Kitty Cat Emergency

This little cutie is in the vet hospital with pneumonia!

This is my Maine Coon cat, Coconut. She was coughing (looks more like throwing up a hairball when cats do it) and sneezing once in awhile. Then she got shortness of breath (I saw her chest heaving and she was unusually tired). Just as I was deciding to take her into the vet again the next day (it was after hours), she started SCREAMING! It was horrifying. I drove her to the vet emergency room with my neighbor and we both thought she was going to die 😦

She is being treated with oxygen and antibiotics and is getting better! She might be home from the kitty cat ICU tomorrow or the next day. THANK GOD. She is my best friend. I have her sister, too, whose name is Licorice. Licorice is very magical and likes to hide in her “lair” (the walk-in closet). She will only let you see her if she deems you worthy (she hides from my pet sitter, even if I’m gone for a week). Coconut loves meeting new people and going for walks on a leash. She is very dog-like for a cat! She meows a lot and I love “talking” with her.


The vet still can’t figure out why she was screaming so loud. Maybe it was her way of saying, “Don’t wait ’til tomorrow to take me to the vet! TAKE ME NOWWWWWW!” My point is: animals DO COMMUNICATE with us! Not usually so loudly and dramatically as my Coconut. But do listen. This includes wild animals like birds.

Say a little prayer for ALL the cats in the whole world…especially the African lions who are so endangered now. Tomorrow is the anniversary for CECIL THE LION.

UPDATE: Coconut is home from the vet hospital ❤


Tarot Card for 2016

cat Tarot card 2of Fire

I picked this tarot card for 2016! It’s from the Tales of the Mystical Cats Tarot deck. The cat is from the Fire Clan (these cards are a little different in that the cats have clans instead of the traditional minor arcana). This fits 2016 because it’s the Year of the Fire Monkey! I’ll write a post about that later. So think of fire: active, passionate, “fire in the belly,” excited for new adventures. This is the 2 of Fire card so the fire and action is tempered a bit. 

Our fire cat waits on the threshold, not ready to take action yet. The 2 candles in the foreground symbolize meditating to me. Now is the perfect time to meditate and visualize what you want for the new year! Write down a course of action, but don’t do it yet. Now is the time to think things over carefully (I’m not always so good at doing this!). As the saying goes, “Look before you leap.” I am planning on moving in 2016, but this time I am considering all my options and giving myself time to contemplate them. I want a bigger city, with fashionable people, free-thinkers, and less of a winter. Plus horses, metaphysical groups, nature trails….