Pope Disses Medjugorje

Pope Francis is quite the firebrand! Willing to go out on limbs and say things other popes won’t. I like it!

The Pope just visited Fatima in Portugal, the famous site where the Virgin Mary appeared and made the sun move in the sky. Very cool!

On the plane ride back, journalists asked him about the similar appearances in Medugorje, Bosnia. He said he doesn’t believe in them! This is interesting because one of the spiritual teachers I follow (I can’t remember which) said the same thing.

The Pope doesn’t like that the children (now adults) keep getting messages from Mary who tells them to climb the hill and meet with her at a certain time each day. In other appearances like Lourdes and Mexico City, Mary appears once (or maybe twice or three times), but doesn’t make regular appearances over years and years. I think the Pope is suspicious that the Medjugorje site owners are saying that Mary makes a daily appearance to keep the tourists coming.

The spiritual teacher complained that the Marian messages from Medjugorje are very negative. Like if we don’t pray enough, there will be another horrible war or a pope will be killed.

I read a book about Medjugorje quite a few years ago and I really liked how the children described Mother Mary. The book had a drawing of her on the cover and I thought it really captured her subtle beauty. At the time, I was going to a Christian church for mass (I felt really lonely and was hoping to feel more connected by going there, but it didn’t help!). One day, a church leader did a presentation about Medjugorje and said going there had changed her life! So I was fired up about the idea of one day visiting Medjugorje. This person led pilgrimages there every year, but I couldn’t afford to go 😦 I am still dreaming of visiting Lourdes, which both James van Praagh and Doreen Virtue say is amazing! My spirits have been dampened about visiting Medjugorje, though, which is in remote part of Bosnia.

Another thing the spiritual teacher mentioned about Medjugorje being wrong is that the children who see Mary and get messages from her every day are being controlled by adults in the church. Some of these deacons in the church have been reprimanded by the Vatican for making statements that the pope/church is not ready to say are true.

The other bothersome thing about Medjugorje is the children/adults say Mary told them 10 important secrets for the world…but they will not REVEAL THE SECRETS! Aaargh! Maddening!

The pope has a team investigating Medjugorje, but the Catholic church has never released its official report, which was due in 2015. And since the messages from Mary in Medjugorje started in the 1980s, they could have finished a report and said if its true or not a long time ago! It seems like the Catholic church DOESN’T believe in Mary’s appearances at Medjugorje, but the church is keeping the report hidden because the site and the tourists promote Catholicism?

I also saw a 60 Minutes piece on Medjugorje quite a few years ago. It was skeptical, but at  the time I thought that was because it’s a liberal news magazine and wasn’t going to promote something religious. But now I wonder if the news crew was turned off by the male deacons who “shelter” – and possibly control – the younger people who supposedly see Mary every day?

What do you think? Have you been to any of the Marian apparition sites? I have only been to Our Lady of Good Help outside of Green Bay, WI. I did feel a very powerful energy imprint there!


Jesus and Mary’s Popularity Boom

I’ve seen a lot more New Agers talking about Jesus lately, and sometimes Mother Mary, too. Why?

Before, metaphysical classes seemed to shun Jesus and Mary as outdated, part of church dogma that they wanted to leave behind. But I think a lot more people are meditating and having experiences with Jesus and Mary. Because both Jesus and Mary lived a life on Earth as a real person, they are more accessible and relatable to us. Some of the New Age ascended masters are hard to get to know, like Lady Nada. She is a powerful woman that some people deify like Mother Mary. But there are only a few (not very good) drawings of her and people differ in what they think her special abilities and qualities are. She seems far away and exotic to me, while Jesus and Mary are more earthbound.

In fact, I think both Jesus and Mary are hovering even closer to Earth now, so people can feel their energy and communicate with them more easily. I predict the Virgin Mary will make more appearances on Earth. She often shows herself during times of war, to inspire people towards peace. Remember that her special color is Rose Pink. If you want to promote peace, envision this color in a huge ball of light surrounding the whole world. Now is the time to do this, with both the US and NATO sending troops to the Russian border for “military exercises.”

