Halloween Card Readings

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What’s in your future?

Witch magic is very active near Halloween. Seek their guidance!

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Choose your favorite card below. It may correspond to your favorite color! Or just your favorite type of rose. Go with how the card makes you FEEL. Don’t choose by the text on the oracle card because my reading is going to be different. Then click the link to the free card reading  which you can download and print it if you’d like.

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Leprechaun Colors


Once again, I’m using the Secret Language of Color Cards by Inna Segal. Love these! I pulled these cards to be leprechaun colors. Let’s see what the cards say.

Emerald card = “Calm your mind, body and soul.” Of course, emerald green is the color most associated with lucky leprechauns! Ireland, where they live, is even called The Emerald Isle (it gets lots of rain so is often full of greenery). The meaning of this color, according to the booklet, is abundance and the nature kingdom. Also, having a healthy, loving heart that is free from stress. Go into the forest and relax!

Gold card = “Attract abundance.” I chose the gold card to represent the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! The card booklet says imagine a gold coin in each of your hands. First, be thankful for what you have now. Then, imagine the gold coins multiplying into a huge pile of coins, growing bigger and bigger. Imagine it up to your ceiling, and spilling out of your front door. This is a good exercise for attracting abundance.

Brown card = “Establish boundaries.”  The brown card is about Mother Earth. The booklet says play with some dirt, like find a stick and draw in it. Or you could do some gardening. Or make mud pies with a kid. The meaning of the color brown is to create healthy boundaries in relationships, so think about that. Always a trouble spot for me!

Jade card = “Take action.” This color is about taking action, but in a calm and easy manner. It’s very meditative and zen (in the Far East, jade stones are very common). Imagine what is you want, and then surround it in a bubble of jade green light. Vow to works toward getting it, but in a straightforward and simple way (without stressing out!).


Slow Winter Energy

I picked this card, Rest and Rejuvenation, from my Energy card deck. To me it looks like winter! Now that we have passed December 21, the Winter Solstice, the slow energy of winter is here. The message of this card is to spend time resting. Slow down your energy to match the season. Snuggle under a blanket and watch a movie, do easy yoga at home or cook and bake.

Compassionate Heart Chakra – Mother Mary

I am adding my own twist to the traditional chakra system!

your heart
lit up by MOTHER MARY
for loving yourself and others

Mary’s colors are pale pink, pale blue and white. Her symbol is the white rose. Display a white rose somewhere in your house, like on a nightstand by your bed or in your meditation space. An easy way to do this is to buy a Catholic prayer card featuring the Virgin Mary or buy a flower oracle deck (I have the Flower Therapy cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves and one card is a gorgeous white rose). Another way to bring Mother Mary’s energy into your home is to spritz rose essential oil or perfume. Or you can collect rose quartz, an inexpensive but very pretty pale pink crystal (buy at a local metaphysical store, or online on Etsy.com from various sellers such as ILoveLotus).

©Ellen Auchter 2015

October Card Reading 2015

Card number 1: The Magician

Meaning: Now is the time to make magic happen! A fitting card for October, with Halloween this month. Lots of witches about to cast spells.

Stone: Dark gray labradorite (shimmers when held at an angle). Increases psychic abilities.

Card number 2: Four of Coins

Meaning: Save; don’t spend money this month! Good advice since the Christmas season is fast approaching.

Stone: Ocean jasper, also called orbicular jasper. Improves patience.

Card number 3: The Hermit. One of my favorite cards since I’m a bit of a hermit myself, plus my favorite color is green 😉

Meaning: Take time to think about your next step in life. Like the hermit, go alone into your “man cave” and think things over. Meditate to find the correct answers. Candle meditations work great – just meditate in front of a lit candle for 10 minutes (see the lantern imagery in the card – it’s shining a light on the Hermit’s path).

Stone: Green peridot. Helps you  see clearly.

Oracle cards I used: Crystal Tarot by Philip Permutt = My favorite Tarot deck! Great deck if you love crystals. Plus, the cards have very upbeat images with bright, happy colors.

Oracle Card Review: Angels of Atlantis by Stewart Pearce

This is a mini review since I haven’t even used these cards in a reading yet! I just got them from Amazon yesterday. I discovered Stewart Pearce online. He’s in London so his stuff is produced by a UK publisher, Findhorn, and you might have to buy it online versus at a local bookstore. He specializes in sound healing and voice coaching. If you watch any of his YouTube videos, you’ll see he’s quite colorful! I find his accent to be like Prince Charles’ accent.

He also leads trips to Egypt twice a year, which I’d love to do! I almost went on a trip to the pyramids with Sylvia Browne back in the day, and I still regret not going 😦

I LOVE the artwork on the cards. This is always my #1 issue with oracle cards. The cards have a black edge and futuristic artwork. He has cards for 12 angels (each has several cards). Each angel has it’s own colored orb of light which represents it (not a drawing of an angel with wings). I like how the cards include collage elements like a crop circle, Glastonbury, The Sphinx, a dolphin and a unicorn. Jesus appears on one of the Sandalphon cards and Mary on a Jophiel card.

Some of his info is different: he spells Chamuel as “Shamael” and he calls Cassiel “Zaphkiel.” He also uses the color purple for Michael, when he is always associated with the color blue!

The Angels of Atlantis oracle card deck comes with a small booklet that describes the message of each card. I also bought the companion book (same title), which has full chapters about each angel.

For now, I’m slowly reading through this book and his book about healing your heart, “The Heart’s Note.” His writing is quite dense. He includes a lot of references to Egyptian gods, Greek mythology and The Bible, which I like!