Tesla’s Birthday

I love Nikola Tesla! Such a free thinker who got screwed by the energy companies and the history books.

The Electric Tesla Car Named After Him

There’s a reason Elon Musk named his electric car after him… he’s awesome!

David Blaine and the Tesla Coil

David Blaine, the magician, also paid homage to him with his Tesla coil stunt. He grabbed electricity from the sky (dangerous).


Anonymous says Government knows about Aliens

I think our government has known about the aliens since Roswell! That’s the UFO crash that happened in the New Mexico desert in 1947. Anonymous wrote a post on Facebook saying US presidents since the 1950s (Eisenhower administration) have had to deal with a secret military group. This military group wants to suppress news reports about aliens. Why? Because the aliens want PEACE. They are from a peaceful planet and are worried our planet is going to get blown to smithereens in a nuclear war. This would affect the whole galaxy! Just like an endangered tree frog can upset the whole forest ecosystem, one planet being destroyed could doom the whole galaxy (like planetary rotations getting thrown off course, etc.). According to Anonymous, the aliens are particularly piqued with the US for dropping the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We are the only country in the world that has used an atomic bomb during wartime!

Another reason for the problems between this secret military group and the aliens is that aliens promote GREEN ENERGY. On their planet, solar and wind and water energy is harnessed and used. This is non-polluting and sustainable! Pulling oil and gas out of the ground isn’t. It’s believed a lot of the members of the secret military group within our government are in the oil and gas industry. Sounds like the Bush family and the evil Dick Cheney!

For years, crop circles have mysteriously appeared. These are rumored to be diagrams and scientific equations drawn by alien spaceships. The aliens want us to know how to effectively use clean energy. Maybe including crystal energy? Giant crystals were used in Atlantis to harness the sun’s energy. Imagine a crystal as tall as a 3-story building sitting out in the desert sun. Could it capture and store the sun’s energy for future use? Yeah! Alien technology could give the step up the green energy movement needs, to be practical and economical. But this knowledge is being suppressed.

Will WikiLeaks and Anonymous save the day (and the planet) and release hidden alien documents? I hope so!

Stephen Hawking Movie and Books

I finally watched the movie that did so well at the Oscars, The Theory of Everything. It’s about the famous physicist who is in a wheelchair, Stephen Hawking. I forgot that he has Lou Gehrig’s or ALS. It’s amazing he has survived so long – he is now in his 70s – and he was diagnosed in college. He seems to still have fun, and he didn’t even write his first book until after he’d lost the ability to write and speak (he wrote it using a special computer that registers his eye movements and blinks). If you’ve ever had a serious illness, you’ll identify a lot with his life! Watching it was cathartic, and ultimately inspiring. At one point in the movie, he says everyone has the ability to be successful, no matter what health problems you might have. And he said as long as you are alive, there is hope. He’s interesting because as a scientist, he resists believing in God but when asked directly about it he leaves the door open to the possibility.

I’m really excited to read the book, written by his wife, that the movie was based on: Travelling to Infinity: The True Story Behind The Theory of Everything.

And I ordered My Brief History, his biography (smart title! his most famous book is called “A Brief History of Time”). Looks like it comes with a lot of photos, which will be fun to look at!

I love Stephen’s personality. He is quite zany and really enjoys life!