2016 Year of the Fire Monkey

Year of the Monkey

2016 is the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese calendar (doesn’t officially start until February 8). It’s a fire year, which makes the monkey even more active.

Who is the Monkey?

Monkeys are trouble-makers who like fun and excitement. Why do we call hyperactive young children “little monkeys?” The positive traits of the monkey are: energetic, fun, smart, clever, funny, risk-takers, great problem-solvers, creative, free-thinkers, go-getters who find success alone. The negative traits of the monkey are: tricksters, underhanded, opportunistic, not always truthful, rebellious, takes crazy risks, gets stressed out.

Year of the Fire Monkey 2016

Business in the Fire Monkey Year

Businesses that follow a new, modern business model (streamlined, environmentally conscious, with equality among workers, bosses who listen to feedback, women CEOs and business owners, small startups, entrepreneurs working at home) will see great success, while old brick-and-mortar businesses with traditional employee – boss relationships will stumble. Entrepreneurs, creative types, inventors and researchers who come up with something new will be very successful this year. Taking a big gamble will pay off in the Year of the Monkey. For investors, big risks will equal big rewards. The Fire Monkey is hot!

Politics in the Fire Monkey Year

The old political parties will not resonate with voters in 2016. Whoever is new and exciting will prove popular. This is interesting since 2016 is a presidential election year in the U.S. Donald Trump seems to be favored by these predictions, but Hillary Clinton or another woman as President would also be a shake-up! Free-thinkers like Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders will also gain followers. It’s “out with the old, and in with the new” this year. Radical fringe groups might attract bigger followings (certain Muslim clerics, neo-Nazis). Governments will be safe from full-scale revolutions like the Arab Spring, though, since big groups don’t succeed this year. Instead, individuals like political activists, critical journalists and whistleblowers are highlighted.

Terrorism in the Fire Monkey Year

I’m guessing it will be an active year for terrorism (the Chinese New Year forecasts I checked didn’t touch on this). Old-fashioned armies with columns of tanks will see losses while rebel fighters will see gains. Similarly, computer hackers may find success (one individual against a big network of computers). In 2016, “individuals = success” and “big groups = losses.” I’m guessing terrorist attacks using explosive devices are more likely in a fire year. Because this year favors individuals acting alone, threats from lone gunmen and small sleeper cells will continue. My prediction is ISIS will continue to rise (the individual rebel fighter against the big army; the new rising power against the old superpowers).

Personal Life in the Fire Monkey Year

2016 is a high-stress year! Imagine a hot firestorm, the sky a blazing red, with crazy monkeys swinging from the trees. Some people will burn out. The best way to reduce stress in a fire year is to be active. Think Zumba exercise classes and sports clubs over meditation and massage. In your love life, take a gamble! Taking action will lead to good results this year. Don’t be idle. Learn new skills. Classes that help your creativity (writing, philosophy, drawing) are a good idea as are classes that keep you up-to-date in your field of business. Keep up with new trends. Remember, anything “new and different” will prove very popular!


In 2016, hot, new ideas will be much more successful than the old ways of doing things. Think outside the box! Awaken your creative and entrepreneurial spirit to be a big success this year. (This year sounds perfect for me!) Be up for anything new! Action, adventure, creativity and innovation are the buzzwords for 2016.