My Art Portfolio

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What is your style? I have a cute cartoon style.

What kind of art is this? It’s digital art.

Where did you learn how to make digital art? I took a graphic design program in Denver a long time ago. We learned the “old style” way of doing advertising campaigns: drawing things by hand and laying out copy by cutting and pasting (literally glueing!). And we learned a snazzy new way of doing things: on the computer! After school, I designed clip art (remember that?!).

How do you make your art? First, I sketch in pencil. Then, I scan this sketch into the computer, I open it in Illustrator and use the quill pen or the paintbrush to draw the outlines. I usually do thick black outlines! And I like filling in with happy, not-too-bright colors. If I add text, I’ll sometimes open the artwork in Photoshop, which has better type options.