Our Lady of Good Remedy

I had never heard of this aspect of Mother Mary until yesterday, when I was searching around the Internet! I was looking at images of religious icons in the Bing search engine, and Our Lady of Good Remedy came up. I wish I had known about her when I was sick!

Our Lady of Good Remedy knows the cure for any illness. And the solution to any problem. She has a traditional novena prayer which you can find online. I re-wrote a super short version for us:

Our Lady of Good Remedy,

you know a cure for every illness

and a solution to every problem.

Please bless me with the answers I am searching for.

In return, I will promote you to others.

Suggestions: tell people about her, display an icon or prayer card of Our Lady of Good Remedy in your home or office (she isn’t very well-known outside of Europe and Latin America, but you can find a few items on Amazon.com from various sellers and on catholiccompany.com and from an artist on Etsy.com), teach children to pray to her or go to church on her feast day, October 8th

CLICK HERE for printable page of my prayer (pdf file)


New Message from Mother Mary

In these troubling times, with the war in Syria and the possible terrorist bombing of a Russian plane, I asked the Virgin Mary for a message. This is what I got.

“My Dear Ones,

In this hour of need, I am with you. Only close your eyes and think of me, and I am there. The love I have for each of you is great, an unfathomable ocean of love. May your eyes be open to this love. See this love in an innocent child.

May darkness never reach you.

I am Mother Mary.”

I recommend imagining a soft pink light (Mary’s energy) surrounding the whole world, like a glowing halo. This will help resolve the conflict in Syria. Irish angel lady Lorna Byrne says if we don’t bring peace to Syria, the children growing up in the war zone today will become the violent fighters of tomorrow.