I think Jesus wants more people to know He is a compassionate friend. The one word I always associate with Him is “nice.” He’s a nice friend, someone that you can turn to in times of trouble. You can just talk to Him; you don’t need to pray to Him. Read my ebook about him called “What Jesus Wants to Tell Us Today” on Amazon.com. And ask Jesus to shine His healing Golden Rays of Light on you. I think He wants more people to become energy healers (even if you only heal yourself).

May = Mother Mary

This month is a special month for the Virgin Mary! Traditionally, May 1st was May Pole Day and everyone would dance around a pole decorated with streamers and flowers (kind of a weird tradition). It was also a day to crown Mary with flowers, so people would create a crown of fresh flowers and put it on the statue of Mary at church (I love this idea! I wish people still did it. The Catholic church has changed this day to be a celebration of St. Joseph, in honor of all workers = blah.)

Here are some other terms for Mother Mary:

Star of the Sea
Portal of the Sky
Our most loving Mother
Gate of Heaven
Purest of Lilies
Brilliant Rose
Queen of Heaven and Earth
Queen of Stars
Our Lady
Holy Queen
Our Mother

Podcast: Princess Diana and Mystical Rose


It took me a whole year to do another podcast (my bad)! The first one  was up on my old blog, but you can still find it on SoundCloud. To listen, press the red circle button (audio runs 6 min).


What is the Mystical Rose?


1. Princess Diana heirloom rose. I discovered there are 2 competing roses!
a) The official “Princess of Wales rose” is sold only in the U.K. (also called “Hardinkum”). This rose is beautiful, with soft white petals and a touch of cream in the center of the flower! CLICK HERE FOR LINK
b) The imposter “Diana, Princess of Wales rose” is only sold in the U.S. (also called “Elegant Lady”) and is ONLY AVAILABLE from this online seller (it was sold out when I searched for it). I don’t like this rose. It’s very bright pink around the edges. CLICK HERE FOR LINK

2. Princess Diana memorial rose gardens in England
a) Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk takes you through the most famous parks around Kensington Palace in London where the princess lived both while she was married and after the divorce (she was given a small townhouse on the property). You walk 7 miles, following 90 metal roses placed in the sidewalk (I definitely want do walk this someday!). I’m not sure if there is a rose garden or not. CLICK HERE FOR LINK
b) There are a few small rose gardens planted in her honor by various groups around England, but nothing too impressive. There is also a fountain in her honor (designed like a small stream you can wade in, but with lots of slippery concrete) in a London park, but I’m not a fan of it.
c) 2017 is the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death (on July 1st), and her sons are planning a new rose garden at Kensington Palace. I hope it’s beautiful!

Why Princess Diana?

Connecting with Princess Diana
1. See Princess Diana photos on my Pinterest board, including a photo of her with Mother Teresa. CLICK HERE FOR LINK
2. Listen to Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind 1997” with Princess Diana lyrics, also titled “Goodbye England’s Rose” (this is the original performance, on YouTube). CLICK HERE FOR LINK

Special Note about Prince Harry
1. Invictus Games, his Olympics-style games for wounded soldiers. Buy fashionable black-and-yellow t-shirts and wristbands in the online shop. CLICK HERE FOR LINK
2. Sentebale, his charity for children in Africa. There’s a donate button on the main page. You can also sign up for the newsletter, which is fun because they sometimes include never-before-seen photos of Prince Harry visiting the kids in the orphanage/school. CLICK HERE FOR LINK

Free Mystical Rose Card Reading
Quick card reading on my blog! Which Mystical Rose are you? CLICK HERE FOR LINK


Volume 1: The Mystical Rose

new age magazine onlline

What is the The Mystical Rose?

It’s my own metaphysical concept. The ultimate The Mystical Rose is Mother Mary, the Virgin Mary. The white rose is her symbol. Her love and compassion for us, her children, is boundless. I see a special white rose in her heart chakra, which I call The Mystical Rose. Others have it, too, like Princess Diana, Mother Teresa of Calcutta and St. Theresa of Lisieux (known as The Little Flower). You may have it, too!

Applying it to your Life

Awaken your heart chakra and send more love and compassion into the world!

