Learn Tarot: The Indigo Card

Did you know the Tarot deck has an indigo card? Indigos are a new breed of person that is on Earth to shake things up! They are activists and politicians. The opposite of a shrinking violet, indigos are bold and energetic and ready to fight for change. Think of the tip of a sharp spear or Sword. They may ruffle some feathers along the way.* Paris Jackson seems like an indigo to me. Not only does she dress very bohemian, but she also talks about causes like the Dakota Access Pipeline. Another Indigo is Adam Rippon, the flamboyant gay activist from the Olympics who took on President Trump and Vice President Trump for not being gay-friendly. He also skated a beautiful, artsy routine about a wounded peacock (his shirt was ombre teal and white with lots of sparkles, like a peacock wing).

Princess of Winter/chilly Air/sharp Swords

Tarot hint: to remember that Winter is also Air, I always write down “chilly Air.”

Princess = Page = Messenger

*In the Animal Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, the indigo card is a seagull.


James van Praagh Live

James van Praagh is coming to Denver later this month! I keep looking at his JVP website page where he is selling tickets, but I haven’t bought any yet.

I like his other website a lot, School of Mystical Arts. So far, I’ve only taken some of the cheaper meditation classes but I’ve enjoyed all of them! He now has a healer certification course, which I would LOVE to do, but it’s like $750 😦 And he said that’s an introductory price and it’ll be going up once the kinks are worked out.

It really bums me out that healer certifications cost so much. The most expensive one I ever looked into was Donna Eden’s tapping certification: $8,000 if I remember correctly!

I am debating between $40 for a 1-hour workshop with JVP or $100 for an all-day workshop. I get overwhelmed with other people’s energy in big crowds (especially crowds of psychics/sensitive people), so part of me doesn’t want to go at all! But I would like to be getting out more and doing fun things…. I also get a bit edgy and stressed in traffic, and Denver has horrible traffic. Problems of a highly sensitive person!