Doreen Virtue Fairyologist Review

I am 3/4 of the way through the Doreen Virtue Fairyologist online class. I’m enjoying it because it’s gotten me thinking about the Fairy realm again. I would like to do more to promote them! They have such a great message: caring for the Earth and all the animals and plants on it. I guess environmentalism is still an important and needed message since President Trump resigned from the Paris Climate Change Agreement yesterday!

That said, the videos in the course are super-short and the course seems a bit thrown together. I wasn’t expecting it to include things like the Huna beings in Hawaii or how to craft a Fairy circle in your garden. But she does have a lot of knowledge about the history of Fairies and it’s clear that she has researched them for years.

Also, her Hawaii estate is in every video (the one she sold to start her rescue ranch) and it’s SO BEAUTIFUL. It has/had a Fairy door and a Fairy stone fence with wrought-iron lamps to light at night. Maybe someone should start a Fairy park for adults? In the U.K., there are Faery fairs where adults dress up in Fairy wings and dresses 🙂

Britney Spears = Flower Fairy

I’m taking Doreen Virtue’s Fairyologist course (it was half off this week!), and while watching her videos I came to realize that Britney Spears is a Flower Fairy! She definitely meets the criteria that Doreen laid out:

  • into dancing and music
  • sexy
  • super beautiful face
  • very sweet personality, similar to an Angelic personality
  • shy (in interviews, Britney is shy)
  • love wearing girly outfits in bright, happy flower colors

Also, I believe Britney has dressed up as a fairy, angel and a butterfly in her stage costumes?

Fairy hybrids are fascinating! It means a human crossed with a magical Fairy.

I think I’m a Tree Fairy hybrid. Tree Fairies are not soooo sugary-sweet and into pink flowers and shimmery glitter as a Flower Fairy. Tree Fairies like woodsy colors like green and brown and are a little tougher, since they fend for themselves in the woods. Side note: I always thought Fairies lived alone, but Doreen said Tree Fairies can live in groups, like the Elves do.

What is my review of Doreen’s Fairyologist course? Read it here.

Tiger Woods and the Ego

This morning, Tiger Woods got pulled over for drunk/drugged driving!

I find this amazing as he’s had SO MUCH SUCCESS in his life! He’s been famous for many years, is one of the greatest golfers ever and obviously has made mucho money. But, something seems to be wrong…. He seems to be letting his EGO run amok or allowing the SHADOW SIDE of his personality take over. Things have been tough for him lately in his career. He’s had to sit out golf tournaments due to a bad back and isn’t “number one” anymore. He was dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn but they broke up.

After his last incident driving straight into a tree (!) when he was rumored to be passed out cold due to Ambient sleeping pills, Tiger said publicly that he would follow his parents’ religion, BUDDHISM, to get more MEDITATIVE and SPIRITUAL.

So, what happened? I’m really wondering what’s going on in Tiger’s life and what he will tell us after this latest driving incident!

Say a little prayer that he gets back on a good path in life.

Pope Disses Medjugorje

Pope Francis is quite the firebrand! Willing to go out on limbs and say things other popes won’t. I like it!

The Pope just visited Fatima in Portugal, the famous site where the Virgin Mary appeared and made the sun move in the sky. Very cool!

On the plane ride back, journalists asked him about the similar appearances in Medugorje, Bosnia. He said he doesn’t believe in them! This is interesting because one of the spiritual teachers I follow (I can’t remember which) said the same thing.

The Pope doesn’t like that the children (now adults) keep getting messages from Mary who tells them to climb the hill and meet with her at a certain time each day. In other appearances like Lourdes and Mexico City, Mary appears once (or maybe twice or three times), but doesn’t make regular appearances over years and years. I think the Pope is suspicious that the Medjugorje site owners are saying that Mary makes a daily appearance to keep the tourists coming.

