Rockstar Angels


While I was writing the previous post about the different types of Angels, I thought about a current day celebrity who is likely a Rockstar Angel:

Paris Jackson.

She is Michael Jackson’s daughter. So interesting! She has tattoos and piercings (very Rockstar Angel). She’s publicly said she had problems with drinking and cutting (also common in the Rockstar Angel realm). She is super fashionable and dresses very edgy (another Rockstar Angel trait). In fact, she has a high-end modeling contract with Chanel! She is very charismatic and I predict BIG stardom for her.

This week, in a video she posted on social media, she said the reason she is accepting modeling gigs is to make a name for herself so she can use her high-profile to help others. Remember, this is what Angels always say!

An older celeb with the edginess of the Rockstar Angel realm is Cher.

UPDATE: I was just watching a Facebook live Q&A with magician Criss Angel and his style is definitely Rockstar! PLUS his stage name is “ANGEL”! He is now doing a lot of charity work for kids with cancer since his own son was diagnosed with cancer.


Was Princess Diana Part Angel?

I watched Dateline last night and it was so sad! It was a 2 hour special about Princess Diana and her death in Paris. This year is the 20th anniversary of her death (August 31). This Sunday (May 7, 2017), ABC will be airing another 2 hour special called The Last 100 Days of Diana. Even the title is making me emotional! I remember the press attention leading up to “the wedding of the Century.” Everyone wished they could be living this fairytale! ha ha. Little did the know about the reality of her life.

In last night’s special, the French ambassador who was called to meet with the Princess in the hospital (the first reports about her car accident was that she SURVIVED) saw her in the ambulance and described her as looking angelic. This made me think about the realm quizzes I’ve written. One is called, “Are you Part Angel?Angel hybrids have a “halo” of golden blonde hair and, most often, light blue eyes. Princess Diana famously had a poof-y, blond-streaked, short hairstyle. And gorgeous light blue eyes. She also became more famous than the rest of the royal family by doing charity work to help people! Another giveaway that you are part Angel is saying, “I want to help people.” Angels feel this is their true calling in life. And it is!

Are you wondering if you, like Princess Diana, are part Angel?

Being Human: U.K. TV Show

An angel, a vampire and a werewolf

I started watching a great TV show called Being Human (the original U.K. version, not the U.S. remake) about an angel, a vampire and a werewolf! It sounds a bit silly, but the writing and acting is really good. It aired in the U.K. starting in 2009 and was a big hit. I’m watching it on Amazon Prime video.

Aidan Turner from Poldark

If you are watching and loving Poldark (and you should be!) on BBC Masterpiece Theatre, you’ll recognize heart throb Aidan Turner. Aidan plays the brooding vampire – fits him perfectly! He feels guilty about having to feed, i.e. kill other people by sucking their blood. He comes up with various fixes for this. The werewolf is a normal guy most of the month. He only changes during the full moon, when he locks himself in a room so as not to harm anyone. The angel, Annie, is played brilliantly by a talented actress – the gossip is that she started dating Aidan while filming, and when they broke up about 2 years later he quit the show. It looks like he is in all of Season 1 and Season 2 but only in a few of the Season 3 episodes  😦 The angel character is very interesting and I think whoever wrote the show has an interest in spirituality. She learns that she is earthbound because of something traumatic regarding her death (I won’t spoil it for you). This is the true reason that ghosts are here. If they were not traumatized, they could ascend into the light/heaven. 

Free preview on Amazon Prime Video

Watch Being Human and see how you like it. Season 1 on Amazon Prime video, if you scroll down all the listings, has a free preview

Happy Michaelmas!

Today is Michaelmas, the special feast day for St. Michael (angel of protection). I swear I forget this day every year! I was watching Doreen Virtue’s weekly YouTube oracle card reading and she mentioned it. The Catholic church now combines this feast day with the ones for St. Gabriel (messenger angel) and St. Raphael (healing angel). Some churches also add St. Uriel (learning angel). 

I think all of these powerful angels deserve their own special day!

Lorna Byrne Webcast

I watched a webinar this morning (8 AM my time = 3 PM in Ireland) with angel lady Lorna Byrne.

She was promoting her children’s charity, Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation. The webcast fees were donated to it. I’m sure it’s a good charity to donate to if you are looking for one this holiday season! Get all the charity details on her website: This year, Lorna has chosen 3 different children’s charities to give the money to. One is in Ireland where Lorna lives, one is in Africa and one is in Syria (the charity UNICEF). Lorna talks a lot about the children in Syria who are growing up in a dangerous war zone, and how, without our intervention, they will grow up hardened to violence and will become the terrorists of the future.

Besides promoting her charity, Lorna answered viewer questions, including mine! My question was “Do you see Angel Ariel? Is she a great healing angel?” I asked this because in IET (the energy healing I do) she is considered an archangel, second in importance only to Jesus in her healing abilities. Lorna said she does see her, and that she doesn’t consider her an archangel but a regular angel, who has healing powers like all the angels. I agree with this. Most people don’t categorize Angel Ariel as an archangel. Whatever the category, Ariel is a strong angel!

Lorna told us that during the holiday season, more angels which she calls “blessed angels” come down to Earth to help us celebrate Christmas. Christmas angels = too cute!

