Didn’t See Angel Author Lorna Byrne

I was all excited to see Angels in my Hair author Lorna Byrne! She is from Ireland and rarely comes to the US. In fact, it was her first trip farther inland than NYC and Boston. I had tickets for her event in Phoenix, but American Airlines had problems and canceled my flight ūüė¶ Because American doesn’t have as many flights as United or Southwest, the next flight they could offer me was 6 hours later! I would have missed half the event ūüė¶ So I got a refund and stayed home.

I highly recommend¬†Lorna Byrne’s first book,¬†Angels in my Hair,¬†an autobiographical look at her life in northern Ireland. It explains how she clearly sees angels. And how they nudge people to be helpful and kind to others.


Lorna Byrne Webcast

I watched a webinar this morning (8 AM my time = 3 PM in Ireland) with angel lady Lorna Byrne.

She was promoting her children’s charity, Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation. The webcast fees were donated to it. I’m sure it’s a good charity to donate to if you are looking for one this holiday season!¬†Get all the charity details on her website: lornabyrne.com.¬†This year, Lorna has chosen¬†3 different children‚Äôs charities to give the money to. One is in Ireland where Lorna lives, one is in Africa and one is in Syria (the charity UNICEF). Lorna talks a lot about the children in Syria who are growing up in a dangerous war zone, and how, without our intervention, they will grow up¬†hardened to violence and will become the terrorists of the future.

Besides promoting her charity, Lorna answered viewer questions, including mine! My question was “Do you see Angel Ariel? Is she a great healing angel?” I asked this because in IET (the energy healing I do) she is considered an archangel, second in importance only to Jesus in her healing abilities. Lorna said she does see her, and that she doesn’t consider her an archangel but a regular angel, who has healing powers like all the angels. I agree with this. Most people don’t categorize Angel Ariel as an archangel. Whatever the¬†category, Ariel is a strong angel!

Lorna told us that during the holiday season, more angels which she calls¬†“blessed angels” come down to Earth to help us celebrate Christmas. Christmas angels = too cute!

About ISIS, she said both Archangel Michael (protection) and the Angel of Death (ushering souls to the Other Side) are trying to get our attention for the people in the ISIS-controlled areas, who are living in terror. She said a lot of the ISIS soldiers and suicide bombers are not “true believers” but are kidnapped into the army or threatened into submission, and would not be fighting for ISIS if we could free their lands.¬†Also, she said the fight with ISIS is the #1 concern of the angels at the moment, and it’s correct to call it WWIII.

The #2 concern is climate change, creating such crazy weather. Lorna said Ireland is now experiencing dangerous flooding.

While looking up her website for you, I noticed this in¬†regards to Lorna Byrne’s¬†book¬†Love from Heaven¬†from¬†The Times¬†(I believe this is the Irish Times): “Byrne gives hope and a sense of peace; something that the Church, in many instances, has been unable to do for a long time.” There¬†is definitely an emotional side¬†to Lorna Byrne’s angel work. When I listened to Lorna this morning, I was moved to tears twice! And I’m not much of a crier.¬†Her energy is so sweet and angelic.¬†

I highly recommend you read her first book, Angels in my Hair. It’s one of my favorite metaphysical books! It’s about her life growing up in Ireland and her ability to see angels, which she’s had since she was a child.

New Message from Mother Mary

In these troubling times, with the war in Syria and the possible terrorist bombing of a Russian plane, I asked the Virgin Mary for a message. This is what I got.

“My Dear Ones,

In this hour of need, I am with you. Only close your eyes and think of me, and I am there. The love I have for each of you is great, an unfathomable ocean of love. May your eyes be open to this love. See this love in an innocent child.

May darkness never reach you.

I am Mother Mary.”

I recommend imagining a soft pink light (Mary’s energy) surrounding the whole world, like a glowing halo. This will help resolve the conflict in Syria. Irish angel lady Lorna Byrne says if we don’t bring peace to Syria, the children growing up in the war zone today will become the violent fighters of tomorrow.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I love St. Patrick’s Day! Growing up Catholic in Wisconsin, there were many Irish people keeping St. Patrick’s Day traditions alive. In fact, one small farming town nearby, New London, is famous for its small parade which includes the local fire trucks, the high school marching band and not much else. LOL. It’s odd that St. Patrick’s Day is such a big holiday when he isn’t a super popular saint the rest of the year…. I looked up some info on St. Patrick:

  • he lived in Medieval times, around 400
  • he was not actually Irish! he was from England, and got sold into slavery, becoming a sheepherder in the Irish countryside
  • he always heard and listened to his spiritual guides – the angels and God – he heard a voice telling him to walk to the sea where he would find a ship and be able to get a free ride back to England which he did, and he returned to Ireland after he dreamed of his Irish friend telling him to come back
  • he had to learn Latin in order to become a Catholic priest, which was hard for him as he hadn’t had much schooling
  • he lived at the same time as St. Brighid (see my blog post about her) and is buried with her in the town of Downpatrick, County Down, in Northern Ireland – this is disputed by some but it’s believed a few relics of each (part of the body but not the whole body = ewww!) plus St. Columba are buried here
  • the imagery of him defeating the snake and driving them out of Ireland is likely a metaphor for the pagan religions (like the Celts practiced) which dwindled after he made Catholicism so popular in Ireland (sorry, pagans!)
  • it’s said his symbol is the 3-leafed clover because he used it to explain the Trinity (God the father, Jesus the son and the Holy Ghost) to new Catholics, however this is also an ancient Celtic symbol

draw Celtic knot shamrock

One of my favorite angel ladies, the Irish Lorna Byrne, says she sees St. Patrick with many Celtic (pronounced “keltic” with a hard “k”) symbols around him, like the shamrock and the famous Celtic knotwork. She thinks he has become a symbol for of all Ireland, including the ancient Celtic beliefs (pagan). She also says the Irish are a very special people, very pure in spirit. She says you will find Irish communities all over the world because God tasked them with bringing their beautiful spirituality to all corners of the globe. How sweet!