Do you have trouble fitting into this world?

You may be only half human!

Did you know there are human – elemental hybrids? You may be half leprechaun!

Take my quiz and find out!

You may be part lucky leprechaun if you:

  • look Irish with red hair and freckles
  • love playing pranks on people to make them laugh
  • celebrate St. Patty’s Day with lots of drinking and dancing on tables

The whole first page lists common characteristics of leprechaun hybrids. The second page tells you what careers are good for leprechauns. Plus common life problems (I’ll tell you one for free: too much partying -> rehab).

Order easily with this PayPal link. You get 2 pages to read/print out, sent to your PayPal email address.


Chakras Map


This is the new map I drew for all 11 chakras. Traditionally, there are 7 chakras but 4 new, higher-level chakras have been discovered! (There are also many minor chakras in your body that not many people talk about, like in the palms of your hands. This is what powers hands-on healings.) My new Chakra Clearing Meditation and Energize your Chakras class will cleanse all 11 chakras 😉 Available soon in my Etsy shop.

My Etsy Shop!

So, I am starting to fill up my new Etsy shop with things for you to buy! I was on Etsy selling necklaces for years, but decided I was spending too much money on supplies 😉 In the future, I will be making you necklaces with a metaphysical theme, like forest green mix of stones = fairy  necklace and black lava stone necklace = Hawaiian goddess Pele.

For now, you can buy my fairy pottery tray and pencil holder set (love the green color on the tray!), my boho/bohemian basket weave pattern tray and pencil holder set, my angel art (only 1 listed so far!) and my Princess Diana art. Remember, I explained that Princess Diana held a lot of light for the world and that’s why people felt so sad when she died. I believe she had a Mystical Rose symbol in her heart, which carries the immense loving energy of Mother Mary. Search for Princess Diana on this site and you’ll find my podcast about her.

AND I am now uploading to Etsy my Quizzes. These are so fun! Are you part Fairy? Part Angel? Part Wizard? Part Atlantean Magician? Or even part Alien? Find out by downloading and printing the quiz and the FREE BONUS help page. The help page is super important and tells you the life purpose, likely love live problems and common health problems associated with your hybrid or “realm.” I am a certified Realm Reader through angel author Doreen Virtue. I have also read and taken notes on Tanis Halliwell’s book, Hybrids. And I have added my own ideas about the different types of human hybrids on Earth today.

Go to my shop on Etsy, also called New Age Studies: link to my Etsy shop.

New Doreen Virtue Cards about Jesus

This blog is about the fairies, but I want to post about the new Doreen Virtue card deck I got in the mail today! I pre-ordered it from Amazon, so it just came out. It’s called Loving Words from Jesus and features Bible quotes and traditional Jesus artwork. (Part of me likes traditional Jesus artwork, and part of me doesn’t.) The quotes are from the King James Bible so some of the words end in -eth, yet “thee” and “thou” have been changed to “you” and “your.” (I like the old-fashioned wording.) On an extra card that comes in the deck, Doreen says she grew up reading the King James Bible, so she wanted to do a deck with quotes from it.

The artist is Greg Olsen. He does a lot of art for the Mormon church.  Most of the Jesus art is photo realistic; a few have the dream-like blurred look of the 3rd card. All of the card art is done by the same artist (yay! I hate when the cards don’t match.). The cards have gold edges.

(CLICK on the photo collage below to see zoomed-in images of each card.)

Mary only appears in one card, a nativity scene card ;( There is no crucifixion card (might have been good for Easter, although I believe that Jesus was rescued off the cross and survived, like in the Da Vinci Code).

I appreciate that Doreen is promoting Jesus (a lot of New Agers ignore Him or rename Him Sananda). I would like it even better if, as a psychic, she got new messages from Jesus and updated the sometimes misquoted and misleading traditional Bible quotes. Psychic Sylvia Browne (my favorite psychic! RIP) wrote a book like this called The Mystical Life of Jesus: An Uncommon Perspective on the Life of Christ. Worth buying!

I think this card deck would be a great Easter gift, especially for young kids who could be prompted to ask questions about Jesus and His message. It’s not a traditional oracle card deck, so it might be difficult to do card readings with but Doreen writes that you can pull one card for yourself and figure out what it means for you. You could also buy an extra deck and then give out 1 card at a time, like Catholic prayer cards, by tucking it into a book or a card you’re gifting.

