Didn’t See Angel Author Lorna Byrne

I was all excited to see Angels in my Hair author Lorna Byrne! She is from Ireland and rarely comes to the US. In fact, it was her first trip farther inland than NYC and Boston. I had tickets for her event in Phoenix, but American Airlines had problems and canceled my flight 😦 Because American doesn’t have as many flights as United or Southwest, the next flight they could offer me was 6 hours later! I would have missed half the event 😦 So I got a refund and stayed home.

I highly recommend Lorna Byrne’s first book, Angels in my Hairan autobiographical look at her life in northern Ireland. It explains how she clearly sees angels. And how they nudge people to be helpful and kind to others.


Volume 1: The Mystical Rose

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What is the The Mystical Rose?

It’s my own metaphysical concept. The ultimate The Mystical Rose is Mother Mary, the Virgin Mary. The white rose is her symbol. Her love and compassion for us, her children, is boundless. I see a special white rose in her heart chakra, which I call The Mystical Rose. Others have it, too, like Princess Diana, Mother Teresa of Calcutta and St. Theresa of Lisieux (known as The Little Flower). You may have it, too!

Applying it to your Life

Awaken your heart chakra and send more love and compassion into the world!

Mystical Rose Card Reading

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Note: I am trying out something new! I want to expand on certain topics, maybe each month, so I’m creating issues of a new age magazine online. Each one will have lots of features and be packed with info. Please “like” the posts so I know people are enjoying them 😉

Part 1/6

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Last month, a girl on the island of Hawaii had a mystical experience. She was at Starbucks drinking an iced Oprah chai, when she heard a voice say, “Draw a map.” Since she had her notebook and pencil out already, she started drawing. Somehow, she just knew what to draw. She drew a map of a nearby beach and a nature trail leading into the rainforest. When she was done, she waited to hear what the voice would say next.

Part 2 tomorrow!