, it was all Jesus, all the time. I found this even more sexist than the Catholic church! Many Catholics revere the Virgin Mary just as much as they do Jesus, and this gives girls/young women a role model to look up to.

Also, I disagree with Doreen and I don’t believe in Hell. I believe in Sylvia Browne’s version which is that truly evil people like Hitler and Saddam Hussein are black souls that get immediately recycled, coming back to Earth as another evil dictator. The world is an experiment between Good and Evil, so God needs some evil people on the ground at all times. Sylvia said the vast majority of people are “gray souls,” meaning neither truly evil/black souls nor 100 per cent pure and holy white souls. When most people die they go to a special holding area in heaven to watch their life review and see and feel where they have hurt people/themselves. It takes them awhile to forgive themselves and others. Then, it’s their choice to either stay in heaven or prepare to be reincarnated for another go-round on Earth. I think the Hell and Damnation idea is just something the church came up with to get people in the pews. FEAR SELLS. Ask any marketer.

How does Doreen deal with accusations that the church is sexist and against gay people? She says the church she goes to, the Episcopalian/Anglican church, isn’t. She explains sexism and homophobia was written into the Bible because it was part of the accepted culture of that time. I just know that the Catholic church is STILL sexist and homophobic and against birth control and against women priests, etc. The Catholic church has had opportunity after opportunity to modernize, and time and time again it refused. I think it will lead to the church’s downfall! I believe part of the New Age movement is to boost the power of women across the globe, including in religion. Go goddesses! And Mother Mary!

Does Doreen Virtue think the End Times may be upon us? YES! This is a common theory in born-again churches, that you must get saved and accept Jesus before you die or before the world ends, whichever comes first. She says in the video that maybe NOW is the End of Days, because of what’s happening in politics with President Trump and Syria and North Korea. Maybe some other New Agers are turning to Jesus out of fear of  World War 3? Will it be a nuclear war? I DO THINK there will be some nukes set off soon. I would guess by North Korea. Or by ISIS or another rebel group with “dirty bombs” that are just thrown together with some nuclear material. But that doesn’t mean the whole planet is going to blow up! Psychics have predicted a no-go zone = a city with too much radiation due to a nuclear explosion. Let’s hope it’s not London or Paris or NYC!

I do give Doreen Virtue props for being honest. She could’ve just retired and taken all the money she’s earned over the years and never told her followers that she doesn’t believe in some of this stuff anymore.