Mission Impossible: Fallout Review


Tom Cruise is on the cover of People magazine for August 6, 2018.

I ended up seeing the new Tom Cruise movie TWICE this week (it just opened on Thursday)! I was traveling in Boulder, Colorado, and had so much extra time! I didn’t know what else to do but see a movie. The movie theater (Century) in Boulder was a little weird – you reserve your seat when you buy your ticket. I don’t really like this, because you never know you are going to sit by or if a lot of people are going to buy seats by you. I like having some space around me in the movie theater, especially if people are going to be talking during the movie or even the promos.

Mission Impossible: Fallout Gets 4 Stars

I give the newest Mission Impossible movie 4 stars (not 5). I LOVE these kinds of action movies and I LOVE all Tom Cruise movies (minus that weird sex one). But the movie is VERY LONG (almost 3 hours once you sit thru all the promos, 2.5 hours if you watch it at home). And it’s not as funny as the last one! I thought that was a big selling point of the Mission Impossible movies over the James Bond movies: more joking and not taking itself so seriously.


The People magazine story says Tom Cruise gets to all of his movie premiers 3 hours early to talk to fans and take photos 🙂

The movie name, Fallout, refers to nuclear fallout from nuclear bombs.

More Tom Cruise Chase Scenes

There’s lots of great chase scenes, including a motorcycle chase through the narrow streets of Paris and a Star Wars-type helicopter chase through narrow mountain canyons. Plus lots of running and fist-fight scenes.

I thought the story line had way too many things going on. It could’ve been divided into 2 movies.

Tom Cruise still looks good 🙂 I read afterwards that he did some of the crazy stunts in the movie, like dangling from a helicopter and leaping between buildings in London (he broke his ankle).