Chocolate Shamrock Shake

This year, McDonald’s has a new line of Shamrock shakes and lattes! I got the Chocolate Shamrock Shake and it’s very cute! Notice the green sprinkles and the cherry. It was very creamy but I didn’t get a distinct chocolate or mint flavor. I’m not a fan of McDonald’s meat-wise because of how they treat the animals in the factory farms, but I still like their shakes and fries and especially their hashbrowns!


If you are into metaphysics, you are likely a VERY SENSITIVE person and should be extremely careful with your diet. I know the last time I ate random restaurant food from a chain place, I felt like death for 3 days 😦 A lot of companies add questionable ingredients to make the food cheaper/more shelf stable/easier to prepare and it’s wreaking havoc on our bodies.


Day 7 of Lucky Leprechauns!

leprechaun art

Meet Logan.

Logan (pronounced Low-gan) thinks he is a handsome gent! I don’t disagree. He has bright orange hair and an impressive orange beard. He carries a 4-leaf clover for a lucky lady. Four-leaf clovers carry the luck o’ the Irish!

Final day! Logan’s Abundance Tip:

Draw a lucky 4-leaf clover to display for St. Patrick’s Day. See instructions below.

draw Celtic knot shamrock