Tarot Card for 2016

cat Tarot card 2of Fire

I picked this tarot card for 2016! It’s from the Tales of the Mystical Cats Tarot deck. The cat is from the Fire Clan (these cards are a little different in that the cats have clans instead of the traditional minor arcana). This fits 2016 because it’s the Year of the Fire Monkey! I’ll write a post about that later. So think of fire: active, passionate, “fire in the belly,” excited for new adventures. This is the 2 of Fire card so the fire and action is tempered a bit. 

Our fire cat waits on the threshold, not ready to take action yet. The 2 candles in the foreground symbolize meditating to me. Now is the perfect time to meditate and visualize what you want for the new year! Write down a course of action, but don’t do it yet. Now is the time to think things over carefully (I’m not always so good at doing this!). As the saying goes, “Look before you leap.” I am planning on moving in 2016, but this time I am considering all my options and giving myself time to contemplate them. I want a bigger city, with fashionable people, free-thinkers, and less of a winter. Plus horses, metaphysical groups, nature trails….