The spiritual teacher complained that the Marian messages from Medjugorje are very negative. Like if we don’t pray enough, there will be another horrible war or a pope will be killed.

I read a book about Medjugorje quite a few years ago and I really liked how the children described Mother Mary. The book had a drawing of her on the cover and I thought it really captured her subtle beauty. At the time, I was going to a Christian church for mass (I felt really lonely and was hoping to feel more connected by going there, but it didn’t help!). One day, a church leader did a presentation about Medjugorje and said going there had changed her life! So I was fired up about the idea of one day visiting Medjugorje. This person led pilgrimages there every year, but I couldn’t afford to go 😦 I am still dreaming of visiting Lourdes, which both James van Praagh and Doreen Virtue say is amazing! My spirits have been dampened about visiting Medjugorje, though, which is in remote part of Bosnia.

Another thing the spiritual teacher mentioned about Medjugorje being wrong is that the children who see Mary and get messages from her every day are being controlled by adults in the church. Some of these deacons in the church have been reprimanded by the Vatican for making statements that the pope/church is not ready to say are true.

The other bothersome thing about Medjugorje is the children/adults say Mary told them 10 important secrets for the world…but they will not REVEAL THE SECRETS! Aaargh! Maddening!

The pope has a team investigating Medjugorje, but the Catholic church has never released its official report, which was due in 2015. And since the messages from Mary in Medjugorje started in the 1980s, they could have finished a report and said if its true or not a long time ago! It seems like the Catholic church DOESN’T believe in Mary’s appearances at Medjugorje, but the church is keeping the report hidden because the site and the tourists promote Catholicism?

I also saw a 60 Minutes piece on Medjugorje quite a few years ago. It was skeptical, but at  the time I thought that was because it’s a liberal news magazine and wasn’t going to promote something religious. But now I wonder if the news crew was turned off by the male deacons who “shelter” – and possibly control – the younger people who supposedly see Mary every day?

What do you think? Have you been to any of the Marian apparition sites? I have only been to Our Lady of Good Help outside of Green Bay, WI. I did feel a very powerful energy imprint there!

Watch Criss Angel Raise the Dead

That is the title of one of Criss Angel’s latest BeLIEve TV show episodes: Raise the Dead! I wasn’t prepared and started watching this right before bedtime! Super disturbing! I couldn’t stop watching it, though, and replayed it three times. What magician Criss Angel does is get a cadaver that was donated to science (a dead body). Then he has an audience member lie down on a gurney next to it. He tells her that in order to bring life back to this dead body for just a moment (he has a doctor watching for signs of a heart beat and respiration/breathing), he needs to take a life FOR JUST A MOMENT. But he promises the girl that she will leave the show the same way she came in (like hopefully not possessed with this dead person’s spirit!). She agrees. I would really like to interview her about her experience. Fascinating, but scary!

Switching bodies is similar to what the ancient Egyptians were able to accomplish: putting a dead person’s soul into someone else’s body or the body of an animal. That’s why so many pharaohs had the head of a hawk or a dog, etc.

It makes me wonder what these magicians do in their secret magic societies! Like do they meet at midnight under a full moon and switch bodies or briefly become wolves?

There is something similar in metaphysics called a “walk-in.” This is when a high-level spiritual teacher, instead of dying, switches bodies with someone else. That way, the spiritual teacher doesn’t have to go through another 3 years of potty training and learning to walk and another 12 years of boring schooling. They just resume their life as an adult in someone else’s body. Supposedly, the other person agrees to this and they die. Yet people think they are still living because their body is still walking around – but it’s the other person! Freaky.

A less weird thing to compare it to is bedtime. Where do you go when you are sleeping? You leave your body all night. Some people call this “astral traveling.” At night, you are out of your body and having “dreams” or other experiences. Native shamans can do this willingly, as well as buddhas and Indian gurus.

