Chakras Map


This is the new map I drew for all 11 chakras. Traditionally, there are 7 chakras but 4 new, higher-level chakras have been discovered! (There are also many minor chakras in your body that not many people talk about, like in the palms of your hands. This is what powers hands-on healings.) My new Chakra Clearing Meditation and Energize your Chakras class will cleanse all 11 chakras ūüėČ Available soon in my Etsy shop.


New! Get Rainbow Energy


get rainbow energy

Get Rainbow Energy

NEW! I am now offering Rainbow Energy! This is great for balancing your chakras and clearing out old emotional issues.

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U is for Unicorns

U is for Unicorns

What are Unicorns?

Unicorns are ascended horses. This means they are very spiritual and pure. A symbol of their spiritual nature is that unicorns are¬†always white. They are¬†drawn with a horn, usually either gold or silver or white. However, New Agers believe this horn is not a horn but rather a spiral of energy! Unicorns are gifted with a rainbow of energy. This is very special because the rainbow includes every color ray: red ray, orange ray, yellow ray, green ray, blue ray,¬†indigo ray and violet ray. If you know the chakra system, you’ll realize that these rays are the same colors as the 7 main chakras! That is no accident. These colored rays of light are important for healing. Since the unicorns are able to shower us with rainbow light, they are master healers!

Are Unicorns Real?

Yes, unicorns really exist! They live on a higher dimensional plane than we do. Their energy is vibrates at a faster rate. They are closer to God than normal horses and people. Some people can reach the higher dimensions and see the unicorns. That is why there are drawings of what unicorns look like. 

A Unicorn Blessing

Dear Unicorns,

I believe in you! Please, bless me with your magical rainbow of light.

I ask you to point your unicorn “horns” at me. Create a rainbow of 7 color rays and direct it towards me. I know this magical rainbow can balance my energy by brightening my chakras.

Also, the next time I am eating or drinking, I ask you to purify my food/drink with this same rainbow of light. This will raise its vibration from the low, earthly level.

Thank you, unicorns!

CLICK HERE to download this blessing as a pdf file for printing.


Transformative Violet Chakra – St. Germain

I am adding my own twist to the traditional chakra system! Today is the last of the 7 main chakras: the crown chakra.

at the top of your head
lit up by ST. GERMAIN
for clearing toxic, dark energy out of your body

St. Germain is famous for his Violet Flame, which transforms toxic, dark energy into clear white light. Every day, ask for the Violet Flame to wash over your body. It will remove any negative energies that have stuck to you, like angry or depressive thoughts. If you are a very sensitive person (an empath), you are likely picking up other people’s bad energy. For example, if your co-worker gripes about their boyfriend and tells you a long, anguished story about their relationship, her frustration and unhappiness can rub off on you – literally! These negative emotions form a black blob in her energy field. You may (unconsciously) want to be a nice person and help your co-worker by lightening her mood. Now, the dark energy is stuck to you! You need to cleanse your energetic field or aura to get rid of it. Besides washing off your aura with the Violet Flame, you can say “I am me and only me.” This means you are only accepting the energies that are yours into your energy field. These energy mix-ups are a major cause of anxiety, depression and fatigue! They can even lead to illness, so cleanse every day.

©Ellen Auchter 2015

UPDATE: If you liked my original chakra and guides info, you can now get 2 different printable versions of all 7 chakras:

CLICK HERE for the whole text (pdf file, 4 pages)

CLICK HERE for a shortened version on 1 page (pdf file)

Compassionate Heart Chakra – Mother Mary

I am adding my own twist to the traditional chakra system!

your heart
lit up by MOTHER MARY
for loving yourself and others

Mary’s colors are pale pink, pale blue and white. Her symbol is the white rose. Display a white rose somewhere in your house, like on a nightstand by your bed or in your meditation space. An easy way to do this is to buy a Catholic prayer card featuring the Virgin Mary or buy a flower oracle deck (I have the Flower Therapy cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves and one card is a gorgeous white rose). Another way to bring Mother Mary’s energy into your home is to spritz rose essential oil or perfume. Or you can collect rose quartz, an inexpensive but very pretty pale pink crystal (buy at a local metaphysical store, or online on from various sellers such as ILoveLotus).

©Ellen Auchter 2015

Sunshine Yellow Chakra – Jesus

I am adding my own twist to the traditional chakra system! Now we’ll look at the yellow¬†chakra,¬†under your ribs.

