Didn’t See Angel Author Lorna Byrne

I was all excited to see Angels in my Hair author Lorna Byrne! She is from Ireland and rarely comes to the US. In fact, it was her first trip farther inland than NYC and Boston. I had tickets for her event in Phoenix, but American Airlines had problems and canceled my flight 😦 Because American doesn’t have as many flights as United or Southwest, the next flight they could offer me was 6 hours later! I would have missed half the event 😦 So I got a refund and stayed home.

I highly recommend Lorna Byrne’s first book, Angels in my Hairan autobiographical look at her life in northern Ireland. It explains how she clearly sees angels. And how they nudge people to be helpful and kind to others.


Learn Tarot: The Witchy Woman or Psychic Card

This card reminds me of that song from The Eagles, “Witchy Woman!” It’s actually The High Priestess card. In my deck, it’ll be called The Psychic. But if you are into witchcraft, you can think of her as a Witch. It represents a psychic, spiritual, powerful, smart woman (I like to think it represents ME!).

#2 Tarot Card: The High Priestess, The Priest, The Psychic, The Witchy Woman

High Priestess Tarot card image

High Priestess Tarot card from the Fairy Tarot deck

Symbolism in The High Priestess or The Psychic or The Witchy Woman Card

I love this image from the Fairy Tarot deck because the High Priestess or The Psychic or The Witchy Woman, looks so regal like a queen. I added a small lapis lazuli stone to the photo (at the bottom edge of her blue dress). You can see the colors match EXACTLY (especially with the crown she is wearing). This stone is from Egypt and was worn by the pharaohs. It symbolizes WISDOM. Another symbol of wisdom in the card is the book the Psychic is holding. This ancient book represents using your intuition to tap into knowledge from The Other Side. This is what psychics do, but anyone can do it!

2018 Predictions

I scoured the internet for psychic predictions for 2018! These are the ones I find credible.


keep trying to impeach Trump but fail

Trump does mega deal with the UK, but is blocked from doing a deal with Russia

Kim Jung Un stripped from power

EU falls apart

ISIS defeated in Syria

deadly flu epidemic = bioterrorism?

the Obamas divorce



President Trump puts America first by taxing companies hiring foreign workers, restricting immigration, giving tax breaks to working-class families and veterans, ending the estate tax, continuing to block Muslim refugees, doesn’t build a wall exactly – “the wall” will be not a wall but an area monitored by security cameras and drones flying around. Trump makes a mega deal with the UK after its Brexit from the EU, but he loses out on the trade war with China (China draws closer to Russia).

Congress continues to try to impeach Trump but fails, some psychics see an upswing of support for President Trump after this, some see him leaving the White House in 2018, due to death? he is overweight and eats a cheeseburger diet plus he drinks an astounding 12 Diet Cokes a day! due to assassination? or does he just quit?

Exploits oil and gas for profit, opens national parks to drilling and grazing of livestock

Succeeds in ending our huge trade deficit

Appoints 2 conservative judges to the Supreme Court

US military

A warship explodes and sinks – terrorist bombing?

Many more cyber attacks including some that throw off our satellites

Our army is spread thin around the world which makes us vulnerable. Russia and China like this!

We secretly help depose Kim Jung-Un from power.

Kim Jong Un

The North Korean leader is overthrown with help behind the scenes by out military (covert ops), some psychics say Kim gets executed, some say he flees to China.

Natural disasters

Another year of extreme weather! The Earth is getting damaged by pollution and acting erratically. Temperatures swing back-and-forth between winter and summer, fires continue to ravage California, powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are actually damaging the Earth’s crust = very dangerous, coastlines flood again (Miami, Houston, New Orleans, parts of NYC), becomes a recurring problem, people will need to move inland.

A huge iceberg in Antarctica breaks apart and melts, causing water levels worldwide to rise

More cities have contaminated water like Flint, Michigan, people will realize parts of the world are becoming uninhabitable, a bad hurricane season, monster tornadoes.

Mother Earth is damaged and angry. She is a powerful force of nature and will release very destructive energies! This is foretold in the ancient folklore of the Hindu goddess Kali and the Hawaiian goddess Pele.

