The Color Green and The Elementals

emerald green color card

Secret Language of Color card by Inna Segal

The Elementals’ Favorite Color

The color green, especially dark greens like emerald green, is closely associated with The Elementals, especially with leprechauns, elves and fairies. What is so special about the color green? It is the color of the Plant Kingdom, which The Elementals are sworn to protect!

Green Ray of Healing

Also, each color has a special frequency which means it vibrates at a different energy level. The green ray in New Age thought is considered a healing energy. So if green is your favorite color, you may be gifted as a healer! Or you may decide to work with The Elemental kingdom to save the environment. And green vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, etc. are very healthy! Likewise, green herbs can be used in natural healing and have been for centuries.


Elves always wear dark green clothing that matches the forest they work in. Fairies wear bright flowered-color dresses but some wear green accents like leggings to match the green leaves of the flowers they sit on. Leprechauns wear green outfits, too. And Ireland, their home country, is known as The Emerald Isle for its lush greenery (the island gets lots of rain = plants grow like crazy).

Emerald Stones

To connect with The Elementals, you can buy a raw emerald stone. I have a beautiful raw emerald I bought from an Etsy seller for under $10! (raw emeralds like this aren’t good enough quality to be sold as gemstones) Remember to re-energize your emerald in moonlight, not sunlight.


Saint Brighid, the Celtic Fire Goddess

Brighid (bridge-id), also spelled Brigid or Brigit, is both a Celtic fire goddess and a Catholic saint. First, she was a Celtic fire goddess in Ireland. Her pagan holiday is Imbolc (i-molk), February 1st, which celebrates the beginning of spring and the birth of new livestock. In the 5th century, Catholics adopted her story and transferred parts of her legend onto a nun who ran an abbey in Kildare, Ireland. They kept her feast day of February 1st. And they kept her association with the pagan element of fire by having the nuns look after an eternal flame in her honor.

Brighid or Brigid the Celtic goddess

The pagan Brighid has sexy, flaming red hair and is a powerful woman who protects people and is a symbol of fertility. She is also associated with healing (magickal wells are another symbol for her). The Irish people still handweave St. Brighidโ€™s crosses from green reeds/rushes. They are hung over doorways for protection. In the town of Kildare, in central-eastern Ireland, you can visit her original church and abbey called the Church of the Oak (the oak tree being a pagan symbol) and a cathedral built in her honor in 1223.

Saint Brighid prayer card

Her Catholic prayer cards show a more subdued woman, wearing the black outfit of a nun and holding a long staff in her hand which marks her status as an abbess, or headmaster of an abbey where nuns and priests live. She is also shown with white roses and white lilies, the color white being a special color for her.

Happy Light

I found my Verilux Happy Light yesterday while going thru a box for Goodwill, which is good because itโ€™s been overcast here and I hate it! I like this light better than my blue LED light box. Itโ€™s more of a regular lamp you can keep on for a bit while you read or eat or whatever. Itโ€™s super bright but it has a frosted plastic exterior which makes it not harsh on your eyes. It adds a lot of bright light to the room. Buy a HappyLight Compact Energy Lamp on Amazon or at a local drugstore (about $40).