Video: Boji Stone

Boji Stones = Very Energizing

I bought this new stone during my weekend trip to Flagstaff in northern AZ. It’s a boji ball which is very energized sandstone. You can also buy these in Sedona, which is about one hour south of Flagstaff and has a lot of red rock formations and an intense energy grid. I went to Sedona 2 years ago and the energy there gave me a headache! But it’s supposed to be very healing.


Criss Angel Magic: Believe TV Show

Obviously, I am a huge David Blaine fan and I’m going to his show for my birthday! But I started watching Criss Angel’s latest TV Show called BeLIEve (it’s available on Amazon Fire stick). The name is based on Houdini famously telling his wife to contact him with a psychic medium after his death. He told her a secret word that only they knew. So, if the psychic really contacted him after death, she should listen for this word. The word was “Believe.” But, according to Houdini’s wife, she never found a psychic good enough to tell her this password! Which is weird because I firmly believe in psychics. In fact, that is why I like magic! Some of the magic tricks seemed based on psychic talents. Like the mentalism ones where someone guesses what number you picked or what card you picked.

I think some of the other magic tricks, like levitating and making things disappear/appear, are talents from past lives. Previously, these magicians lived in Atlantis, I think, and gained great psychic abilities. If you don’t know, when Atlantis drowned some of the “black magi” = “magi-cians” moved to Egypt and became super-powerful pharaohs. Thus, there is a correlation between Atlantis and ancient Egypt. No surprise that Criss performs his Vegas show at the Luxor = an Egyptian pyramid-shaped casino!

I hadn’t watched any of Criss Angel’s TV shows since his early MindFreak days. He has gotten A LOT BETTER at levitating! Back in the day, David Blaine did some levitating in his TV show. He sort of fell over in a heap on the ground ;( Criss did some levitating and he didn’t get very far off the ground, either. But now he can basically fly! Supposedly, if you learn to control and direct your energy, you can focus the energy below your feet to create a blast-off effect, like a rocket. It is weird and freaky, but I believe they are both really levitating!

I have read Diana Cooper’s books about Atlantis, and she describes beautiful floating temples. To enter, you’d have to levitate off the ground and fly through the front door! If you weren’t an advanced enough person, you’d be stuck on the ground and unable to enter the esteemed temple.

My favorite trick that I’ve seen Criss Angel do in his TV show is make a stuffed animal come to life. It is so cute!!! If I was magical like him, I’d do cute tricks like this every day <3.

My second favorite trick I’ve seen Criss do on TV is turning on a lightbulb using the electricity from a PERSON! Tell us how to do it, Criss, so we can stop burning coal to power our electric plants! This is similar to Tesla, who said we can get energy freely from the ground or from lightning strikes. There is electricity all around us, if you think about. We just need to know how to harness it and how to safely distribute it. When’s the last time you got zapped by static electricity? It hurt, didn’t it? It was pretty strong electricity! And there is electricity INSIDE OF US, in our hearts which beat from an electrical pulse.

Nature Badge 1: Clover

Get your Nature Badge! Go out and look for a 4-leafed clover in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. I used to look for them in a bunch of clover we had growing in our “lawn” at our cottage in northern Wisconsin. It’s unlikely you will find a 4-leafed clover. As much as I looked, I never found one!

So, just look for a patch of clover. If you can’t find that, just enjoy your grass lawn 🙂 We all spend too much time indoors these days. Nature is very revitalizing!


HEALING HINT: If you feel drained of energy, try going outside and sitting on your lawn in the sun (if possible) for 10 minutes. You will feel like a new person ❤

New! Get Rainbow Energy


get rainbow energy

Get Rainbow Energy

NEW! I am now offering Rainbow Energy! This is great for balancing your chakras and clearing out old emotional issues.

Pay Online with PayPal

CLICK HERE to send $50 to Angels by Ellen using You will receive your energy the same day; if you want to set a particular time so you can lay down and meditate, just write it in the Notes section of PayPal (include your Time Zone – I’m in Mountain). 


Part 5/6


When humans are sick, their bodies are not energized at the right levels, the unicorn explained telepathically. To be healthy, your body needs to glow with energy, like a light bulb. If you have blockages, your energy will get stuck and your light will dim. Blockages could be caused by repressed anger or sadness, hidden fears or worries or traumatic events buried in your past. Blocked energy causes painful stiff joints, chronic fatigue or illness.

“Wow!” said the girl. “How do I get rid of these energy blocks?”

With rainbow light! Imagine each color as a bomb exploding, breaking apart blockages that look like dams or road blocks.

The unicorn tells the girl to write this all down in a notebook so she can remember it forever.

Final part tomorrow!

Christmas Energy


I chose these cards to represent the energy of Christmas! They are from The Secret Language of Color card deck.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam

Silver card = “Be persistent.” Think of a silver Christmas ornament: sparkly and bright and metallic. The message is: Get clear about what you want and go for it!

