Learn Tarot: Rich King and Queen

The King and Queen of Autumn or Coins

King and Queen of Autumn Tarot Cards

The Rich King and Queen in Tarot

These 2 aren’t just rich moneywise, they are also having fun traveling to exotic places like Bali and buying luxury brands like Prada! Especially true for the Queen. The King is also a high-level philanthropist. They are indulgent, but treat others well (like their workers).

The Autumn cards in Tarot are the same as Coins or Pentacles = about $$$.


Learn Tarot: The Witchy Woman or Psychic Card

This card reminds me of that song from The Eagles, “Witchy Woman!” It’s actually The High Priestess card. In my deck, it’ll be called The Psychic. But if you are into witchcraft, you can think of her as a Witch. It represents a psychic, spiritual, powerful, smart woman (I like to think it represents ME!).

#2 Tarot Card: The High Priestess, The Priest, The Psychic, The Witchy Woman

High Priestess Tarot card image

High Priestess Tarot card from the Fairy Tarot deck

Symbolism in The High Priestess or The Psychic or The Witchy Woman Card

I love this image from the Fairy Tarot deck because the High Priestess or The Psychic or The Witchy Woman, looks so regal like a queen. I added a small lapis lazuli stone to the photo (at the bottom edge of her blue dress). You can see the colors match EXACTLY (especially with the crown she is wearing). This stone is from Egypt and was worn by the pharaohs. It symbolizes WISDOM. Another symbol of wisdom in the card is the book the Psychic is holding. This ancient book represents using your intuition to tap into knowledge from The Other Side. This is what psychics do, but anyone can do it!

Learn Tarot: The Insomnia Card

Did you know the Tarot deck has a card for insomnia? If you are having sleepless nights, this card will show up:

9 of Winter/chilly Air/sharp Swords

Tarot card meaning Insomnia and Nightmares

Tarot card meaning Insomnia and Nightmares

It also symbolizes someone having NIGHTMARES.

And it means you are worrying too much! All that worrying will keep you up at night.


Learn Tarot: The Indigo Card

Did you know the Tarot deck has an indigo card? Indigos are a new breed of person that is on Earth to shake things up! They are activists and politicians. The opposite of a shrinking violet, indigos are bold and energetic and ready to fight for change. Think of the tip of a sharp spear or Sword. They may ruffle some feathers along the way.* Paris Jackson seems like an indigo to me. Not only does she dress very bohemian, but she also talks about causes like the Dakota Access Pipeline. Another Indigo is Adam Rippon, the flamboyant gay activist from the Olympics who took on President Trump and Vice President Trump for not being gay-friendly. He also skated a beautiful, artsy routine about a wounded peacock (his shirt was ombre teal and white with lots of sparkles, like a peacock wing).

Princess of Winter/chilly Air/sharp Swords

Tarot hint: to remember that Winter is also Air, I always write down “chilly Air.”

Princess = Page = Messenger

*In the Animal Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, the indigo card is a seagull.

Certified Angel Tarot Reader


My certification for reading Tarot

I got my certification as an Angel Tarot Reader through Radleigh Valentine’s program 🙂 I like the way he teaches. It’s very easy. You don’t read the upside-down cards as having a separate meaning. I tried a few times over the years to learn Tarot from books, and the explanations of the cards were like half-a-page to a page each, with another half-a-page of different meanings for when the card comes in upside-down. Impossible to memorize! I took a few pages of notes from Radleigh’s videos (it’s an online course through Hay House) and then came up with my own simple explanations for all of the major arcana (0-21) cards. And my own way to remember each of the suits (Summer/Hearts, Winter/Thoughts, Spring/Fire and Autumn/Coins).

I am loving reading Tarot now!

Big future plans

I even have plans to make my own super easy Tarot card deck 🙂

For now, you can order Angel Tarot Card Readings here on my blog. Coming soon: an Etsy shop.

Tarot Cards about Love and Family

I am over half way through the Radleigh Valentine online course to become a certified Tarot card reader! Last night, I watched his video lesson on Tarot cards about love and family. These are the cards most closely associated with your love life!

Puppy Love, Crush = 1 of Hearts/Summer/Water/Cups (I’ll just write Hearts from here on.)

Finding True Love, A Happy Couple = 2 of Hearts -OR- #6 card in the major arcana = The Lovers

Getting Married = 3 of Hearts

Having a Baby = #3 card in the major arcana = The Queen/Empress/Ultimate Girly Girl

A Loving Family, Happy Family Life = 10 of Hearts