Tiger Woods and the Ego

This morning, Tiger Woods got pulled over for drunk/drugged driving!

I find this amazing as he’s had SO MUCH SUCCESS in his life! He’s been famous for many years, is one of the greatest golfers ever and obviously has made mucho money. But, something seems to be wrong…. He seems to be letting his EGO run amok or allowing the SHADOW SIDE of his personality take over. Things have been tough for him lately in his career. He’s had to sit out golf tournaments due to a bad back and isn’t “number one” anymore. He was dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn but they broke up.

After his last incident driving straight into a tree (!) when he was rumored to be passed out cold due to Ambient sleeping pills, Tiger said publicly that he would follow his parents’ religion, BUDDHISM, to get more MEDITATIVE and SPIRITUAL.

So, what happened? I’m really wondering what’s going on in Tiger’s life and what he will tell us after this latest driving incident!

Say a little prayer that he gets back on a good path in life.