So, back to the super creepy Raise the Dead episode! I don’t even know if I should tell you the gross thing that happens! I covered my eyes during parts of it. You’ll have to watch it for yourself. Criss has 2 nursing students take the pulse of the cadaver and the live person. For a few moments, the live person has no pulse. And the cadaver has one! Aaargh! Scary! However, this isn’t the same as bringing back the dead. Because I don’t think it was the dead guy back in his body. I think the woman’s soul/spirit was briefly transferred over to the dead body. Freaky!

If Criss can do this, he can create a Frankenstein monster.

Rockstar Angels


While I was writing the previous post about the different types of Angels, I thought about a current day celebrity who is likely a Rockstar Angel:

Paris Jackson.

She is Michael Jackson’s daughter. So interesting! She has tattoos and piercings (very Rockstar Angel). She’s publicly said she had problems with drinking and cutting (also common in the Rockstar Angel realm). She is super fashionable and dresses very edgy (another Rockstar Angel trait). In fact, she has a high-end modeling contract with Chanel! She is very charismatic and I predict BIG stardom for her.

This week, in a video she posted on social media, she said the reason she is accepting modeling gigs is to make a name for herself so she can use her high-profile to help others. Remember, this is what Angels always say!

An older celeb with the edginess of the Rockstar Angel realm is Cher.

UPDATE: I was just watching a Facebook live Q&A with magician Criss Angel and his style is definitely Rockstar! PLUS his stage name is “ANGEL”! He is now doing a lot of charity work for kids with cancer since his own son was diagnosed with cancer.

My Realms Quizzes


If you don’t know, these quizzes are based on Doreen Virtue’s realms book and workshop. Realms are like human hybrids. You can be part Angel, part Cupid Love Angel, part Alien, part Flower Fairy and many more! I have included EVEN MORE INFO and MORE REALMS than you get with Doreen.

AND I have LIFE ADVICE specific to each realm!

I loooove studying the different realms. It’s very fascinating!

So, what realms am I?

I am part Tree Fairy, part Alien and part Angel.

What realms are Doreen Virtue?

Part Mermaid and part Rockstar Angel. I had to determine her realms as part of the certification process to be a Realms Reader.

UPDATE: I had my realms quizzes on fiverr but I took them down. I am working on putting ALL of the quizzes in ONE FILE that you can easily buy and download!



Was Princess Diana Part Angel?

I watched Dateline last night and it was so sad! It was a 2 hour special about Princess Diana and her death in Paris. This year is the 20th anniversary of her death (August 31). This Sunday (May 7, 2017), ABC will be airing another 2 hour special called The Last 100 Days of Diana. Even the title is making me emotional! I remember the press attention leading up to “the wedding of the Century.” Everyone wished they could be living this fairytale! ha ha. Little did the know about the reality of her life.

In last night’s special, the French ambassador who was called to meet with the Princess in the hospital (the first reports about her car accident was that she SURVIVED) saw her in the ambulance and described her as looking angelic. This made me think about the realm quizzes I’ve written. One is called, “Are you Part Angel?Angel hybrids have a “halo” of golden blonde hair and, most often, light blue eyes. Princess Diana famously had a poof-y, blond-streaked, short hairstyle. And gorgeous light blue eyes. She also became more famous than the rest of the royal family by doing charity work to help people! Another giveaway that you are part Angel is saying, “I want to help people.” Angels feel this is their true calling in life. And it is!

Are you wondering if you, like Princess Diana, are part Angel?

Criss Angel Magic: Believe TV Show

Obviously, I am a huge David Blaine fan and I’m going to his show for my birthday! But I started watching Criss Angel’s latest TV Show called BeLIEve (it’s available on Amazon Fire stick). The name is based on Houdini famously telling his wife to contact him with a psychic medium after his death. He told her a secret word that only they knew. So, if the psychic really contacted him after death, she should listen for this word. The word was “Believe.” But, according to Houdini’s wife, she never found a psychic good enough to tell her this password! Which is weird because I firmly believe in psychics. In fact, that is why I like magic! Some of the magic tricks seemed based on psychic talents. Like the mentalism ones where someone guesses what number you picked or what card you picked.

