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Halloween Magick Spell and Witch Story

Ready for Halloween? I know a lot of people are decorating already, October 2nd! I have a new thing for sale in my Etsy shop. You get both a magic spell and a story I wrote. Fun! This spell and story are about confidence. Read the previews here (click on the photos to make them larger). Follow this link to buy in my Etsy shop, New Age Studies.

Part 6/6 Read the Ending!


The naked girl hurriedly swam back to her underclothes, drying in the sun. She put them on, and grabbed her backpack. Inside is her notebook and pen. She turns to the unicorn, pen in hand, but the unicorn has disappeared! She feels a moment of sadness. The unicorn was SO beautiful, SO sweet, SO smart and SO real! Then she starts writing notes, not wanting to forget a thing.

The girl never forgot the beauty of the unicorn, or its message for her. She vowed to work with healing rainbow energy. 

That girl was me.


P.S. Originally this was going to be a 7-day series, but then I changed it to 6 days and that screwed up the letter-a-day thing. Oops.


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Unicorn approved 😉

Part 3/6


Who or what was watching her swim naked in the hidden Hawaiian waterfall and pool? The spray and mists of the waterfall and the damp rainforest clouded her vision. She slowly swam closer. She could only make out a white glow. Then the mists parted and she saw it. It was standing in the bushes on the opposite bank. A unicorn! She was astonished. She believed in unicorns, but had never seen one. It was as real as could be. Like a beautiful all-white horse, it glistened and sparkled in the sun. It’s horn of dazzling white light marked it as a magical unicorn. She was mesmerized.

Then the unicorn spoke to her.

Part 4 tomorrow!

Part 1/6

img 1352

Last month, a girl on the island of Hawaii had a mystical experience. She was at Starbucks drinking an iced Oprah chai, when she heard a voice say, “Draw a map.” Since she had her notebook and pencil out already, she started drawing. Somehow, she just knew what to draw. She drew a map of a nearby beach and a nature trail leading into the rainforest. When she was done, she waited to hear what the voice would say next.

Part 2 tomorrow!