Jesus and Mary’s Popularity Boom

I’ve seen a lot more New Agers talking about Jesus lately, and sometimes Mother Mary, too. Why?

Before, metaphysical classes seemed to shun Jesus and Mary as outdated, part of church dogma that they wanted to leave behind. But I think a lot more people are meditating and having experiences with Jesus and Mary. Because both Jesus and Mary lived a life on Earth as a real person, they are more accessible and relatable to us. Some of the New Age ascended masters are hard to get to know, like Lady Nada. She is a powerful woman that some people deify like Mother Mary. But there are only a few (not very good) drawings of her and people differ in what they think her special abilities and qualities are. She seems far away and exotic to me, while Jesus and Mary are more earthbound.

In fact, I think both Jesus and Mary are hovering even closer to Earth now, so people can feel their energy and communicate with them more easily. I predict the Virgin Mary will make more appearances on Earth. She often shows herself during times of war, to inspire people towards peace. Remember that her special color is Rose Pink. If you want to promote peace, envision this color in a huge ball of light surrounding the whole world. Now is the time to do this, with both the US and NATO sending troops to the Russian border for “military exercises.”

I think Jesus wants more people to know He is a compassionate friend. The one word I always associate with Him is “nice.” He’s a nice friend, someone that you can turn to in times of trouble. You can just talk to Him; you don’t need to pray to Him. Read my ebook about him called “What Jesus Wants to Tell Us Today” on And ask Jesus to shine His healing Golden Rays of Light on you. I think He wants more people to become energy healers (even if you only heal yourself).


Part 6/6 Read the Ending!


The naked girl hurriedly swam back to her underclothes, drying in the sun. She put them on, and grabbed her backpack. Inside is her notebook and pen. She turns to the unicorn, pen in hand, but the unicorn has disappeared! She feels a moment of sadness. The unicorn was SO beautiful, SO sweet, SO smart and SO real! Then she starts writing notes, not wanting to forget a thing.

The girl never forgot the beauty of the unicorn, or its message for her. She vowed to work with healing rainbow energy. 

That girl was me.


P.S. Originally this was going to be a 7-day series, but then I changed it to 6 days and that screwed up the letter-a-day thing. Oops.


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Unicorn approved 😉

Part 5/6


When humans are sick, their bodies are not energized at the right levels, the unicorn explained telepathically. To be healthy, your body needs to glow with energy, like a light bulb. If you have blockages, your energy will get stuck and your light will dim. Blockages could be caused by repressed anger or sadness, hidden fears or worries or traumatic events buried in your past. Blocked energy causes painful stiff joints, chronic fatigue or illness.

“Wow!” said the girl. “How do I get rid of these energy blocks?”

With rainbow light! Imagine each color as a bomb exploding, breaking apart blockages that look like dams or road blocks.

The unicorn tells the girl to write this all down in a notebook so she can remember it forever.

Final part tomorrow!

Part 4/6


The unicorn told the girl that today she’d be gifted with magical abilities. It said every unicorn has a horn made of dazzling white light, and within this white light is a magical rainbow!

“But what do magical rainbows do?” the girl asked the unicorn.

The unicorn explained that rainbows are a magical healing tool. Rainbows display light in every color = atoms vibrating at every energy level visible to the human eye. 

“How is this healing?” the girl asked, perplexed.

Part 5 tomorrow!

Our Lady of Good Remedy

I had never heard of this aspect of Mother Mary until yesterday, when I was searching around the Internet! I was looking at images of religious icons in the Bing search engine, and Our Lady of Good Remedy came up. I wish I had known about her when I was sick!

Our Lady of Good Remedy knows the cure for any illness. And the solution to any problem. She has a traditional novena prayer which you can find online. I re-wrote a super short version for us:

Our Lady of Good Remedy,

you know a cure for every illness

and a solution to every problem.

Please bless me with the answers I am searching for.

In return, I will promote you to others.

Suggestions: tell people about her, display an icon or prayer card of Our Lady of Good Remedy in your home or office (she isn’t very well-known outside of Europe and Latin America, but you can find a few items on from various sellers and on and from an artist on, teach children to pray to her or go to church on her feast day, October 8th

CLICK HERE for printable page of my prayer (pdf file)