What did Madame Blavatsky say about Jesus?

I came across this quote today on Instagram (I’m angel_tarot_card_readings on there if you want to follow me), and I had to share it! If you don’t know, Madame Blavatsky was a famous psychic medium in her days and she described a lot of the spirits she talked to – now our New Age people like St. Germain (not a Catholic saint – known for his colorful jewels) and Lady Nada (very wise woman).

Christ is to be sought neither in the wilderness nor in the inner chambers nor in the sanctuary of any temple or church built by man. Christ, the true esoteric savior, is no man but the divine principle in every human being. ~Madame Blavatsky

Interesting that she loved Jesus, too! She calls Him the divine inside every person.

Jesus as painted by Leonardo da Vinci


Newly discovered Jesus painting by Leonardo da Vinci, worth $450 million! I think it’s amazing He is holding a sphere of energy, a metaphysical concept. People have said it’s a globe, but it’s clear, like a looking ball.

Is Jesus God?

Lately, I’ve been wondering about people saying Jesus IS God. This is weird to me, as a Catholic/New-Ager. I always thought of Jesus as the Son of God. And that He was not as important as God. But people are pointing out that we have no clear description of God. Does He look like a person? Or just a mist of energy? (I think a mist.)

What does the Bible say God Looks Like?

Even the Bible offers no description of God’s face! It just says that God created us in His likeness. And the strange Book of Revelation offers a description of a man with white hair like wool and eyes like fiery flames sitting on a throne, wearing long robes. It says no one who sees God’s face is allowed to live, so the angels hide God’s face behind their wings. If God is so important, why not describe Him?

Will the Virgin Mary Rise in Popularity?

Everyone seems to be praying to Jesus these days…even as the rise of the feminine is happening! I thought the Virgin Mary was going to become super popular….


Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Need a little Jesus in your Christmastime?

I wrote this fun workbook full of meditations, affirmations, prayers and soothing images about peace.


Brings a little quiet contemplation to your holidays!

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Doreen Virtue Writing a New Book

In this week’s Divine Guidance video, Doreen mentions that she is currently writing a new book! Will it be about Jesus???

She also mentions that she found Jesus while creating her Jesus card deck, Loving Words from Jesus. I figured it was the other way around; that she became born again and then quickly came out with that card deck. Read my review of the Doreen Virtue Jesus card deck here.

Even More about Doreen Virtue Christian Turnaround

I have 2 long posts for you to read if you haven’t already:

Doreen Virtue Bombshell: Now a Christian promoting Jesus

And ‚ÄúMore about Doreen Virtue‚Äôs Conversion to Christianity‚ÄĚ.

Now the question is: What are YOU (and me) going to include in your New Age beliefs? Doreen says she will follow: Jesus, the angels, good fairies, unicorns, but mostly JESUS.

I am unsure about this. I wrote on my blog last year about doing all fairy things…and then I could never get it going. I always post about leprechauns near St. Patrick’s Day in March and no one seems to like those posts! I loved Doreen’s descriptions of the different realms, and that’s what really got me excited about fairies and the other elementals! I am part fairy, I decided ‚̧

I like that the New Age movement has women, like the goddesses and female ascended masters. But I’m not SUPER into them. I would love to do something that promotes GIRL POWER, but I am not sure what. I love Mother Mary, but she has a soft persona. Some of her spiritual powers seem wrapped up in her being a virgin. I briefly thought about doing witch stuff, but Wiccan seems too dark. Maybe fairy magic?

So, I am a bit adrift.

I like Jesus, but I would never promote a church. They ALL seem too sexist to me!

Unicorns are cool.

I would also like to do something that’s about manifesting abundance. But, I run into the same¬†problem! Should I use magical fairies? Jesus/God? Leprechauns? Unicorn magic? Candle magic? The goddess Lakshmi, who is Hindu? I’m really not sure! I just took a class locally about abundance and I decided to test 8 different ideas and see which gives me the best results. I will let you know.

Do you think Doreen Virtue’s conversion to¬†Christianity and all things Jesus will lure women away from New Age spirituality? Are you going to incorporate more Jesus talk into your blog/social media posting? Or did you give up on the Christian churches a long time ago?

Jesus and the Clay Pots

All of this talk about Jesus has me thinking about the Bible! What is your favorite parable (story that tells a life lesson) in the Bible?

Mine is Clay Pots! Basically, the Clay Pot is like the body of a person. Plain, brown, nothing special. What’s special is what’s INSIDE = the love of God. If we fill our Clay Pot/body with the glowing love and light of God, Jesus promises we will be unbreakable.