Russia and China

The two countries are quickly becoming good friends, will work together militarily and politically on ousting/dealing with the end of Kim Jong Un’s reign in North Korea, when the Russian economy tanks China lends them lots of money

Trump wants to do a deal with Russia, but our lawmakers freak out and block it

Celebrity gossip

Barack Obama and Michelle are in a political marriage of convenience and divorce, gay comedian Ellen DeGeneres and Portia divorce, music superstar Justin Timberlake gets divorced from Jessica

George Bush, Barbara Walters, John McCain, Prince Philip die

surprise marriages for Tom Cruise and Leo Di Caprio

a pregnancy soon after the wedding of the year = Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle

Celebrity religion Scientology collapses

Technological advances

Elon Musk’s hyper loop works

New lupus and cancer treatments

Food additives are found to cause cancer


Bad, but UK and US bounce back, some big-name brands go bankrupt

Good investments are anything high-tech like robotics and drones, environmental technology like solar energy, the intelligence sector, also marijuana and gaming, luxury goods and educational products

America could be investing in our infrastructure, creating construction jobs, but doesn’t and more bridges fail

India’s economy grows and grows and is eventually stronger than China’s, which gets flak for its poor environmental record and cheap knock-off products


More flooding

Rebounds strongly after Brexit, makes new trade deals with the US and with its former colonies India and Australia, smartly invests in new technology like robotics and wind turbines

Will and Kate will have a fourth baby (currently on their third), Prince Philip dies, Prince Harry marries American Meghan Markle and she quickly gets pregnant

The truth comes out

2018 is the number eight and in Chinese astrology it’s a nine year, so in this year we feel like we are nearing the end, (the numbers end at 10), people won’t be hoodwinked anymore, aren’t naive but seasoned, demand the truth: political scandals, Catholic Church scandal, Hollywood casting couch scandals, Scientology collapses in scandal, military admits they know about alien spaceships, many more people will see UFOs and weird red lights in the sky, Bitcoin scandal as its popular for funding terrorists and mobsters ($5 million illegal gains just found in Romania)

EU/European Union

The EU collapses, people riot, set fires, money becomes devalued and people in poorer countries like Greece are in real trouble

Italy and Denmark wisely exit the EU beforehand

Assassination attempt on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany’s economy lags behind the UK’s as it deals with flood of immigrants


Isis caliphate in Raqqa, Syria, obliterated, almost all of Syria reduced to rubble, Iraq also destroyed, ISIS grows in the Philippines and Malaysia, will continue to inspire smaller “lone wolf” attacks, concerts at risk, ISIS tries attacks over big cities like New York and London using drones to disperse chemical weapons, attempts attacks on trains, subways, planes

More school shootings and mass shootings by bullied and disgruntled Americans

Deadly strain of the flu is linked to bioterrorism, unleashed by North Korean agents?


So many people are depressed, stressed out, financially strapped, in the future people come together for safety and will live more communally, will live simply, sharing food and housing, all will be in the same boat economically, income disparity ends

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Live Review

I saw Theresa Caputo, the psychic with the show called Long Island Medium, in Vegas last week for free! I won 2 tickets from a local radio station! I gave the second ticket to someone who signed up for my New Age Studies Meetups. It was at the Park Theater in the Monte Carlo casino (Cher normally does a show here. The theater is really nice!). I took a Lyft car (like Uber) for the first time! I was living in a smaller city, so I never needed to take one. It was $20 from my apartment to The Strip. Easier than driving in the congested traffic and paying for parking.

The Monte Carlo is an older casino right next to Mandalay Bay (where the Vegas shooting happened.) Mandalay Bay is easy to spot as it is a super big casino, covered in gold windows. I bought a soda ($8 but it was gigantic) and settled in.

Theresa first played the national anthem and displayed an American flag. Everyone stood for the national anthem. I am completely unpatriotic so I was a little surprised. She told us the reason for this was in support of the troops and everyone gave them a hand. That was nice, but I’m for peace; not war.

Theresa Caputo famously wears high heels and big, bleached blonde hair with lots of makeup. I decided she must have been a show girl or in a girl band in a previous life! She really wants to be seen. She’s short, so she makes sure she’s wearing some bling. On the night I saw her show, she was wearing 5″ heels with white sparkles. I liked them. She also had body glitter on her arms! She likes a little sparkle 😉

She also came out swearing, which I didn’t like. Swearing is a negative energy, so I was confused as to why she’d choose to do that. I guess she likes to “keep it real” and appeal to a blue collar audience?

I was expecting a fun show and wanted to laugh a lot. But pretty much everyone cried! There were a lot of sad stories, like suicides and people dying suddenly from an unexplained illness. The most touching story for me was about a woman who died after childbirth. She had an infection in her C-section incision, but the doctors didn’t think so until it was too late. Then you realized the little 10 year old girl sitting in the audience WAS THE BABY! I guess she was adopted by this woman’s sister. So she never knew her mother.

Theresa didn’t mention the shooting in Vegas at all, which was odd. Unless I missed it. The girl next to me said maybe she’d talk to some of the dead victims, but it’s probably too soon for that.

