Didn’t See Angel Author Lorna Byrne

I was all excited to see Angels in my Hair author Lorna Byrne! She is from Ireland and rarely comes to the US. In fact, it was her first trip farther inland than NYC and Boston. I had tickets for her event in Phoenix, but American Airlines had problems and canceled my flight 😦 Because American doesn’t have as many flights as United or Southwest, the next flight they could offer me was 6 hours later! I would have missed half the event 😦 So I got a refund and stayed home.

I highly recommend Lorna Byrne’s first book, Angels in my Hair, an autobiographical look at her life in northern Ireland. It explains how she clearly sees angels. And how they nudge people to be helpful and kind to others.


New Doreen Virtue Book: Saints and Angels

I was just looking around on Amazon, and I stumbled upon Doreen Virtue’s new book: Saints & Angels: A Guide to Heavenly Help for Comfort, Support, and Inspiration.

Saints and Angels book cover

Doreen Virtue’s newest book!

Saints and Angels came out in March (2018) and is one of Doreen Virtue’s LAST BOOKS she will ever write for Hay House, the big metaphysical publishing company. Doreen no longer has a writing contract with Hay House!

I looked at the book sample for Saints and Angels on Amazon.com. The book is very heavy on Biblical references. Every couple paragraphs there is another Bible quote or scripture to look up.

The first chapter is not about saints OR angels; it’s about JESUS! And God. And the Holy Spirit. Part 1 is titled “The Holy Trinity.” See the images below of the book’s contents.

Book contents for Saints and Angels

Book contents (part 1)

In the dedication, Doreen thanks Jesus for saving her.

Doreen Virtue thanks Jesus

Book dedication in Angels and Saints

I wish Doreen had become CHRISTIAN without becoming BORN AGAIN, if you know what I mean.

As always, I am impressed by what a prolific writer she is. The girl gets stuff done!

My only quibble, besides that the book mostly promotes Jesus and the Bible, is that Doreen is not CATHOLIC, yet she is writing about the saints. I mean, it’s kind of weird. Especially since the born-again, non-denominational Christian churches HATE Catholics and all things Catholic! Such as rosaries, the saints and statues of the Virgin Mary. I know because I went to those churches while I was living in The South and I heard all the hate first-hand!

Nonetheless, I will check out Doreen’s book about the saints at the bookstore and see what she wrote about my favorite saints like St. Francis of Assisi, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Joan of Arc, St. Patrick and my patron saint, Saint Therese of Lisieux.

List of saints in Doreen Virtue book

Book contents (part 2)

List of saints in Doreen Virtue book

Book contents (part 3)


Interested in buying Saints and Angels by Doreen Virtue? If you buy it from this link to the Hay House website, I get a little bit of money 😉

Or click the box below to find this book on the Hay House website.

How to Be Your Own Genie Book Review

I read Hay House Tarot card reader/creator Radleigh Valentine’s new book,How to Be Your Own Genie: Manifesting the Magical Life You Were Born to Live.” 

How to be your own Genie book by Radleigh Valentine

I love the book cover for How to be your own Genie!

This is a sponsored post, meaning if you follow this link and buy the new Radleigh Valentine book on the Hay House website, I get a little money! I didn’t get the book for free, so I could use the money 😉

The book is a fun read, great as a gift or to flip through when you need a little pick me up! If you don’t know who Radleigh is, he’s best friends with Doreen Virtue! So some of the info is the same as the “old” Doreen Virtue, like “Don’t let anything dull your sparkle.” He is super flamboyant and eccentric, like a Broadway or Vegas showman. He always wears a very sparkly suit coat and sometimes sparkly shoes to match! It’s funny because I live in Vegas now and I was walking through the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood and saw suits like the ones he wears – very sparkly with giant rhinestones  – and I thought, maybe this is where Radleigh buys his outfits? Haha.

I LOVE writing notes, so I took 4 whole pages of notes on this book! I think that is way to looooong for this blog post, so I typed them up as a pdf file you can download and read or print. There is lots of good information in the book, but most of it you’ve heard before.

I hadn’t known much about Radleigh Valentine:

  • grew up gay in The South (not easy)
  • is part Cherokee Indian (very cool – I wish I was part Native American!)
  • after college, worked as a boring accountant
  • started doing Tarot card readings and loved it
  • looked up the Hay House authors and met Doreen Virtue at a live event
  • started working as a helper to Doreen and became best friends

He decided he wanted to be a Hay House author, too, and voila! Here he is! Radleigh is very active on social media, especially Facebook Live, if you want to follow him.

Here’s the table of contents from his book, “How to Be Your Own Genie”:

contents page from How to be your own Genie

I like a lot of the words on this page: magic, magical, genie, love, joy and wishes!

At first glance, I thought Radleigh’s book would be about Genies, which is a specific realm that Doreen Virtue described in her Realm Reader course. Genies are a type of spiritual person who lives in or loves the desert! They are associated with flowing, gauzy outfits in the colors of the sunset, precious gemstones and a sunny disposition! They have lots of friends and are great networkers. Being a Genie, they are great at making money! But Radleigh doesn’t talk about this sort of Genie in his book. (I am working on writing about Genies and other spiritual types of people.) Instead, Radleigh says each of us has magical powers, like a Genie. He is talking about using positive energy to bring into your life what you want.

