Inspiring Poem about a Bird

This poem really fits my mood today! It’s from America’s Favorite Poems and it’s by British poet Thomas Hardy:

The Darkling Thrush (last 2 stanzas – a thrush is a little songbird)

“At once a voice arose among

the bleak twigs overhead

in a full-hearted evensong

of joy illimited;

an aged thrush, frail, gaunt, and small,

in blast-beruffled plume,

had chosen thus to fling his soul

upon the growing gloom.


So little cause for carolings

of such ecstatic sound

was written on terrestrial things

afar or nigh around,

that I could think there trembled through

his happy good-night air

some blessed Hope, whereof he knew

and I was unaware.


Find Peace in your Heart Today

peaceful hearts

How to Make the World More Peaceful

In the aftermath of the Brussels bombings, I am in need of some calm, peaceful energy! To calm myself, I go outside in nature, listen to a meditation CD (today I listened to one about your body elemental and how it helps clear your chakras, by Tanis Helliwell) and every day I also listen to a hypnosis app by Surf City (a bunch of different ones are available in the iPhone App Store). Also, exercise is always good: I do yoga or dance with my Wii Fit. There will be an overwhelming amount of fear coming at us from the media, so don’t listen to too much coverage (instead of watching non-stop TV coverage, I’ll read the The Daily Mail, a UK newspaper online that always has the latest updates). 

Peace in our hearts = more peace worldwide.

Stephen Hawking Movie and Books

I finally watched the movie that did so well at the Oscars, The Theory of Everything. It’s about the famous physicist who is in a wheelchair, Stephen Hawking. I forgot that he has Lou Gehrig’s or ALS. It’s amazing he has survived so long – he is now in his 70s – and he was diagnosed in college. He seems to still have fun, and he didn’t even write his first book until after he’d lost the ability to write and speak (he wrote it using a special computer that registers his eye movements and blinks). If you’ve ever had a serious illness, you’ll identify a lot with his life! Watching it was cathartic, and ultimately inspiring. At one point in the movie, he says everyone has the ability to be successful, no matter what health problems you might have. And he said as long as you are alive, there is hope. He’s interesting because as a scientist, he resists believing in God but when asked directly about it he leaves the door open to the possibility.

I’m really excited to read the book, written by his wife, that the movie was based on: Travelling to Infinity: The True Story Behind The Theory of Everything.

And I ordered My Brief History, his biography (smart title! his most famous book is called “A Brief History of Time”). Looks like it comes with a lot of photos, which will be fun to look at!

I love Stephen’s personality. He is quite zany and really enjoys life!

Life Lessons from Psychic Sylvia Browne

I’m still kind of sad that Sylvia Browne died a couple years ago 😦 I used to watch her on the Montel Show and read all her books at Barnes and Noble! I did buy most of her books, but some of them I re-sold on Amazon, which I’m bummed about now. Lessons for Life is one of her best books! It’s part of a series of books which are all great. I took these notes years ago and wrote them in my journal:

  • all the world’s religions have some merit, but follow them too rigidly and you’ll likely be unhappy due to their dogmatic rules
  • trust your FIRST IMPRESSION of ppl
  • follow your heart; not what other ppl tell you to do
  • think about any negative habits you have, and replace them with a positive habit
  • helping others will bring more love into your life
  • ask ppl directly for help
  • ask ppl directly about how they are feeling
  • think carefully about which ppl make you feel drained and minimize your time with them
  • write down situations in your life that stress you out, and come up with creative solutions to make them less stressful

This is all great advice! If I had followed every word of it every day of my life, I would’ve had much fewer problems!

Inspirational message from businesswoman

Bridge the Gap

“Whether in the classroom, on the playing field or in a conference room, I see it over and over: girls and women who hesitate to act on their expertise, because they aren’t 100% sure they have the right answer, the perfect plan, the exact skill set. It amounts to what has been called a massive Confidence Gap. The gap between what women know and what we are willing to act on. It’s that gap that inhibits us from making our voices heard. It’s that gap that makes us turn away from risk. It’s that gap that prohibits us from turning thought into action. And it is that confidence gap that keeps us from learning all the valuable lessons that can be gained from acting and failing and learning and acting again.

Let’s commit to filling that gap right now. Let’s fill it with encouragement for our daughters to act even as they waver. Let’s fill it with our strong voices as we quash our instinct to stay silent. Let’s fill it with action even in the face of doubt and doubters.”

~Missy Park, founder of clothing store Title Nine

Inspiring Poem by Elizabeth Bishop

Here is a poem from the book I was telling you about, Poems to Read: A New Favorite Poem Project Anthology. Note: a taboret is a stool and Esso is a brand of oil for your car, hirsute means hairy, begonia is a flowering plant and marguerites are a crochet stitch that creates a round star.

Filling Station

Oh, but it’s dirty! -this little filling station, oil-soaked, oil-permeated to a disturbing, over-all black translucency. Be careful with that match! Father wears a dirty, oil-soaked monkey suit that cuts him under the arms, and several quick and saucy and greasy sons assist him (it’s a family filling station), all quite thoroughly dirty. Do they live in the station? It has a cement porch behind the pumps, and on it a set of crushed and grease- impregnated wickerwork; on the wicker sofa a dirty dog, quite comfy. Some comic books provide the only note of color- of certain color. They lie upon a big dim doily draping a taboret (part of the set), beside a big hirsute begonia. Why the extraneous plant? Why the taboret? Why, oh why, the doily? (Embroidered in daisy stitch with marguerites, I think, and heavy with gray crochet.) Somebody embroidered the doily. Somebody waters the plant, or oils it, maybe. Somebody arranges the rows of cans so that they softly say: ESSO – so – so – so to high-strung automobiles. Somebody loves us all.

~Elizabeth Bishop

Excerpt from a book I wrote

Last year, I wrote this short Kindle book titled, “What Jesus Wants to Tell Us Today” with inspirational Bible quotes and short comments & personal life stories from me. Buy it for the Kindle on

Inspirational Message #7: Jars of clay.
Bible story: 2 Corinthians 4:1

I love the jars of clay parable in the Bible. It’s told to us by Apostle Paul. He explains that on the outside, we are like clay jars, formed when God molded us out of mud and breathed life into us. On the inside, we are like treasured keepsakes because inside us we carry the love of God. Our jars (bodies) may get cracked (worn down) by the troubles we face in life, but we cannot be destroyed. We are kept strong by God’s love 🙂

Modern Day Issue #14: The love of money.

Bible quote: “I am bankrupt without love.” 

1 Corinthians 13:3 (in The Message Bible translation)

Do you feel bankrupt if you don’t have: an iPhone, a Chanel purse, yearly vacations in Europe, a designer dog and a McMansion? Or do you feel bankrupt if you don’t have LOVE?