Psychic Predictions for Royal Wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Last night, Entertainment Tonight did an interview with Princess Diana’s favorite psychic, Simone Simmons. Diana was good friends with her and often had her over for a visit in her apartment at Kensington Palace – the same palace Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will live at after the royal wedding. The psychic, like a lot of people, doesn’t get a good feeling about this marriage!

Her prediction is that Prince Harry’s marriage will end in divorce. Simone says Princess Diana is worried about how Prince Harry will cope with the breakup. He’s quite sensitive and needs someone to lean on. The psychic predicts Meghan Markle will get bored with Harry and move on to someone else.

I can totally see this, too. Megahn is excited about all the hoopla now, but I think she’d rather be with someone more social and popular (but equally as rich and famous, so maybe another celebrity!).

Simone picked up on Meghan’s love of her giant diamond ring. She said in the engagement interview and photos, Meghan is often showing off the ring. Contrast this to Prince William and Kate’s relationship. They seem to mesh, giving each other lots of eye contact and meaningful looks. Think about it – they’d known each other for years and years by the time of their engagement, and were even college roommates. Harry’s rush to the altar is more akin to the disastrous marriage of his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

I feel bad for Prince Harry 😦

Simone Simmons also said one of Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends would have made a good wife for him. I’m guessing it’s Chelsy Davy, the blonde South African lawyer/jewelry designer. That was his first girlfriend, and reportedly he even asked his dad, Prince Charles, about marrying Chelsy but he thought Harry was too young (college-aged).

Watch the video from Entertainment Tonight of these royal wedding psychic predictions.


Was Princess Diana Part Angel?

I watched Dateline last night and it was so sad! It was a 2 hour special about Princess Diana and her death in Paris. This year is the 20th anniversary of her death (August 31). This Sunday (May 7, 2017), ABC will be airing another 2 hour special called The Last 100 Days of Diana. Even the title is making me emotional! I remember the press attention leading up to “the wedding of the Century.” Everyone wished they could be living this fairytale! ha ha. Little did the know about the reality of her life.

In last night’s special, the French ambassador who was called to meet with the Princess in the hospital (the first reports about her car accident was that she SURVIVED) saw her in the ambulance and described her as looking angelic. This made me think about the realm quizzes I’ve written. One is called, “Are you Part Angel?Angel hybrids have a “halo” of golden blonde hair and, most often, light blue eyes. Princess Diana famously had a poof-y, blond-streaked, short hairstyle. And gorgeous light blue eyes. She also became more famous than the rest of the royal family by doing charity work to help people! Another giveaway that you are part Angel is saying, “I want to help people.” Angels feel this is their true calling in life. And it is!

Are you wondering if you, like Princess Diana, are part Angel?

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Princess Diana’s Birthday

remembering Princess Diana

Today, July 1st, is Princess Diana’s birthday! I think she is a great example for people to be of service to others. She could’ve just been a “glamorous princess” but she wanted to do more. She wanted to help people.

You can listen to my 5-minute podcast about Princess Diana on SoundCloud: listen here.

Or look at my favorite photos of her on my Pinterest board (I like the ones with goofy ’80s fashions): look here.

Podcast: Princess Diana and Mystical Rose

It took me a whole year to do another podcast (my bad)! The first one  was up on my old blog, but you can still find it on SoundCloud. To listen, press the red circle button (audio runs 6 min).


What is the Mystical Rose?


1. Princess Diana heirloom rose. I discovered there are 2 competing roses!
a) The official “Princess of Wales rose” is sold only in the U.K. (also called “Hardinkum”). This rose is beautiful, with soft white petals and a touch of cream in the center of the flower! CLICK HERE FOR LINK
b) The imposter “Diana, Princess of Wales rose” is only sold in the U.S. (also called “Elegant Lady”) and is ONLY AVAILABLE from this online seller (it was sold out when I searched for it). I don’t like this rose. It’s very bright pink around the edges. CLICK HERE FOR LINK

2. Princess Diana memorial rose gardens in England
a) Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk takes you through the most famous parks around Kensington Palace in London where the princess lived both while she was married and after the divorce (she was given a small townhouse on the property). You walk 7 miles, following 90 metal roses placed in the sidewalk (I definitely want do walk this someday!). I’m not sure if there is a rose garden or not. CLICK HERE FOR LINK
b) There are a few small rose gardens planted in her honor by various groups around England, but nothing too impressive. There is also a fountain in her honor (designed like a small stream you can wade in, but with lots of slippery concrete) in a London park, but I’m not a fan of it.
c) 2017 is the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death (on July 1st), and her sons are planning a new rose garden at Kensington Palace. I hope it’s beautiful!

Why Princess Diana?

Connecting with Princess Diana
1. See Princess Diana photos on my Pinterest board, including a photo of her with Mother Teresa. CLICK HERE FOR LINK
2. Listen to Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind 1997” with Princess Diana lyrics, also titled “Goodbye England’s Rose” (this is the original performance, on YouTube). CLICK HERE FOR LINK

Special Note about Prince Harry
1. Invictus Games, his Olympics-style games for wounded soldiers. Buy fashionable black-and-yellow t-shirts and wristbands in the online shop. CLICK HERE FOR LINK
2. Sentebale, his charity for children in Africa. There’s a donate button on the main page. You can also sign up for the newsletter, which is fun because they sometimes include never-before-seen photos of Prince Harry visiting the kids in the orphanage/school. CLICK HERE FOR LINK

Free Mystical Rose Card Reading
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Volume 1: The Mystical Rose

new age magazine onlline

What is the The Mystical Rose?

It’s my own metaphysical concept. The ultimate The Mystical Rose is Mother Mary, the Virgin Mary. The white rose is her symbol. Her love and compassion for us, her children, is boundless. I see a special white rose in her heart chakra, which I call The Mystical Rose. Others have it, too, like Princess Diana, Mother Teresa of Calcutta and St. Theresa of Lisieux (known as The Little Flower). You may have it, too!

Applying it to your Life

Awaken your heart chakra and send more love and compassion into the world!

Mystical Rose Card Reading

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Note: I am trying out something new! I want to expand on certain topics, maybe each month, so I’m creating issues of a new age magazine online. Each one will have lots of features and be packed with info. Please “like” the posts so I know people are enjoying them 😉