YELLOW chakra
under your ribs
lit up by JESUS
for energy, being happy, believing in yourself

Jesus was one of the greatest lights ever seen in the world. He also famously said, “Don’t hide your light under a bushel basket.” The yellow light in your middle chakra is all about being a light for others. First, you need to love and believe in yourself in order to be a bright, happy person. Then you can lead others to the light (Jesus and God) by example. Another important aspect of the yellow chakra is it gives you energy! It is like a mini sun. Think of the bright summer sun (go outside and sit in the sun for a minute if you can) and feel energized by its hot rays.

©Ellen Auchter 2015

Holy Orange Chakra – Buddha

I am adding my own twist to the traditional chakra system! Today is the orange chakra.

near your belly button
lit up by BUDDHA
for expressing your life purpose, being creative, sexual energy

Saffron or dark orange robes are a symbol of holy men, worn by Buddhist monks.¬†This is what made me think of correlating Buddha to the orange chakra (shock-rah). Monks dedicate their life to God, an example of living your true life purpose. To brighten your orange chakra (colored energy wheel), meditate in front of a Buddha statue (buy one at Tibetan shops or metaphysical stores). Ask Buddha to reveal your life purpose to you, if you aren’t sure what it is. And ask him to strengthen your orange chakra. If you feel weak in this area, you can remind yourself to strengthen this color by wearing orange clothes or accessories like a scarf or even orange or bergamot perfume.

©Ellen Auchter 2015

Fire Red Chakra – Dragons

I am adding my own twist to the traditional chakra system! First up is the red chakra, at the base of your spine (by your butt).

FIRE RED chakra
at the base of your spine (by your butt)
lit up by DRAGONS
for passion, inner drive to succeed, financial and physical security

Imagine a bright red light or fire radiating out from the base of your spine. It should be a strong, clear red color. See it emerging from your back as well as your front. Remember, the chakras are spinning wheels of light that energize your body (started as an ancient Hindu and Buddhist belief in India). Ask for a dragon to work with you and see it blowing fire into your chakra.

©Ellen Auchter 2015

Mantras for each Chakra

This is so easy to do! Each chakra has its own mantra or chant. By saying it, you can clear out your chakras, which are colored energy centers which get clogged with bad energy. I’m working on clearing and strengthening my lower 3 chakras: red/root and orange/sacral and yellow/solar. A shaman told me to use “rahm” (spelled “ram” but I’ll use the phonetic spellings so you know how to say them) to clear out my yellow chakra. A bright yellow chakra should be empowering and help with digestive problems. I’ve now learned the mantras for the other 2 lower chakras: vahm for orange/sacral (sexuality and creativity and how you feel about yourself) and lahm for red/root (security, both financial and physical). They are pretty easy to remember. Try to learn them by memorizing which color chakra each works with. The others are: yahm for heart, hoom for throat and ohm for your 3rd eye. The crown chakra doesn’t have a mantra. Remember, you can say them silently in your head but they are 80 per cent more powerful if spoken or sung out loud!

OHM – dark indigo blue – 3rd eye
HOOM – electric blue – throat
YAHM – green and pink – heart
RAHM – yellow – solar plexus
VAHM – orange – sacral
LAHM – red – root

4 New Chakras

As we are ascending from the current 3rd dimension to the 4th and then the 5th dimension (the energy level Atlantis was on), our chakras are changing. We are adding 4 new chakras, plus our current chakras are being updated with new colors. New Agers don’t agree on the new colors, so I won‚Äôt go into that. But here are the 4 new chakras:
1. above your head = Steller Gateway, metallic gold, overseen by Metatron and Serafina (she is the female half of Seraphiel who rules the seraphim, the powerful angels with 6 wings), you receive communication directly from God here
2. just slightly above your head = Soul Star, magenta pink, overseen by Archangels Mariel and Zadkiel, you come to understand your soul’s mission on Earth from communications here
3. off to the side of your head = Causal Chakra, white, overseen by Archangel Christiel, you receive communication from the angels and the unicorns here (I love unicorns!)
4. far below your feet, deep in Mother Earth = Earth Star, mix of black, grey and white, overseen by Archangel Sandalphon, very important chakra as it grounds you – you will need a lot of grounding to be balanced while you ascend higher