If you are a fan of the Long Island Medium, you can join her fan club for $20/year. It sounds like a really good deal. You get 2 gift cards at Christmas. One is for you to use and the other one she suggests you give to charity.  She also chooses 2 people from each audience who are fan club members to meet her backstage, so if you are planning to go to one of her shows it might be worth signing up quickly before you go!

The other reading I liked was the very last one of the night. She said the dead person was killed in a hit, like by the Mob. Someone called him and said meet me on the corner of these 2 streets. So he was standing there waiting and a car came and mowed him down! The guy in the audience refused to say much about it. He may be legally liable if he knew about the hit beforehand. It seemed like he was good friends with the dead guy and knew he was going to be killed but couldn’t risk telling him. Sounds like The Sopranos. I think the dead person showed up to tell this guy/his friend not to spend the rest of his life feeling guilty.

Theresa said even if you don’t get chosen for a reading (she walks around the audience and reads whoever she is drawn to), you’ll get little hits on things relevant to your life/dead people. I teared up when she said, before the Mob hit story, that some people are MURDERED. I swear she was even looking in my direction when she said this! A girl from my hometown area was murdered by a serial killer (Laurie Depies of Appleton, Wisconsin). What’s always bothered me about this is we never found her body. And when she went missing (she was in her early 20s) a lot of people said she just ran off with an old boyfriend! It didn’t seem like it was taken seriously. This was was about 25 years ago. I felt like the FBI was super sexist. Because they didn’t do grid searches immediately, her body was never found and there won’t be enough evidence to take anyone to trial. It’s been theorized that a particular serial killer, who was in the area visiting at the time, did the crime. But no one really knows. I’ve always wanted to honor her in some way (my good friend was good friends with her and I’d met her a couple times), by writing a book or, if I get the money someday, putting up a statue or a fountain in my hometown.

UPDATE: In December, 2017, Theresa Caputo and her husband separated. I wondered about this at the event because a guy in the audience playfully asked her, “Where’s Larry?” and she completely froze and said nothing…

2 Psychics in Vegas this Weekend!

I heard on the radio that the Long Island Medium (I’ve watched some episodes of the show but I don’t have cable or I would watch more), Teresa Caputo is doing a show in Vegas! I entered to win tickets. It’s priced low, though, and I might just go. It’s at the Monte Carlo casino on Saturday night. I also listed it in my new Las Vegas New Age Studies Meetup group, in case someone wants to go with me 😉

And now I’ve gotten an emailed newsletter from Gary Spivey saying he is in town this weekend, too! I went to him once when I lived in California and he was the most powerful psychic medium I’ve ever met! I’ve been interested in going to him again ever since then, but I wasn’t able to travel much (former health problems, money problems). So, I’m amazed that he’s coming to Vegas where I now live!!! Watch his great meditation on YouTube. He’s going to be at Bally’s (also on Saturday night!) and he’s also doing an energy workshop on Sunday.

What to do….. I’d really like to see both of them and hopefully meet some spiritual people in this Godforsaken town! (I’m having some trouble adjusting to life in Vegas. I’ve already been almost run off the road 3x. People are super horrible, aggressive drivers here. MUCH WORSE than in SoCal.)

UPDATE: I won free tickets to see Teresa Caputo from the radio station! I really had a feeling I’d win 😉 So, now I am going for sure. I bought tickets to Gary Spivey’s energy workshop on Sunday. I looked into getting a reading from him, but 30 minutes is $400 😦

New TV Show about Psychic who sees Vampires, Angels, etc.

New metaphysical TV show (fictional) coming up this month on NBC: Midnight, Texas. Have no idea if it’ll be good or not! Just saw the commercial and got excited about it. The writer wrote True Blood, an HBO series about vampires (never did see it).

Watch the trailer for the new show, Midnight, Texas here.

The storyline is a dusty, lonely Texas town with weird people in it: vampires, demons, angels, etc. The main character (a stud-ly guy) comes to town and he’s able to see dead people and spirits. Cool! Soon, there’s a war between good and evil. This storyline has been done a lot. I don’t know if I’ll like it or not.

But I LOVED a similar TV show called Being Human. Watch the British version with super sexy Aiden Turner from Poldark. It’s available on Amazon Fire. There’s also a shorter-lived American version of this show with different actors. I didn’t watch that one.

Mondays on NBC.

UPDATE: I saw the first show. It’s so-so. I like the premise, but there are way too many characters and too many things going on! Also, a big discrepancy for me is that the main character kind of believes in psychics and kind of thinks they are frauds…even though HE is a psychic and his mom was a professional psychic! There is a talking cat, which I wanted to love…but it’s mean!