I think some of the other magic tricks, like levitating and making things disappear/appear, are talents from past lives. Previously, these magicians lived in Atlantis, I think, and gained great psychic abilities. If you don’t know, when Atlantis drowned some of the “black magi” = “magi-cians” moved to Egypt and became super-powerful pharaohs. Thus, there is a correlation between Atlantis and ancient Egypt. No surprise that Criss performs his Vegas show at the Luxor = an Egyptian pyramid-shaped casino!

I hadn’t watched any of Criss Angel’s TV shows since his early MindFreak days. He has gotten A LOT BETTER at levitating! Back in the day, David Blaine did some levitating in his TV show. He sort of fell over in a heap on the ground ;( Criss did some levitating and he didn’t get very far off the ground, either. But now he can basically fly! Supposedly, if you learn to control and direct your energy, you can focus the energy below your feet to create a blast-off effect, like a rocket. It is weird and freaky, but I believe they are both really levitating!

I have read Diana Cooper’s books about Atlantis, and she describes beautiful floating temples. To enter, you’d have to levitate off the ground and fly through the front door! If you weren’t an advanced enough person, you’d be stuck on the ground and unable to enter the esteemed temple.

My favorite trick that I’ve seen Criss Angel do in his TV show is make a stuffed animal come to life. It is so cute!!! If I was magical like him, I’d do cute tricks like this every day <3.

My second favorite trick I’ve seen Criss do on TV is turning on a lightbulb using the electricity from a PERSON! Tell us how to do it, Criss, so we can stop burning coal to power our electric plants! This is similar to Tesla, who said we can get energy freely from the ground or from lightning strikes. There is electricity all around us, if you think about. We just need to know how to harness it and how to safely distribute it. When’s the last time you got zapped by static electricity? It hurt, didn’t it? It was pretty strong electricity! And there is electricity INSIDE OF US, in our hearts which beat from an electrical pulse.

Even More about Doreen Virtue Christian Turnaround

I have 2 long posts for you to read if you haven’t already:

Doreen Virtue Bombshell: Now a Christian promoting Jesus

And “More about Doreen Virtue’s Conversion to Christianity”.

Now the question is: What are YOU (and me) going to include in your New Age beliefs? Doreen says she will follow: Jesus, the angels, good fairies, unicorns, but mostly JESUS.

I am unsure about this. I wrote on my blog last year about doing all fairy things…and then I could never get it going. I always post about leprechauns near St. Patrick’s Day in March and no one seems to like those posts! I loved Doreen’s descriptions of the different realms, and that’s what really got me excited about fairies and the other elementals! I am part fairy, I decided ❤

I like that the New Age movement has women, like the goddesses and female ascended masters. But I’m not SUPER into them. I would love to do something that promotes GIRL POWER, but I am not sure what. I love Mother Mary, but she has a soft persona. Some of her spiritual powers seem wrapped up in her being a virgin. I briefly thought about doing witch stuff, but Wiccan seems too dark. Maybe fairy magic?

So, I am a bit adrift.

I like Jesus, but I would never promote a church. They ALL seem too sexist to me!

Unicorns are cool.

I would also like to do something that’s about manifesting abundance. But, I run into the same problem! Should I use magical fairies? Jesus/God? Leprechauns? Unicorn magic? Candle magic? The goddess Lakshmi, who is Hindu? I’m really not sure! I just took a class locally about abundance and I decided to test 8 different ideas and see which gives me the best results. I will let you know.

Do you think Doreen Virtue’s conversion to Christianity and all things Jesus will lure women away from New Age spirituality? Are you going to incorporate more Jesus talk into your blog/social media posting? Or did you give up on the Christian churches a long time ago?