Emerald green card = “Calm your mind, body and soul.” This is my favorite color and my birthstone! Green = abundance, the nature kingdom, a healthy heart ready to love and releasing the stress of the modern world. Look closely at your green Christmas tree and imagine yourself deep in the forest, surrounded by evergreen trees. Feel calmer?

Pearl card = “Connect to the Divine.” I own many different pearls because I make necklaces. They have a very calm energy. Grown inside oysters, pearls carry the soothing energy of the ocean. Traditionally worn by royalty and brides on their wedding day, pearls symbolize faithfulness and loyalty to your royal subjects, your husband or God. Imagine the “pearly gates of heaven” and reflect on your relationship with God.

Gold card = “Attract abundance.” I have a small collection of pyrite stones (cheap to buy at any crystal shop) which I keep in my prosperity corner (a feng shui thing). Pyrite shines like real gold and attracts money! At Christmas time, you can also display chocolate gold coins or decorate a small tree only in gold ornaments and gold ribbon to bring in more wealth.

Ruby card = “Rejuvenate your body.” The color red is very powerful and stimulating. Red Christmas decorations like poinsettia plants or holly berries (don’t display either of these near pets) add some fire energy to your house, which you need during the cold, sluggish winter! Ruby gemstones boost your confidence and motivate you to succeed. High-quality rubies are expensive, but you can find natural rubies on that are less of a brilliant red but still good. Don’t bother buying imitation stones because they won’t have the same energy. Buy yourself ruby jewelry this Christmas while it’s still on sale!

Chocolate card = “Nourish your body and soul.” I eat a lot of chocolate at Christmas-time! Chocolate has caffeine, plus lots of sugar, and the cocoa beans have some sort of magic which gives you a boost of happiness. As part of your New Year’s resolutions, make a list of other ways to bring sweetness and cheerfulness into your life. And vow to limit sugar the rest of the year. Psychic Sylvia Browne considered sugar the most destructive food for our bodies.

Slow Winter Energy

I picked this card, Rest and Rejuvenation, from my Energy card deck. To me it looks like winter! Now that we have passed December 21, the Winter Solstice, the slow energy of winter is here. The message of this card is to spend time resting. Slow down your energy to match the season. Snuggle under a blanket and watch a movie, do easy yoga at home or cook and bake.

Sedona Red Rocks

I bought these crystals in Sedona, AZ, last week. I went to 4 crystal shops. My favorite was Crystal Vortex, #300 State HWY 89a. I got 4 different kinds of stones there: Lemurian seed crystal, tektite (meteorite), Sedona red rock and a hematite egg (I didn’t take a photo of this one). At a different store I got a pyrite heart 🙂 I love all my new crystals!

Day 4: Energy Chews

To celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m going to post 7 Days of Thankfulness! Since I’m a bit of a foodie, each day will be a food post.

I love these energy chews! I’ve been buying them for several years now. Out of all the energy products I’ve bought (a lot, since I’ve suffered from chronic fatigue), this is one that actually works! Originally, it was promoted by disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, as a way to recover after a hard workout. But he’s been erased from the company. I notice the current packaging says the chews are good when recovering from chemo treatments (Lance Armstrong had cancer). The text no longer talks about the benefits of vitamin B (the chew has lots of vitamin B) but now touts quercetin, an antioxidant. I think this may be the secret ingredient which makes these energy chews work! I used to buy them at my local GNC health supplement store, but they stopped carrying them. So last time I went there I bought a GNC store brand chew which the sales lady said would be the same thing….immediately when I got home and looked at the packaging I could tell it WOULD NOT be the same thing as the chews only had vitamin B. They didn’t work and they tasted horrible!


So now I order a few packages of FRS chews from their online store. The FRS chews are a bit pricey ($20 for a small bag), but worth it! My favorite flavors are pineapple mango and pomegranate blueberry. The chews taste pretty good – not as good as a Starburst candy. I chew 2 a day, especially if I’m overtired. The chews are gluten free. FRS also sells drinks and drink powders – my local GNC store still sells these.

Sunshine Yellow Chakra – Jesus

I am adding my own twist to the traditional chakra system! Now we’ll look at the yellow chakra, under your ribs.

YELLOW chakra
under your ribs
lit up by JESUS
for energy, being happy, believing in yourself

Jesus was one of the greatest lights ever seen in the world. He also famously said, “Don’t hide your light under a bushel basket.” The yellow light in your middle chakra is all about being a light for others. First, you need to love and believe in yourself in order to be a bright, happy person. Then you can lead others to the light (Jesus and God) by example. Another important aspect of the yellow chakra is it gives you energy! It is like a mini sun. Think of the bright summer sun (go outside and sit in the sun for a minute if you can) and feel energized by its hot rays.

©Ellen Auchter 2015