About ISIS, she said both Archangel Michael (protection) and the Angel of Death (ushering souls to the Other Side) are trying to get our attention for the people in the ISIS-controlled areas, who are living in terror. She said a lot of the ISIS soldiers and suicide bombers are not “true believers” but are kidnapped into the army or threatened into submission, and would not be fighting for ISIS if we could free their lands. Also, she said the fight with ISIS is the #1 concern of the angels at the moment, and it’s correct to call it WWIII.

The #2 concern is climate change, creating such crazy weather. Lorna said Ireland is now experiencing dangerous flooding.

While looking up her website for you, I noticed this in regards to Lorna Byrne’s book Love from Heaven from The Times (I believe this is the Irish Times): “Byrne gives hope and a sense of peace; something that the Church, in many instances, has been unable to do for a long time.” There is definitely an emotional side to Lorna Byrne’s angel work. When I listened to Lorna this morning, I was moved to tears twice! And I’m not much of a crier. Her energy is so sweet and angelic. 

I highly recommend you read her first book, Angels in my Hair. It’s one of my favorite metaphysical books! It’s about her life growing up in Ireland and her ability to see angels, which she’s had since she was a child.

My Top Ten Favorite Crystals

These are my favorite crystals to meditate with! I buy most of my crystals on from various sellers (I Love Lotus is a good one, DominicanLounge is where I get my hard-to-find larimar). Another good place is your local psychic fair or store (then you can hold the stone in your hand and see how strong its energy is before you buy it).
1. Lemurian seed crystal = clear quartz point with faint pink lines, connects to ancient lost city of Lemuria, this is my number one favorite crystal – it’s very important to me and seems to hold a lot of wisdom, it’s said the faint pink lines are encoded with information from the Lemurians who, like the Atlanteans who came after them, knew how to program info into a crystal and treated them like mini computers
2. larimar = marbled ocean blue and white (so beautiful and perfectly smooth!), connects to unicorns and dolphins
3. emerald = rough emeralds are emerald green with black, connects to the elemental kingdom (fairies, gnomes, elves, etc. who help the environment), remember if you buy one to charge it only in moonlight, not sunlight
4. aquamarine = see-thru light aqua blue, connects to mermaids
5. selenite = milky white, often sold as towers, buy 2 and place one on each side your bed, connects to protective aliens
6. moldavite = glassy army green with a bumpy surface, connects to aliens (is actually from an asteroid that hit Earth)
7. zincite = fiery red and orange with a bumpy surface, connects to the element of fire, the best for giving you energy! heats up your lower 3 chakras: red, orange and yellow chakras, VERY powerful!
8. kyanite = clear denim blue with some white streaks and black spots (it’s best to buy kyanite as a polished rod – otherwise it’s crumbly with sharp edges), connects you to more energy, gives you a more gentle, balanced boost of energy than the zincite
9. moonstone = white, shimmers at an angle, connects to the energy of the moon (I love the moon!)
10. scolesite = white with lines like feathered angel wings, connects to angels

My Meditation for Love

Ellen’s Meditation for Love

Here is a Valentine’s Day meditation I wrote to bring more love into your life. Sit comfortably in a quiet spot. Light a candle or turn on a salt rock lamp for ambience. If you own a rose quartz or other crystal, hold it in your hand.

Imagine pink light flowing down from heaven into your heart chakra. Your heart chakra (shock-rah) is by your heart but in the middle of your chest. Now visualize Angel Haniel (han-ee-el) standing in front of you. She is a pretty angel dressed in a gauzy white gown. She has gorgeous iridescent white wings. Surrounding her is a pink haze of sparkles. These sparkles transmit the energy of love. Watch as Angel Haniel blows some pink sparkles over to you! Feel in your heart more love coming in. Now, think of a time when you felt a lot of love (doggie kisses, a wedding, etc.) and re-create that feeling. Tell Haniel you want more love in your life. Think about the specific things you want, like a boyfriend, but instead of narrowing down the possibilities just say, “I want the best boyfriend for me.”

Next, call in Angel Amabiel (ah-mah-bee-el), the Friendship Angel. Amabiel’s color is hot pink. See hot pink sparkles everywhere! Ask Amabiel to choose new friends for you. Imagine yourself having fun with your new friends! Think of this often. By visualizing new friends, you will help create this future.

Now, call in Angel Mupiel (moo-pee-el), the Angel of Self-love. Mupiel wants you to know that it’s important to love yourself. She says all the angels and God love you very much. Don’t be self-destructive. It makes them sad. Say, “I love myself. I am made in God’s image.” Name 3 things that you like about yourself.

Lastly, call in Archangel Raphael (ark-angel raf-aye-el). As an archangel, Raphael is above all the regular angels. He is a healer and can heal your heartache. Affirm: “My heart is 100% healthy. My heart chakra is glowing bright pink.” Raphael wants you to know that the love you give comes back to you. For the ultimate lovefest, send your love out to the whole world! Imagine a pink ball of light surrounding Earth. Try sending out even more love to needy things like endangered animals or war-torn countries, etc. Trust that God sees the love you are sending out, and that He will reward you.

Thank all the angels we worked with and God.

xoxoxo, Ellen

©Ellen Auchter 2015