Fairy Card Readings on Etsy

New! My Fairy Card Readings are in my NewAgeStudies Etsy shop.

fairy reading on Etsy

Fairy Reading on Etsy by Ellen

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Cecil the Lion’s Cub Killed by Trophy Hunter


Did you hear that Cecil the Lion’s cub, Xanda, just got killed by a hunter in Africa? The young lion was 6 years old and wearing a radio collar. He lived on the same lion preserve as Cecil did, and he also stepped over the invisible borderline of the park’s boundaries and was killed by a trophy hunter! The hunter likely wanted a lion head to mount on his wall 😦 Too sad. Lion hunting is still a big business in Zimbabwe, Africa. A hunter pays about $50,000 for the permits and a hunting guide. Crazy!

By the way, Donald Trump, Jr. has been photographed with a dead spotted LEOPARD that he killed! And a dead ELEPHANT. Sick.

As we ascend into a higher vibration world, the hurting of animals will stop.

I drew this Cecil the Lion as a tribute to him. Color prints available in my Etsy shop, black cat drawings. And a black-and-white version you can print at home.

My Wax Paintings on Etsy

I am now putting up some of my wax paintings for sale this holiday season! I have a new Etsy shop called Environmental Ellen.

I am not posting so much New Age/metaphysical stuff as I’m looking into moving in 2017 and going to grad school for environmental science 🙂 I will start offering flower readings, though. I thought I could make some good money writing metaphysical books, but it hasn’t materialized…so I am re-thinking my goals for 2017! I also write about politics on my other blog, Putinandotherpolitics.blogspot.com. I am sending out book proposals to write a funny book about Putin and Trump!

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Chakras Map


This is the new map I drew for all 11 chakras. Traditionally, there are 7 chakras but 4 new, higher-level chakras have been discovered! (There are also many minor chakras in your body that not many people talk about, like in the palms of your hands. This is what powers hands-on healings.) My new Chakra Clearing Meditation and Energize your Chakras class will cleanse all 11 chakras 😉 Available soon in my Etsy shop.

Are you a Whale Hybrid?

I have been writing and re-writing and editing my Are You a Whale Hybrid? quiz for days now! I don’t know why I got stuck on this particular quiz. It’s now available in my Etsy shop for $5 (follow link).

You may be a Whale hybrid if you:

  • got teased as the “fat kid” in school
  • hate being alone
  • have deep, thoughtful interests like the mysterious stone temples at Macchu Pichu and how they were built
  • spend a lot of time with your family

This is just a small teaser for my Whale quiz! See more questions on Etsy (the listing includes a screen shot with most of the quiz questions. If you purchase the listing, you get a very helpful info sheet of common life problems and the life mission of Whale hybrids.)

My Etsy Shop!

So, I am starting to fill up my new Etsy shop with things for you to buy! I was on Etsy selling necklaces for years, but decided I was spending too much money on supplies 😉 In the future, I will be making you necklaces with a metaphysical theme, like forest green mix of stones = fairy  necklace and black lava stone necklace = Hawaiian goddess Pele.

For now, you can buy my fairy pottery tray and pencil holder set (love the green color on the tray!), my boho/bohemian basket weave pattern tray and pencil holder set, my angel art (only 1 listed so far!) and my Princess Diana art. Remember, I explained that Princess Diana held a lot of light for the world and that’s why people felt so sad when she died. I believe she had a Mystical Rose symbol in her heart, which carries the immense loving energy of Mother Mary. Search for Princess Diana on this site and you’ll find my podcast about her.

AND I am now uploading to Etsy my Quizzes. These are so fun! Are you part Fairy? Part Angel? Part Wizard? Part Atlantean Magician? Or even part Alien? Find out by downloading and printing the quiz and the FREE BONUS help page. The help page is super important and tells you the life purpose, likely love live problems and common health problems associated with your hybrid or “realm.” I am a certified Realm Reader through angel author Doreen Virtue. I have also read and taken notes on Tanis Halliwell’s book, Hybrids. And I have added my own ideas about the different types of human hybrids on Earth today.

Go to my shop on Etsy, also called New Age Studies: link to my Etsy shop.

My Top Ten Favorite Crystals

These are my favorite crystals to meditate with! I buy most of my crystals on Etsy.com from various sellers (I Love Lotus is a good one, DominicanLounge is where I get my hard-to-find larimar). Another good place is your local psychic fair or store (then you can hold the stone in your hand and see how strong its energy is before you buy it).
1. Lemurian seed crystal = clear quartz point with faint pink lines, connects to ancient lost city of Lemuria, this is my number one favorite crystal – it’s very important to me and seems to hold a lot of wisdom, it’s said the faint pink lines are encoded with information from the Lemurians who, like the Atlanteans who came after them, knew how to program info into a crystal and treated them like mini computers
2. larimar = marbled ocean blue and white (so beautiful and perfectly smooth!), connects to unicorns and dolphins
3. emerald = rough emeralds are emerald green with black, connects to the elemental kingdom (fairies, gnomes, elves, etc. who help the environment), remember if you buy one to charge it only in moonlight, not sunlight
4. aquamarine = see-thru light aqua blue, connects to mermaids
5. selenite = milky white, often sold as towers, buy 2 and place one on each side your bed, connects to protective aliens
6. moldavite = glassy army green with a bumpy surface, connects to aliens (is actually from an asteroid that hit Earth)
7. zincite = fiery red and orange with a bumpy surface, connects to the element of fire, the best for giving you energy! heats up your lower 3 chakras: red, orange and yellow chakras, VERY powerful!
8. kyanite = clear denim blue with some white streaks and black spots (it’s best to buy kyanite as a polished rod – otherwise it’s crumbly with sharp edges), connects you to more energy, gives you a more gentle, balanced boost of energy than the zincite
9. moonstone = white, shimmers at an angle, connects to the energy of the moon (I love the moon!)
10. scolesite = white with lines like feathered angel wings, connects to angels