Here’s part of the Clay Pots parable from 2 Corinthians 4:7:

“We are often troubled, but not crushed;

sometimes in doubt, but never in despair….

And, though badly hurt at times,

we are not destroyed.”

(I used Today’s English version of the Bible.)

Think about this during your day today, and FEEL UNBREAKABLE!

My Jesus Book

Did you know I am a published author? Kinda, sorta. I wrote a short ebook about Jesus and self-published it on Amazon. AND you may be able to read it FOR FREE! If you are a Prime member, it will likely come up on your Kindle as a freebie in their “lending library.”

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The Jesus I believe in is a happy, friendly guy like the cartoon version you see here!

More about Doreen Virtue’s Conversion to Christianity

Doreen posted a new video to Facebook/YouTube about her conversion to Christianity. She will now be promoting Jesus instead of New Age stuff.

UPDATE: Doreen has taken this video down from YouTube!¬†CLICK HERE to watch Doreen’s Jesus video.

She explains that she grew up in the Unity church, which is a little different than most Christian churches. It’s more similar to Christian Science, started by Mary Baker Eddy. Doreen said Mary Baker Eddy was actually a follower of Phineas Quimby, who started the Unity church. So, like I mentioned¬†in my previous post, Doreen was never baptized as a baby!¬†She’d heard about Jesus, but not in the traditional Christian way like with Hell and Damnation.

Now, she is attending an Episcopalian/Anglican church in Hawaii. I was wondering what denomination of church she is in Рlike how Bible-thumping. When I lived in Hollywood, the Episcopalian/Anglican church there displayed a huge AIDS ribbon. The church got a lot of press for allowing gay weddings and for ordaining gay clergy before most people were OK with it.

So, my burning question has been: what’s in and what’s out? Doreen says¬†she will still sell stuff about angels (and, of course, Jesus). She will also sell books/cards about unicorns. And about fairies (she specifically mentioned flower fairies and tree fairies but¬†said she will not promote “dark fairies”).

Who’s in?


Who’s out?


She mentioned her book again, Angels and Ascended Masters, and said she’ll be re-writing it and taking lots of deities out. She didn’t specifically say which ones… I guess¬†Ascended Masters would include: Atlanteans, Egyptians, Greek gods/goddesses? I’m still wondering if she’ll axe the Celtic goddesses and the Island goddesses. She also has a Native American goddess, White Buffalo Calf Woman, in the Ascended Masters card deck, which she said she’ll be re-issuing minus the deities¬†she no longer believes in.¬†Merlin, the wizard is in the book and card deck, too. I am interested to see if she takes out her one alien reference, to Commander Ashtar. I think the aliens known as The Collective are very, very, very good and important in that they want¬†the world to advance!


  • A Course in Miracles, which is a set of books and classes about Jesus that Marianne Williamson based her first book on (I love that book!). I never did read¬†A Course in Miracles because it’s very long – like a bunch of encyclopedias.

So, why did Doreen Virtue convert to Christianity and become so¬†Jesus-y? She says in the video that she feels like she has fewer problems since she started reading the Bible and going to church. And especially since getting baptized. She thinks New Agers are missing the boat. She said she knows a lot of New Agers who have¬†a lot of personal problems = their religion doesn’t seem to be working for them. She had 3 intense visions of Jesus and wants to be completely devoted to Him now. She says in the video that her husband told her to watch some YouTube videos of people who were saved from hell by Jesus. In the videos,¬†people describe how they were¬†near death, like dying during surgery. They saw themselves in hell with people screaming and wailing. Then, they saw Jesus and He saved them. Doreen thinks because each person (some weren’t Christian at all) says it was Jesus who saved them, that Jesus must be the most important/powerful deity.

This annoys me a bit. IMO born-again Christians go gah-gah over Jesus while barely¬†mentioning God who is above Him; in the Catholic church it is more about the Trinity which is God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Plus, in every Catholic church you’ll find a statue of Mary plus many saints, so people’s devotion is more balanced – one thing the Catholic church gets right! When I went to non-denominational churches in the South, it was all Jesus, all the time. I found this even more sexist than the Catholic church! Many Catholics revere the Virgin Mary just as much as they do Jesus, and this¬†gives girls/young women¬†a role model¬†to look up to.