Mystical Rose Card Reading

See my other post for a FREE BONUS!

Note: I am trying out something new! I want to expand on certain topics, maybe each month, so I’m creating issues of a new age magazine online. Each one will have lots of features and be packed with info. Please “like” the posts so I know people are enjoying them 😉

Our Lady of Good Remedy

I had never heard of this aspect of Mother Mary until yesterday, when I was searching around the Internet! I was looking at images of religious icons in the Bing search engine, and Our Lady of Good Remedy came up. I wish I had known about her when I was sick!

Our Lady of Good Remedy knows the cure for any illness. And the solution to any problem. She has a traditional novena prayer which you can find online. I re-wrote a super short version for us:

Our Lady of Good Remedy,

you know a cure for every illness

and a solution to every problem.

Please bless me with the answers I am searching for.

In return, I will promote you to others.

Suggestions: tell people about her, display an icon or prayer card of Our Lady of Good Remedy in your home or office (she isn’t very well-known outside of Europe and Latin America, but you can find a few items on Amazon.com from various sellers and on catholiccompany.com and from an artist on Etsy.com), teach children to pray to her or go to church on her feast day, October 8th

CLICK HERE for printable page of my prayer (pdf file)

Compassionate Heart Chakra – Mother Mary

I am adding my own twist to the traditional chakra system!

your heart
lit up by MOTHER MARY
for loving yourself and others

Mary’s colors are pale pink, pale blue and white. Her symbol is the white rose. Display a white rose somewhere in your house, like on a nightstand by your bed or in your meditation space. An easy way to do this is to buy a Catholic prayer card featuring the Virgin Mary or buy a flower oracle deck (I have the Flower Therapy cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves and one card is a gorgeous white rose). Another way to bring Mother Mary’s energy into your home is to spritz rose essential oil or perfume. Or you can collect rose quartz, an inexpensive but very pretty pale pink crystal (buy at a local metaphysical store, or online on Etsy.com from various sellers such as ILoveLotus).

©Ellen Auchter 2015

New Message from Mother Mary

In these troubling times, with the war in Syria and the possible terrorist bombing of a Russian plane, I asked the Virgin Mary for a message. This is what I got.

“My Dear Ones,

In this hour of need, I am with you. Only close your eyes and think of me, and I am there. The love I have for each of you is great, an unfathomable ocean of love. May your eyes be open to this love. See this love in an innocent child.

May darkness never reach you.

I am Mother Mary.”

I recommend imagining a soft pink light (Mary’s energy) surrounding the whole world, like a glowing halo. This will help resolve the conflict in Syria. Irish angel lady Lorna Byrne says if we don’t bring peace to Syria, the children growing up in the war zone today will become the violent fighters of tomorrow.

May Day = Honoring Mother Mary

May Day (May 1st) used to be a big Marian holiday in the Catholic church, when schoolkids would decorate statues of Mary with a garland of flowers. I love the idea of doing this! Now, the Catholic church doesn’t consider May 1st to be a Marian feast day anymore. I still like to do something special in honor of Mary on this day though, so today I went to church! I haven’t been to a Catholic church in yearrrrrrrs, so it was interesting. I looked on the church website and found out they actually have confession times scheduled before some of their masses. This is great because it means I can just go in and pray without sitting through a whole mass. I would love if more churches did this! The church turned out to be a small cathedral (St. Mary’s in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado). It was really nicely maintained, with a small courtyard with flowers and so forth and a long entrance with photos of the church dating back to the 1800s. Inside, the main altar is very pretty with nice statues. I hate when old churches get modernized, but this one looked good. The statues happen to be done in muted soft colors, so the new very light colored wood (I like dark, Gothic stuff) matched well. The church/cathedral had a really good vibe so I ended up staying for mass. It was nice, but May Day is now the feast of St. Joseph (Jesus’ dad) so no mention was made of Mary 😦 Also, the church has a nice Mary statue but for some reason there isn’t a kneeler in front of it or even pews…instead, there’s a wooden built-in bench – you are facing away from the statue if you sit there. Hmmmph.