Pink Mystical Rose: St. Theresa

The Little Flower

St. Theresa is one of the most famous Catholic saints! She is called The Little Flower because after her death she showered the prayerful with roses from heaven. Her symbol is still the rose, and usually pink roses. The color pink symbolizes the heart chakra, where love and compassion reside. Her full name is St. Theresa of Lisieux (a city in France, pronounced “lee-sew”). There is also another St. Teresa, of Avila (a city in Spain). It gets confusing because in some languages Theresa is spelt with an “h” and in some it’s not, and some people write each name differently. I’ve always loved St. Theresa because Theresa is a common name in my family. Plus, she is known for her kindness.

Married to Jesus

St. Theresa of Lisieux was a real person. You can find photos of her on Wikipedia. She lived in the late 1800s. Besides being famous for flowers, she is famous for her writings about her deep love and devotion to Jesus. Many nuns back then considered themselves married to Jesus, and would even wear a ring on their wedding finger to symbolize this (some still do). She wrote impassioned passages about her great love for Him and she would spend hours praying in front of an image of Jesus with the Crown of Thorns (kind of dramatic!). She also wrote a book about her life (she was famous in her lifetime for performing miracles) called A Story of a Soul. She was a writer her whole life and wrote and starred in plays about Joan of Arc.


I bought this Mexican tin art with St. Theresa or Santa Teresa in Chimayo, New Mexico.

Be Nice to Get to Heaven

A concept that St. Theresa the Little Flower came up with is called The Little Way. She described it as a way to get heaven by doing good deeds, but not big heroic deeds like you might read about. Just simple kindness. I think she’s a good role model for children since she doesn’t preach rules or The Bible but instead being nice. She is very yin (emotional, feminine, gentle and kind) to the Catholic church’s yang (rules, following male priests and The Pope).

Saint Theresa Writing about Prayer:

“For me, prayer is a movement of the heart; it is a simple glance toward heaven; it is a cry of gratitude and love in times of trial as well as in times of joy; it is something great, supernatural, which expands my soul and unites me to Jesus. I very simply say to God what I want to say, and he always understands me.” (St. Theresa was way ahead of her times! She advocated not rote, memorized prayers but just talking to God directly about your problems.)

Saint Theresa Writing about Love:

“Love attracts love.” (Sounds like something a New Ager would say!)

“How sweet is the way of love!”

“Love penetrates me and surrounds me; this merciful love each moment renews and purifies me.” (Saint Theresa was very mystical and believed in the ecstasy of being physically bonded with Jesus. Seems weird, but a lot of saints had experiences like this.)

“Love alone have I ever given to God; with love he will repay me.”

On her Deathbed

Reportedly, as she lay dying in bed from tuberculosis, St. Theresa looked at the figure of Jesus on her rosary crucifix and said “Oh, I love Him!” She was very, very devoted! But nuns in those days saw it as their duty (especially cloistered nuns like she was) to pray every moment of the day and to reach higher and higher states of devotion, including having visions of Jesus talking to them and performing healing miracles in God’s name.

Her Message is Still Popular

As the comedian Ellen says at the end of her talk show each day: “Be kind to one another.”


Podcast: Princess Diana and Mystical Rose

It took me a whole year to do another podcast (my bad)! The first one  was up on my old blog, but you can still find it on SoundCloud. To listen, press the red circle button (audio runs 6 min).


What is the Mystical Rose?


1. Princess Diana heirloom rose. I discovered there are 2 competing roses!
a) The official “Princess of Wales rose” is sold only in the U.K. (also called “Hardinkum”). This rose is beautiful, with soft white petals and a touch of cream in the center of the flower! CLICK HERE FOR LINK
b) The imposter “Diana, Princess of Wales rose” is only sold in the U.S. (also called “Elegant Lady”) and is ONLY AVAILABLE from this online seller (it was sold out when I searched for it). I don’t like this rose. It’s very bright pink around the edges. CLICK HERE FOR LINK

2. Princess Diana memorial rose gardens in England
a) Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk takes you through the most famous parks around Kensington Palace in London where the princess lived both while she was married and after the divorce (she was given a small townhouse on the property). You walk 7 miles, following 90 metal roses placed in the sidewalk (I definitely want do walk this someday!). I’m not sure if there is a rose garden or not. CLICK HERE FOR LINK
b) There are a few small rose gardens planted in her honor by various groups around England, but nothing too impressive. There is also a fountain in her honor (designed like a small stream you can wade in, but with lots of slippery concrete) in a London park, but I’m not a fan of it.
c) 2017 is the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death (on July 1st), and her sons are planning a new rose garden at Kensington Palace. I hope it’s beautiful!

Why Princess Diana?

Connecting with Princess Diana
1. See Princess Diana photos on my Pinterest board, including a photo of her with Mother Teresa. CLICK HERE FOR LINK
2. Listen to Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind 1997” with Princess Diana lyrics, also titled “Goodbye England’s Rose” (this is the original performance, on YouTube). CLICK HERE FOR LINK

Special Note about Prince Harry
1. Invictus Games, his Olympics-style games for wounded soldiers. Buy fashionable black-and-yellow t-shirts and wristbands in the online shop. CLICK HERE FOR LINK
2. Sentebale, his charity for children in Africa. There’s a donate button on the main page. You can also sign up for the newsletter, which is fun because they sometimes include never-before-seen photos of Prince Harry visiting the kids in the orphanage/school. CLICK HERE FOR LINK

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Volume 1: The Mystical Rose

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What is the The Mystical Rose?

It’s my own metaphysical concept. The ultimate The Mystical Rose is Mother Mary, the Virgin Mary. The white rose is her symbol. Her love and compassion for us, her children, is boundless. I see a special white rose in her heart chakra, which I call The Mystical Rose. Others have it, too, like Princess Diana, Mother Teresa of Calcutta and St. Theresa of Lisieux (known as The Little Flower). You may have it, too!

Applying it to your Life

Awaken your heart chakra and send more love and compassion into the world!

Mystical Rose Card Reading

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