Day 4: Energy Chews

To celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m going to post 7 Days of Thankfulness! Since I’m a bit of a foodie, each day will be a food post.

I love these energy chews! I’ve been buying them for several years now. Out of all the energy products I’ve bought (a lot, since I’ve suffered from chronic fatigue), this is one that actually works! Originally, it was promoted by disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, as a way to recover after a hard workout. But he’s been erased from the company. I notice the current packaging says the chews are good when recovering from chemo treatments (Lance Armstrong had cancer). The text no longer talks about the benefits of vitamin B (the chew has lots of vitamin B) but now touts quercetin, an antioxidant. I think this may be the secret ingredient which makes these energy chews work! I used to buy them at my local GNC health supplement store, but they stopped carrying them. So last time I went there I bought a GNC store brand chew which the sales lady said would be the same thing….immediately when I got home and looked at the packaging I could tell it WOULD NOT be the same thing as the chews only had vitamin B. They didn’t work and they tasted horrible!


So now I order a few packages of FRS chews from their online store. The FRS chews are a bit pricey ($20 for a small bag), but worth it! My favorite flavors are pineapple mango and pomegranate blueberry. The chews taste pretty good – not as good as a Starburst candy. I chew 2 a day, especially if I’m overtired. The chews are gluten free. FRS also sells drinks and drink powders – my local GNC store still sells these.

Day 3: Snacks by Mail

To celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m going to post 7 Days of Thankfulness! Since I’m a bit of a foodie, each day will be a food post.

I’m always suspicious of those monthly subscription programs that send you stuff, but I signed up with Graze about 6 months ago and I love it! It’s really affordable. I pay $7 for 4 small snacks, delivered twice a month. The snacks look small, but each item is packed with flavor! And I find the dried fruit snacks last me a long time. You can add them to oatmeal or a smoothie. The flavors can be a bit intense for eating straight from the container.

I haven’t gotten anything I really didn’t like, but every time you get a box the company emails you to see if you liked it. You can log into the Graze website and rate each item: love it, like it, trash it. You can also trash items you haven’t received yet and don’t want to try. Since I’m mostly gluten-free, I went through each item they sell and trashed everything like pretzel mixes and crackers before I even got my first box. It takes a bit of time to do this, since they offer tons of different snacks! I noticed the website now has a “food preferences” option where you can click boxes like gluten, nuts, dairy, vegan and vegetarian to more quickly trash items.


My ultimate favorites are any of the oat flapjack snacks – like a soft, sweet oatmeal bar. Nummy! Sometimes the snacks come with a tiny bit of dipping sauce. Fun! My other favorites are the individual microwave popcorn bags. Again, the sizes are small, but it’s “snack size.” The 4-snack box I get fits in my small community mail box and its delivered by the mailman. The other option is 8 snacks. You can also buy extra boxes to send to friends as a gift. And if you’re going on vacation, you can stop a box from shipping. The website makes everything very easy, and the company focuses on healthy snacks. Check out the Graze.com website. Love it!

Mantra for Ganesh

Ganesh is the Hindu god who looks like an elephant. I have a few images of him in my meditation corner which I got from a local Tibetan store. Along with Lakshmi, he is one of the Hindu gods I pray to. He is great at breaking down obstacles to success. Imagine him, a beautiful elephant with lots of elaborate decorations, stomping a clear path through the jungle for you. Ask him to break down any barriers to your success in xyz endeavor. At yoga yesterday, my teacher had us sing a mantra to Ganesh 108 times! She said 108 was an auspicious number. It took a long time, but I loved the mantra so I looked it up online this morning:

Om gam ganapataye namah.

It sounds like:

ohm gahm ghana pahtah hey* nahma ha.

*You can emphasize this syllable. Sing “hey-ey” or “heyyy.”

To hear the mantra, you can buy or just listen to a sample of this song on iTunes: “Ganesh Mantra” by Larisa Stowe and Shakti Tribe. I bought it and I like it a lot! It’s very energizing.

Happy Light

I found my Verilux Happy Light yesterday while going thru a box for Goodwill, which is good because it’s been overcast here and I hate it! I like this light better than my blue LED light box. It’s more of a regular lamp you can keep on for a bit while you read or eat or whatever. It’s super bright but it has a frosted plastic exterior which makes it not harsh on your eyes. It adds a lot of bright light to the room. Buy a HappyLight Compact Energy Lamp on Amazon or at a local drugstore (about $40).