Also, I disagree with Doreen and I don’t believe in Hell. I believe in Sylvia Browne’s version which is that truly evil people like Hitler and Saddam Hussein are black souls that get immediately recycled, coming back to Earth as another evil dictator. The world is an experiment between Good and Evil, so God needs some evil people on the ground at all times. Sylvia said the¬†vast majority of people are “gray souls,” meaning neither truly evil/black souls nor 100 per cent pure and¬†holy white souls. When most¬†people die they go to a special holding area in heaven to watch their life review and see and feel where they have hurt people/themselves. It takes them awhile to¬†forgive themselves and others. Then, it’s their choice to either stay in heaven or prepare to be reincarnated for another go-round on Earth. I think the Hell and Damnation idea is just something the church came up with to get people in¬†the pews.¬†FEAR SELLS. Ask any marketer.

How does Doreen deal with accusations that the church is sexist and against gay people? She says the church she goes to, the¬†Episcopalian/Anglican church, isn’t. She explains sexism and homophobia was written into the Bible because it was part of the¬†accepted culture of that time. I just know that the Catholic church is STILL sexist and homophobic and against birth control and against women priests, etc. The Catholic church has had opportunity after opportunity to modernize, and time and time again it refused. I think it will lead to the church’s downfall! I believe¬†part of the New Age movement is to boost the power of women across the globe, including in religion.¬†Go goddesses! And Mother Mary!

Does Doreen Virtue think the End Times may be¬†upon us? YES! This is a common theory in born-again churches, that you must get saved and accept Jesus before you die or before the world ends, whichever comes first. She says in the video that maybe NOW is the End of Days, because of what’s happening in politics with President Trump and Syria and North Korea. Maybe some other New Agers are turning to Jesus out of fear of ¬†World War 3? Will it be a nuclear war? I DO THINK there will be some nukes set off soon. I would guess by North Korea. Or by ISIS or another rebel group with “dirty bombs” that are just thrown together with some nuclear material. But that doesn’t mean the whole planet is going to blow up! Psychics have predicted a no-go zone = a city with too much radiation due to a nuclear explosion. Let’s hope it’s not London or Paris or NYC!

I do give Doreen Virtue props for being honest. She could’ve just retired and taken all the money she’s earned over the years and never told her followers¬†that she doesn’t believe in some of this¬†stuff anymore.

Doreen Virtue Bombshell: Now a Christian promoting Jesus

Yesterday on her HayHouse Radio show, Doreen Virtue announced that she is a newly baptized Christian! She grew up in a Christian church, but never got baptized because that¬†church¬†didn’t do baptisms – only christenings. She goes to church every week in Hawaii and had an intense vision of Jesus in church, prompting her to get baptized. She wants to add¬†more Jesus¬†into her¬†metaphysical work. Not sure if she is part of a “born again” Bible-thumping church or something less strict (she didn’t reveal what denomination of Christianity she joined). She said she’ll still work with angels, but she is going to change what she does to be more Christian and more about Jesus.

Oddly, one of the metaphysical healers¬†I follow on Facebook just became a born-again Christian, also! She¬†stopped doing Tarot card readings. Now, she is¬†posting Bible quotes. Must be something in the air…. Likewise, Doreen said she will not be doing prophecy or making predictions. This affects her weekly and yearly card readings on YouTube.¬†These¬†will be changed to something without predictions –¬†more like inspirational counseling with oracle cards (since she sells Tarot cards herself I think she will keep using them – hers have angels on them and aren’t the traditional deck that people complain is too dark/evil). Doreen will now end her videos with a Bible quote or¬†a story about Jesus, etc. ¬†I thought her predictive card reading for the year of 2017 was really good ;( so I’m surprised she is going to stop doing yearly predictions just when the world is getting really interesting!

I was laughing a bit because Doreen said she tried MANY different¬†churches in Hawaii before finding this unnamed one that she got baptized in. I, too, have tried a lot of Christian churches and haven’t stuck with any of them! All churches have dogma/rules and all seem quite concerned with taking your money/donations, IMO. I think part of the New Age is the church falling in popularity and being abolished.¬†The¬†message Jesus had for people (hidden in the lost books of the Bible) was about ending Jewish traditions and rules and finding God within YOURSELF. Did Jesus start a church during his 30-plus years on Earth? Noooooooooo. I don’t even think the idea that Peter was told to start a church (be the rock) is correct. Psychic Sylvia Browne said this passage in the Bible was actually a diss against Peter, who later betrayed Jesus by pretending not to know him when things got dangerous. “Being the rock” meant being dense, like not too smart or spiritually advanced.

