Queen of the Fairy Kingdom


I consider Dana (dawn-ya) the Queen of the Fairy Kingdom! She is the Irish queen who created the leprechauns. Like the leprechauns (normal-sized Irishmen made small), she is only 3 feet tall. But she is very powerful! Ask to connect with her during your next meditation šŸ™‚

In other Irish news: Sinn Fein, the political party that wants a united Ireland, won almost half the seats in Parliament! This is a huge victory for them. I personally think we will see a united Ireland in our lifetime ā¤

I feel thatĀ after Queen Elizabeth dies (she’s been having health issues), a new, more modern time will begin, especially onceĀ Prince William takes the throne. Even though they don’t have political power, the royal family is an important symbol of the glory days of the British Empire. Prince William wants to bring the British royal family – kicking and screaming – into modern times, while his dad Prince Charles likely doesn’t. I just saw in a documentary thatĀ Prince CharlesĀ still has servants ironing his shoelaces for him šŸ˜‰ Psychics predict the Queen will die soon, Prince Charles will be king for about 5 years, and then Prince William will take over. As a huge Princess Diana fan, I’m excited to see her son(s) take over!


The Fairy Kingdom

17 days ’til St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m going to post 17 days in a row! I love St. Patrick’s Day and the magic associated with it.

Today’s post is about The Fairy Kingdom. I think Walt Disney usedĀ the best name for this: The Magic Kingdom. I would use that, but it’s copyrighted ;( So, who is in The (magic) Fairy Kingdom?

  • leprechauns
  • fairies
  • gnomes
  • elves
  • trolls
  • unicorns

Some of these are open to interpretation. Some people would not include unicorns and trolls in The Fairy Kingdom, but for these blog posts I’m going to šŸ™‚

I will also talk about St. Brighid and St. Patrick and Dana, the Fairy Queen (sometimes she’s called the Leprechaun Queen). Brighid was originally a Fire Goddess. Patrick likewise has a lot of Celtic and Druid symbols associated with him. He was famous in Ireland long before he became a Catholic saint.