Cecil the Lion’s Cub Killed by Trophy Hunter


Did you hear that Cecil the Lion’s cub, Xanda, just got killed by a hunter in Africa? The young lion was 6 years old and wearing a radio collar. He lived on the same lion preserve as Cecil did, and he also stepped over the invisible borderline of the park’s boundaries and was killed by a trophy hunter! The hunter likely wanted a lion head to mount on his wall 😦 Too sad. Lion hunting is still a big business in Zimbabwe, Africa. A hunter pays about $50,000 for the permits and a hunting guide. Crazy!

By the way, Donald Trump, Jr. has been photographed with a dead spotted LEOPARD that he killed! And a dead ELEPHANT. Sick.

As we ascend into a higher vibration world, the hurting of animals will stop.

I drew this Cecil the Lion as a tribute to him. Color prints available in my Etsy shop, black cat drawings. And a black-and-white version you can print at home.


Heartbroken over Cecil the Lion

If you don’t know, Cecil was a popular tourist attraction at a preserve in Zimbabwe, Africa. He was illegally lured off the safe preserve and onto neighboring farmland by a hunting company. They tied meat to the back of a truck and led the lion out of safety. They had been paid $40,000 by a trophy hunter who has now been outed as a Minnesota dentist. He shot Cecil, who became famous for his beautiful and unusual mane – the edge of his mane was black fur whereas normally it’s brown – with a bow and arrow. Sadly, Cecil didn’t die for almost 2 more days! Awful to think about. The group of hunters and guides pursued him through the brush for 40 hours until they found him, bleeding but still alive. The trophy hunter then shot him. 😦 So sad. His head was cut off his body (to be hung on the hunter’s wall, no doubt) and he was skinned for his pelt. Reports are the rest of Cecil’s body was left behind.

Cecil the Lion photo

This is a photo of Cecil the lion, while he was still alive and living on the safe game preserve. It was taken by someone on a photo safari (see info under photo).

What can we do to end this? Today I watched World News Tonight with David Muir, and he’s asking for people to tweet him directly, and the show, with comments. They’ll see how popular this story is and judge how much coverage they should give it, plus use some of the comments on air. Go to Twitter, use #CeciltheLion as the topic of your comment, and send it to @WNTonight and @DavidMuir. I think this is a great way to speak up! Also, leave comments on all the Facebook posts (one I’ve been following is LionWhispererSA) and all the newspaper stories online. This is a great way to honor Cecil’s memory!

And pray for a world in the New Age where animals are not treated this way. All animals are SO intelligent and SO caring, just like your dog or cat at home. Don’t we all know this by now??? It’s time for the world to change, and we can change it.