October Diary Entry

(These monthly diary entries are about my personal life.) I wrote this one in October, but never published it! So it’s being published in November.

I checked out Ojai, California, as possible place to live. I’m looking for someplace with a metaphysical vibe, intelligent people (to date!) and, of course, good weather. Ojai is only 1.25 hours outside of Los Angeles (like the Burbank/Hollywood area), but to get there you take a scary windy road (HWY 150). I didn’t enjoy this at all! Also, it seems like you are much farther away from Los Angeles, and all the hustle and bustle and excitement. It’s actually in an agricultural area full of almond and avocado orchards. It’s more in tune with the migrant Mexican farm workers than the Hollywood hipsters! So, I am not moving there.

Next on my list of cities to visit: Boulder, Colorado. Luckily, I live close enough to just drive and make it a quick day trip ūüôā

I also flew to Vegas this month to attend the Trivedi¬†retreat. Trivedi is an Indian man who offers energy transmissions. You can check out his website, Trivedi Master Wellness. He does about 1 free online event (2-3 hour webinar with an energy transmission at the end) per month. Once a year, he has this live event in Las Vegas. Last year, I went but only for 1/2 day. I was still really exhausted and sick with fibromyalgia and I couldn’t do an overnight trip. So, I can see how much progress I’ve made in the last year! I was able to fly out there (2 flights), do a whole day of events in a hotel conference center (didn’t end until 8PM), stay overnight in a hotel room (I am a notoriously bad sleeper, but luckily I slept very well), and do another 1/2 day in the conference center until going back to the airport and flying home! Mostly I credit healing energy transmissions like the ones I get from Trivedi and from other energy healers like Kimberly Dawn (her energy is from St. Michael and John of God, the Brazilian healer) and my IET mentor, Patricia Ametherea. Changing my diet has helped me a lot, too: I’m mostly gluten-free, mostly vegetarian, low dairy and low sugar.

My favorite things this month:
Vladimir Putin I am currently researching him online and reading some books about him. He is fascinating Рvery intelligent! He knows English and is Christian (Russian Orthodox church) and loves animals (that famous photo of him crouching next to a Siberian tiger is actually him helping save the endangered species Рhe tranquilized it so researchers could take notes). Some New Agers talk about the New World Order, which is supposed to be a group of advanced politicians (this is a positive vision of the future Рsome NWO theories are dark). President Obama is supposed to be one of these advanced leaders, as is Prime Minister Putin.

Tapas snack box on United airlines I really like that United is now selling snacks on flights over 2 hours long. They sell two vegetarian snack boxes: tapas and hummus. The hummus is honestly a little gross. It has an off taste to me (I’ve eaten it 3 times). I think hummus should be very garlicky, but this isn’t. The tapas box does include a little container of hummus and a small bag of olives (I don’t like olives) but everything else in it is excellent! I love love love the peppercorn cheese dip and I also like the bruschetta dip, like a tomato salsa. Plus you get dessert in the form of a small bag of chocolate-covered acai blueberries ūüôā

Chocolate Pu’erh Tea by Numi¬†Did you know that chocolate tea even existed? I didn’t, until I saw this at my health food store, Natural Grocers in Colorado (part of Vitamin Cottage). So good! It doesn’t have a sweet chocolate flavor, but more of an unsweetened cocoa powder flavor (the kind you bake with). I still add¬†sweetener to it (I gave up sugar – again – so I use agave syrup) and a touch of milk. I also hadn’t heard of pu’erh tea before. It’s from China and is supposed to be good for you since the leaves are fermented = more antioxidants. Has some caffeine.


Aura Cacia Shower¬†Tablets¬†(Click here to see the Reviving Peppermint ones on auracacia.com) These are like bath bombs, only you use them in the shower. I bought the peppermint ones at Whole Foods last winter when I had a stuffy nose, and it really helped! Plus it’s invigorating and wakes you up in the morning, which I need when the weather is cold and dreary.


September Diary Entry

(These monthly diary entries are about my personal life.)

I have been wanting to move back to Hollywood, California, ever since I got sick 15 years ago and moved! I had chronic pain and fatigue (fibromyalgia?) and I couldn’t walk up the steps to my second-floor apartment any longer. I thought I would move to a smaller, less hectic town to recuperate and then I’d move back. I figured in 1 to 2 years medical researchers would discover the cause and cure for fibromyalgia, and they still have no idea!

What also sucks is the Hollywood apartment that I rented for $735 in 2000 now rents for $2,000 a month! And it’s a one bedroom! I am flying to Hollywood next week to check out my old neighborhood (3rd and Fairfax). Hoping and praying to move back to the Hollywood area before the end of the year. Will also¬†be checking out¬†Ojai in northern Ventura County.¬†It’s¬†famous for its metaphysical and spiritual vibe.

My favorite things this month:
Ladies of London Season 2 (available on Amazon prime for the Kindle) Team Caroline!
Game of Thrones¬†Season 5 (ditto) I binge-watched the whole season, and now it’s over ūüė¶
David Blaine His TV shows and specials are now available on iTunes. I bought 2 seasons to watch on my phone, but it only downloads episode 1 for you after your payment goes thru….does anyone know how to download the other episodes? I can’t find a link anywhere.
Starbucks new peanut butter and jelly bistro box (see photo and info on my Instagram account: new_age_studies)
Starbucks pumpkin spice latte
Doug’s Nuts¬†I bought the Original Blend¬†at my local health food store.¬†Great flavor (a bit sweet with maple syrup and vanilla). Cute directions on the bag:¬†“Pour nuts into hand. Transfer to mouth. Chew, swallow, make happy noises.”