Doreen told listeners she will be changing some of her previously published books and card decks. She mentioned the Archangels and Ascended Masters book (my 2nd favorite book of hers after Divine Magic)! And the card deck that goes with it, Ascended Masters Oracle Cards. She will be taking out some of the deities she wrote about and created cards for. The book and card deck will then be re-issued. So which ascended masters get cut???  I think she will keep all the archangels and saints. She said she will still be promoting angels.

The last time I woke up in the middle of the night, I flipped through¬†Archangels and Ascended Masters¬†and found 2 new guides to follow: Ishtar and Lu-Hsing. Ishtar is a sexy goddess (search for my post about her in the search window) and Lu-Hsing helps you get a new job (if you didn’t see my post, I got on Doreen’s¬†radio show a couple weeks ago and she told me I’d get a new environmental job sooooon! Actually, she said by the end of last month, which didn’t¬†happen, but I understand¬†that psychics¬†aren’t 100 per cent accurate ūüėČ I’m thinking I will get the job by the end of THIS month.) The only god/goddess I would delete is Kali, the destructive Hindu goddess. I’ve never liked the idea of praying/meditating to a destructive force! If she takes out all the non-Christian ones, that’ll be about¬†half the book! I wonder if she will take out Ashtar, the commander of spaceships. He is¬†one of the few alien things she has talked about.

Doreen briefly mentioned fairies and said some are good and some are bad. Uh-oh, maybe some of the Celtic goddesses in Archangels and Ascended Masters¬†will be getting the axe? As a woman, I like that there are goddesses in New Age spirituality¬†ūüôā

Doreen told us¬†she’s made a lot of money for various companies and now she wants to think¬†more about¬†what SHE wants to work on, and not be pushing so much product. So far, she announced a new angel course about the history of angels in the Bible. And she has a new Jesus app for your phone. I’m wondering how much she will change the focus of her work and make it Christian?

To me, promoting Jesus is going backwards. I personally am impressed with¬†Jesus.¬†Growing up Catholic, I though about him a lot. I think he is great as far as his healing abilities and his kindness. I¬†see him as a hippie-like friend, very easygoing and nice, with the 1970s long hair and maybe a kaftan¬†robe with a beaded sandalwood cross necklace. He just oozes¬†a nice friend vibe. Read my mini book on Amazon, What Jesus Wants to Tell Us Today by Ellen Auchter for more of my thoughts on him! But I think there are higher level lights/beings that New Agers can work with. Just last weekend, I took an online webinar by friends of the seer Almine. They said the¬†white light we worked with¬†is HIGHER than the golden light of Jesus. This means it’s vibrating at a higher frequency and is even more powerful! I believe¬†it. I also think some of the Atlantean light/teachings/beings are on a higher level than Jesus (sorry, Jesus!).

What do you think?

Jesus and Mary’s Popularity Boom

I’ve seen a lot more New Agers talking about Jesus lately, and sometimes Mother Mary, too. Why?

Before, metaphysical classes seemed to shun Jesus and Mary as outdated, part of church dogma that they wanted to leave behind. But I think a lot more people are meditating and having experiences with Jesus and Mary. Because both Jesus and Mary lived a life on Earth as a real person, they are more accessible and relatable to us. Some of the New Age ascended masters are hard to get to know, like Lady Nada. She is a powerful woman that some people deify like Mother Mary. But there are only a few (not very good) drawings of her and people differ in what they think her special abilities and qualities are. She seems far away and exotic to me, while Jesus and Mary are more earthbound.

In fact, I think both Jesus and Mary are hovering even¬†closer to Earth now, so people can feel their energy and communicate with them more easily.¬†I predict the Virgin Mary will make more appearances on Earth. She often shows herself during times of war, to inspire people towards peace. Remember that her special color is Rose Pink. If you want to promote peace, envision this color in a huge ball of light surrounding the whole world. Now is the time to do this, with both the US and NATO sending troops to the Russian border for “military exercises.”

I think Jesus wants more people to know He is¬†a compassionate friend. The one word I always associate with Him is “nice.” He’s a nice friend, someone¬†that you can turn to in times of trouble. You can just talk to Him; you don’t need to pray to Him.¬†Read my ebook about him called “What Jesus Wants to Tell Us Today” on Amazon.com. And ask¬†Jesus to shine His¬†healing Golden Rays of Light on you.¬†I think He¬†wants more people to become energy healers (even if you only heal yourself).