Powerful and Sexy Goddess

I was flipping thru my 2nd favorite Doreen Virtue book (Archangels and Ascended Masters; my favorite is Divine Magic) and I read about Ishtar, a powerful and sexy goddess from Babylon. Babylon was near modern-day Iraq. Ishtar has brown skin and long black hair.

Doreen says ask Ishtar to surround you in a column of white light. I can really feel this!

Ishtar brings us power and protection. Also, the usual goddess things like fertility and magical moonlight.

She is often drawn standing naked on 2 powerful lions. I love lions. And with 2 wise owls standing nearby. And the designers of our Statue of Liberty must have been inspired by her, because she is sometimes drawn with a pointed star on her head like a crown!


Bill Cosby and the New Age

I found myself thinking about the Bill Cosby scandal yesterday, even though it hasn’t been in the news for awhile. I find it interesting that one side effect of the new, higher level energy coming in is more scandals coming to light. It will be harder for people in power to pull the wool over our eyes! Bill Cosby (famous black comedian) lived for years and years with this scandal hovering in the shadows. I know a few tabloid magazines and TV shows would occasionally run stories about women accusing of him sexual assault. But nothing ever came of it (he did reportedly pay off one of the women who then signed a non-disclosure agreement, in a court settlement). But now, in the dawning of the new age, the Age of Aquarius, women are coming to power. FINALLY, the balance between men and women will be restored, and women will enjoy true equality. In fact, the scales may even become tipped in our favor!

What other scandals will soon be revealed?

Saint Brighid, the Celtic Fire Goddess

Brighid (bridge-id), also spelled Brigid or Brigit, is both a Celtic fire goddess and a Catholic saint. First, she was a Celtic fire goddess in Ireland. Her pagan holiday is Imbolc (i-molk), February 1st, which celebrates the beginning of spring and the birth of new livestock. In the 5th century, Catholics adopted her story and transferred parts of her legend onto a nun who ran an abbey in Kildare, Ireland. They kept her feast day of February 1st. And they kept her association with the pagan element of fire by having the nuns look after an eternal flame in her honor.

Brighid or Brigid the Celtic goddess

The pagan Brighid has sexy, flaming red hair and is a powerful woman who protects people and is a symbol of fertility. She is also associated with healing (magickal wells are another symbol for her). The Irish people still handweave St. Brighid’s crosses from green reeds/rushes. They are hung over doorways for protection. In the town of Kildare, in central-eastern Ireland, you can visit her original church and abbey called the Church of the Oak (the oak tree being a pagan symbol) and a cathedral built in her honor in 1223.

Saint Brighid prayer card

Her Catholic prayer cards show a more subdued woman, wearing the black outfit of a nun and holding a long staff in her hand which marks her status as an abbess, or headmaster of an abbey where nuns and priests live. She is also shown with white roses and white lilies, the color white being a special color for her.

Inspirational message from businesswoman

Bridge the Gap

“Whether in the classroom, on the playing field or in a conference room, I see it over and over: girls and women who hesitate to act on their expertise, because they aren’t 100% sure they have the right answer, the perfect plan, the exact skill set. It amounts to what has been called a massive Confidence Gap. The gap between what women know and what we are willing to act on. It’s that gap that inhibits us from making our voices heard. It’s that gap that makes us turn away from risk. It’s that gap that prohibits us from turning thought into action. And it is that confidence gap that keeps us from learning all the valuable lessons that can be gained from acting and failing and learning and acting again.

Let’s commit to filling that gap right now. Let’s fill it with encouragement for our daughters to act even as they waver. Let’s fill it with our strong voices as we quash our instinct to stay silent. Let’s fill it with action even in the face of doubt and doubters.”

~Missy Park, founder of clothing store Title Nine