Easter Colors

color cards in Easter colors

These cards are from Secret Language of Color Card deck.

Once again, I chose a set of color cards to represent this special holiday, Easter! Let’s see what the guidebook tells us these colors mean.

Lemon = “Access innovative thinking.” Lemon has a snappy vibe, like a crisp, clean sheet or a sour glass of lemonade. It energizes your brain! Add some upbeat lemon energy to your home by spritzing rooms with lemon water (I buy AuraCacia brand aromatherapy oils like Lemon and add a few drops to a small spray bottle of water.).

Violet = “Create a balanced life.” Violet is the highest of the 7 main chakras. It’s at the top of your head and connects you with mystical knowledge. Still, it’s important to balance your high level energies with your lower energies, like your lowest 3 chakras: red, orange and yellow which oversee basic facts of life like digestion and personal security. Also, reminds me of my grandpa who grew gorgeous African violets in his basement.

Lilac = “Strengthen your faith.” Perfect message for Easter! Lilac purple has such a beautiful, gentle energy. When I was growing up, our neighbors’ had a lilac bush on the edge of our yard. I still remember it fondly!

Pink = “Let love in.” I love this tulip photo! The guidebook says imagine a beautiful flower like this and feel the love and sweetness of this flower in your heart. Awww!

Green = “Revitalize your nervous system.” Green is the color of healing. Say, “I release stress and frustration and anger from my heart,” to cleanse and heal it.

White = “Lighten up.” White is a super spiritual color, like angels, the Dove of Peace, church candles, etc. It is also powerful, like the white light of God. Lighten your load by imagining a big white light shining on your body, releasing all negativity.

I hope you enjoyed these mini-meditations!

Meditation Class Online

I’ve been getting nudges lately to take my meditation practice more seriously. For now, I’ve just been sitting on a Zafu cushion in front of my visualization board in the mornings and looking through my oracle cards, holding some of my crystals and doing a merkaba meditation that I read through. This isn’t the same as doing deep meditation!

So last night I found a meditation class online by James van Praagh (his website is vanpraagh.com). He’s the famous psychic medium who talks to the dead. It’s only $40 for 8 weeks of classes. After I signed up I noticed there’s a free meditation class also!

I’m loving his meditations (audio MP3s). Some have beautiful piano music in the background. His voice is much calmer than it is when he does appearances (he tends to be very loud and flamboyant).

Go to Store>Online Classes>Audio Courses on his website. The one I’m taking is called Mastering Meditation.

Leprechaun Meditation for Abundance


I love St. Patrick! Say this meditation on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) to give it more power. Both St. Patrick and the leprechauns represent the beautiful spirituality of Ireland. Leprechauns are amazing at bringing in abundance.

See emerald green sparkles in front of you. Now imagine an emerald green ray of light beaming out from your heart chakra (“shock-rah,” near your heart but in the middle of  your chest). This emerald green ray transmits the energy of love. Ask St. Patrick to visit you. See him standing before you, bathed in this emerald green ray of love. He is dressed like a Catholic priest, with gold and green Celtic symbols embroidered on his outfit. Say, “Dear St. Patrick, I have called you in to bless me with an abundance of love and riches.” See a green Celtic heart (with knotwork in the middle) float toward you from his outstretched hand. Know that St. Patrick is blessing you with love.

To help bless you with riches, St. Patrick calls in his friends the leprechauns. Everyone knows the leprechauns are lucky! See three leprechauns standing in front of you. They look a bit like the dwarves from “Snow White” but they wear forest green clothes: felt leggings, a matching top edged in a ruffle and a pointy green cap. Each leprechaun steps forward and hands you a lucky shamrock. As soon as you take the lucky shamrocks, the leprechauns start singing and dancing. They dance away from you, saying, “We’re off to find the pot of gold!” Wave goodbye to them. They’ll reappear once they’ve found gold for you.

Manifesting abundance is all about shortening the time between cause and effect. Your positive thinking is the cause and the effect is realizing your dreams. Visualize what you want. Create a vision board with positive affirmations, Bible quotes, pictures ripped out of magazines and inspiring post cards. Do meditations and even hypnosis. See in your mind what you want to achieve. The more passionate you are, the quicker you will attract what you want. Know that the world has infinite resources and God wants you to achieve your dreams.

Now, see a thick mist of gold sparkles. The sparkles form a golden path. Walking towards you on this path are the leprechauns. Watch as they set down a heavy black pot overflowing with gold coins. Ask them, “Where, oh where, did you find this pot of gold?” They’ll reply, “Why, at the end of a rainbow, of course!” Admire the gold coins. Pick one up and inspect it. Is it shiny? Is it heavy? Is it inscribed with writing or embossed with a symbol? The more real the gold coins are to you, the better. Say good bye and thank you to the leprechauns. Know that the luck of the Irish is with you!

Want to print this meditation? CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK for the pdf file: leprechaun_meditation

©Ellen Auchter 2016
Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.