Doreen Virtue Online Class about your Spiritually Based Business

I bought Doreen Virtue’s class: How to Grow your Spiritually-based Business. Late last night I was listening to her Divine Guidance video for this week and she mentioned a flash sale (it’s over now) for this online class: only $4! Normally, it’s only $11 and I’ve passed it up, but I really couldn’t say no to $4. I spend that at Starbucks just about every day 😉 I bought it at but now I see it’s on You might need to click around to find it.

The class is one video. It’s 1.5 hours long. You also get a short outline of the class as a pdf file. The production value of the video is not on par with her other videos (a bit blurry with a distracting nature scene behind her).

I enjoyed watching it. If you have listened to her weekly HayHouse radio shows or her watched her weekly videos, you’ve probably heard Doreen’s advice on starting your own spiritual/metaphysical business (like being an angel card reader) before.

Some of Doreen’s entrepreneurial business advice:

  • do what you love to do
  • don’t expect to become Bill Gates overnight; start out part-time and slowly build it into a profitable business
  • don’t spend too much money on startup; it’s easy to get excited and buy new business cards or a custom website but it’s likely your whole business plan will change and evolve, especially in the first year
  • be super clear in what you are offering to people; don’t list like 5 different things you do on your business card or Facebook page as it confuses people! better to be an expert in one thing
  • don’t be desperate for money; people will sense your bad energy and go elsewhere
  • if you are unsure what you’d like to do, think about what you wanted to be as a child – if you don’t remember ask your parents/siblings
  • brainstorm how your product or service HELPS people; be clear that you are HELPING them
  • be giving; give away free samples in person or offer freebies online
  • bless your products/services; visualize people buying them and benefitting from them

I thought Doreen’s business advice was correct and her delivery sweet. Towards the end of the video, she says she works for God. I actually like this idea. It’s very motivational! One of my favorite Bible quotes is: “Truly, God, I am your servant.” Always feel like God wants you to succeed and have extra money. Why does God want you to have extra money? So you can help others!

Doreen also explains that the American work ethic harkens back to the Victorian era. This was a dark period, like poor kids stuck in awful orphanages, unsafe conditions in the coal mines, etc. The Victorian idea of work: drudgery for a mere pittance. Workers toiled away endless hours while only the boss got richer. After the Victorian era, new laws were created. The work week was limited to 40 hours. Children couldn’t work anymore. Lots of rules about workplace safety were put in place by the government. Eventually, the orphanages were dismantled and the foster care system created (not much better). It’s worth thinking about how these ideas still exist in the “must work 9-5 job” and “must work 40 hours a week” and “expect to hate my job” and “only the rich get richer” and so forth. In a more enlightened era, people should be able to be entrepreneurs, working how many hours they want, and making good money at it.

A couple online people I get business advice from:

T. Harv Eker. He is very motivational! One of his pieces of advice is don’t use the word “sell.” Like I’m here to sell you XYZ. Or the word “buy” like click here to buy my stuff. Instead, use the word “help” (like Doreen says) or describe how the product/service solves a problem for them.

Tai Lopez. Both have a ton of FREE videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Good Luck!


Britney Spears = Flower Fairy

I’m taking Doreen Virtue’s Fairyologist course (it was half off this week!), and while watching her videos I came to realize that Britney Spears is a Flower Fairy! She definitely meets the criteria that Doreen laid out:

  • into dancing and music
  • sexy
  • super beautiful face
  • very sweet personality, similar to an Angelic personality
  • shy (in interviews, Britney is shy)
  • love wearing girly outfits in bright, happy flower colors

Also, I believe Britney has dressed up as a fairy, angel and a butterfly in her stage costumes?

Fairy hybrids are fascinating! It means a human crossed with a magical Fairy.

I think I’m a Tree Fairy hybrid. Tree Fairies are not soooo sugary-sweet and into pink flowers and shimmery glitter as a Flower Fairy. Tree Fairies like woodsy colors like green and brown and are a little tougher, since they fend for themselves in the woods. Side note: I always thought Fairies lived alone, but Doreen said Tree Fairies can live in groups, like the Elves do.

What is my review of Doreen’s Fairyologist course? Read it here.

Meditation Class Online

I’ve been getting nudges lately to take my meditation practice more seriously. For now, I’ve just been sitting on a Zafu cushion in front of my visualization board in the mornings and looking through my oracle cards, holding some of my crystals and doing a merkaba meditation that I read through. This isn’t the same as doing deep meditation!

So last night I found a meditation class online by James van Praagh (his website is He’s the famous psychic medium who talks to the dead. It’s only $40 for 8 weeks of classes. After I signed up I noticed there’s a free meditation class also!

I’m loving his meditations (audio MP3s). Some have beautiful piano music in the background. His voice is much calmer than it is when he does appearances (he tends to be very loud and flamboyant).

Go to Store>Online Classes>Audio Courses on his website. The one I’m taking is called Mastering Meditation.