Radleigh Valentine believes in:

  • getting signs from angels like feathers or the number 444 (I always see 111)
  • feng shui (de-cluttering and organizing your house)
  • choosing a magical word or song to keep your spirits up (Mine is “Fame.”)
  • asking your body what it wants to be healthy*
  • automatic writing
  • getting rid of Drama Queens in your life (he calls them Drama Masters)
  • not dwelling on your past or having regrets
  • using happy thoughts/positive emotions to attract good things

* I did this and it worked! Sit down with pen and paper and ask your body what it needs to be healthy. Do “automatic writing” which means just keep writing down whatever comes up. My body said it wants a gentle energy. I was expecting something specific, like a meal plan! This makes sense, though, as I’m very sensitive to energy. Right now, I’m living in Vegas and it’s VERY LOUD here. So, I can see why this came up as an issue for my body. I spend a lot of time here trying to relax and loosen up my tight muscles –> joint pain.

how to be a magical genie book

Love this inner page to the Genie book. Cute sparkles! Great typography on “Genie.”

Want to buy this book? It’s available as both an ebook (for the Kindle and other devices) and a paperback. See it on the Hay House website here.

My Political Writing

Click this link for a free preview of my political book (OK, it’s a very short book! 40 pages. It’s 2 of my short stories plus the first 3 chapters of a political thriller I’m writing – looking for a publisher). It’s an ebook you can buy on Amazon for the Kindle, or read it on your phone.

Here is the list of contents:






a. THE EAGLE: True Power Lies in the Shadows

New Doreen Virtue Cards about Jesus

This blog is about the fairies, but I want to post about the new Doreen Virtue card deck I got in the mail today! I pre-ordered it from Amazon, so it just came out. It’s called Loving Words from Jesus and features Bible quotes and traditional Jesus artwork. (Part of me likes traditional Jesus artwork, and part of me doesn’t.) The quotes are from the King James Bible so some of the words end in -eth, yet “thee” and “thou” have been changed to “you” and “your.” (I like the old-fashioned wording.) On an extra card that comes in the deck, Doreen says she grew up reading the King James Bible, so she wanted to do a deck with quotes from it.

The artist is Greg Olsen. He does a lot of art for the Mormon church.  Most of the Jesus art is photo realistic; a few have the dream-like blurred look of the 3rd card. All of the card art is done by the same artist (yay! I hate when the cards don’t match.). The cards have gold edges.

(CLICK on the photo collage below to see zoomed-in images of each card.)

Mary only appears in one card, a nativity scene card ;( There is no crucifixion card (might have been good for Easter, although I believe that Jesus was rescued off the cross and survived, like in the Da Vinci Code).

I appreciate that Doreen is promoting Jesus (a lot of New Agers ignore Him or rename Him Sananda). I would like it even better if, as a psychic, she got new messages from Jesus and updated the sometimes misquoted and misleading traditional Bible quotes. Psychic Sylvia Browne (my favorite psychic! RIP) wrote a book like this called The Mystical Life of Jesus: An Uncommon Perspective on the Life of Christ. Worth buying!

I think this card deck would be a great Easter gift, especially for young kids who could be prompted to ask questions about Jesus and His message. It’s not a traditional oracle card deck, so it might be difficult to do card readings with but Doreen writes that you can pull one card for yourself and figure out what it means for you. You could also buy an extra deck and then give out 1 card at a time, like Catholic prayer cards, by tucking it into a book or a card you’re gifting.

Houdini Book

I was browsing at Barnes and Noble bookstore, looking for a biography or the autobiography of Putin. The Russian president has recently been on “60 Minutes” (if you search online for 60minutesovertime you may still find some clips) and is in the news for his bombing of ISIS in Syria (some dispute this). I’m currently reading his bio as written by English writer Chris Hutchins and a Russian co-author on my Kindle. It’s just called “Putin.” It’s good, but it was written in 2012 so nothing about the Sochi Olympics or Syria, etc.

I didn’t find any Putin books to buy, but I found one on Houdini! I really love Houdini, the most famous magician. He spent part of his childhood in Appleton, Wisconsin, very near to where I was born and grew up! Not many super successful people come out of Wisconsin (Greta van Sustern comes to mind, on FOX), so it’s inspiring that he was once walking the same streets I did. The book is called “The Secret Life of Houdini” and it’s written by Bill Kalush, who works with magician David Blaine, and a co-author. It’s very well researched, with tons of photographs of Houdini. I love old photos! I haven’t started reading it yet. I’ve just being flipping through it and looking at the pictures 😉 I don’t have much patience for reading anymore – I guess I can blame the internet for that!

Stephen Hawking Movie and Books

I finally watched the movie that did so well at the Oscars, The Theory of Everything. It’s about the famous physicist who is in a wheelchair, Stephen Hawking. I forgot that he has Lou Gehrig’s or ALS. It’s amazing he has survived so long – he is now in his 70s – and he was diagnosed in college. He seems to still have fun, and he didn’t even write his first book until after he’d lost the ability to write and speak (he wrote it using a special computer that registers his eye movements and blinks). If you’ve ever had a serious illness, you’ll identify a lot with his life! Watching it was cathartic, and ultimately inspiring. At one point in the movie, he says everyone has the ability to be successful, no matter what health problems you might have. And he said as long as you are alive, there is hope. He’s interesting because as a scientist, he resists believing in God but when asked directly about it he leaves the door open to the possibility.

I’m really excited to read the book, written by his wife, that the movie was based on: Travelling to Infinity: The True Story Behind The Theory of Everything.

And I ordered My Brief History, his biography (smart title! his most famous book is called “A Brief History of Time”). Looks like it comes with a lot of photos, which will be fun to look at!

I love Stephen’s personality. He is quite zany and really enjoys life!