Full Moon Eclipse

Tomorrow, Saturday, February 11th, is a full moon eclipse! This is a great time to release the old stuff you’ve wanted to get out of your life. Time to start new things! I want to move and start a new job 🙂 The moon is in Leo, the sign the Lion. So this moon brings in a big, expansive energy (Leo’s are the astrology sign for actresses and celebrities who love being on stage).

full moon illustration


Special Full Moon Tonight

full moon illustration

Meaning of 222

Today is 2-22 or February 22nd and it’s a full moon! In angel numbers, 222 is about taking the first steps in a project (with 111 being about starting a project). The message is to keep working on it! The angels and the moon goddesses will help you be successful. Full moons are always a time to release the old in anticipation of the new. So release any stress or doubts you have about your project. Key words to meditate on: create, build, manifest, dreams, plans, goals, baby steps.

Moon watching

Don’t forget to peek out your window tonight and gaze at the moon!

Blood Moon Eclipse

Tomorrow night (September 27, 2015) is a special full moon, and an eclipse! It’s called the Blood Moon, which sounds a little scary, but it’s supposed to be bringing in a new, high-level energy. This energy should help everyone live on a higher level. New Agers believe the Earth is ascending from a 3-dimensional plane, where fear and wars and pollution and anger reign, to a 5-dimensional plane, where peace on Earth will be realized (eventually).

I’m not into astrology too much, but I do enjoy Michael Lutin’s website, michaellutin.com. He has an info page about this Blood Moon eclipse for sale on his site: Michael’s Blood Moon Eclipse info. You can buy it on PayPal for $10.

Blood Moon

Tonight (April 4th) is the lunar eclipse! This one is called the Blood Moon because the position of the sun reflects a red glow onto the moon. Almine says a Blood Moon foretells violence/wars, so we should all say extra prayers for peace today. Also pray for the safety of the ancient stone relics in Iraq, now being destroyed by ISIS!

My Top Ten Favorite Crystals

These are my favorite crystals to meditate with! I buy most of my crystals on Etsy.com from various sellers (I Love Lotus is a good one, DominicanLounge is where I get my hard-to-find larimar). Another good place is your local psychic fair or store (then you can hold the stone in your hand and see how strong its energy is before you buy it).
1. Lemurian seed crystal = clear quartz point with faint pink lines, connects to ancient lost city of Lemuria, this is my number one favorite crystal – it’s very important to me and seems to hold a lot of wisdom, it’s said the faint pink lines are encoded with information from the Lemurians who, like the Atlanteans who came after them, knew how to program info into a crystal and treated them like mini computers
2. larimar = marbled ocean blue and white (so beautiful and perfectly smooth!), connects to unicorns and dolphins
3. emerald = rough emeralds are emerald green with black, connects to the elemental kingdom (fairies, gnomes, elves, etc. who help the environment), remember if you buy one to charge it only in moonlight, not sunlight
4. aquamarine = see-thru light aqua blue, connects to mermaids
5. selenite = milky white, often sold as towers, buy 2 and place one on each side your bed, connects to protective aliens
6. moldavite = glassy army green with a bumpy surface, connects to aliens (is actually from an asteroid that hit Earth)
7. zincite = fiery red and orange with a bumpy surface, connects to the element of fire, the best for giving you energy! heats up your lower 3 chakras: red, orange and yellow chakras, VERY powerful!
8. kyanite = clear denim blue with some white streaks and black spots (it’s best to buy kyanite as a polished rod – otherwise it’s crumbly with sharp edges), connects you to more energy, gives you a more gentle, balanced boost of energy than the zincite
9. moonstone = white, shimmers at an angle, connects to the energy of the moon (I love the moon!)
10. scolesite = white with lines like feathered angel wings, connects to angels