Jesus and the Clay Pots

All of this talk about Jesus has me thinking about the Bible! What is your favorite parable (story that tells a life lesson) in the Bible?

Mine is Clay Pots! Basically, the Clay Pot is like the body of a person. Plain, brown, nothing special. What’s special is what’s INSIDE = the love of God. If we fill our Clay Pot/body with the glowing love and light of God, Jesus promises we will be unbreakable.

Here’s part of the Clay Pots parable from 2 Corinthians 4:7:

“We are often troubled, but not crushed;

sometimes in doubt, but never in despair….

And, though badly hurt at times,

we are not destroyed.”

(I used Today’s English version of the Bible.)

Think about this during your day today, and FEEL UNBREAKABLE!


Easter Colors

color cards in Easter colors

These cards are from Secret Language of Color Card deck.

Once again, I chose a set of color cards to represent this special holiday, Easter! Let’s see what the guidebook tells us these colors mean.

Lemon = “Access innovative thinking.” Lemon has a snappy vibe, like a crisp, clean sheet or a sour glass of lemonade. It energizes your brain! Add some upbeat lemon energy to your home by spritzing rooms with lemon water (I buy AuraCacia brand aromatherapy oils like Lemon and add a few drops to a small spray bottle of water.).

Violet = “Create a balanced life.” Violet is the highest of the 7 main chakras. It’s at the top of your head and connects you with mystical knowledge. Still, it’s important to balance your high level energies with your lower energies, like your lowest 3 chakras: red, orange and yellow which oversee basic facts of life like digestion and personal security. Also, reminds me of my grandpa who grew gorgeous African violets in his basement.

Lilac = “Strengthen your faith.” Perfect message for Easter! Lilac purple has such a beautiful, gentle energy. When I was growing up, our neighbors’ had a lilac bush on the edge of our yard. I still remember it fondly!

Pink = “Let love in.” I love this tulip photo! The guidebook says imagine a beautiful flower like this and feel the love and sweetness of this flower in your heart. Awww!

Green = “Revitalize your nervous system.” Green is the color of healing. Say, “I release stress and frustration and anger from my heart,” to cleanse and heal it.

White = “Lighten up.” White is a super spiritual color, like angels, the Dove of Peace, church candles, etc. It is also powerful, like the white light of God. Lighten your load by imagining a big white light shining on your body, releasing all negativity.

I hope you enjoyed these mini-meditations!

Hoppy Easter!

For adorable bunny photos, I recommend the blog Kookie the BunBun (bunbun being an Australian term for bunny). She is also Instagram user @kookiethebunbun. And don’t forget Jesus on this day of Easter bunnies and chocolate! He was an amazing light in this world and an amazing healer (Did you know the halo drawn around Jesus’ head represents the light of God He was filled with, so much so that He was glowing?).