New TV Show about Psychic who sees Vampires, Angels, etc.

New metaphysical TV show (fictional) coming up this month on NBC: Midnight, Texas. Have no idea if it’ll be good or not! Just saw the commercial and got excited about it. The writer wrote True Blood, an HBO series about vampires (never did see it).

Watch the trailer for the new show, Midnight, Texas here.

The storyline is a dusty, lonely Texas town with weird people in it: vampires, demons, angels, etc. The main character (a stud-ly guy) comes to town and he’s able to see dead people and spirits. Cool! Soon, there’s a war between good and evil. This storyline has been done a lot. I don’t know if I’ll like it or not.

But I LOVED a similar TV show called Being Human. Watch the British version with super sexy Aiden Turner from Poldark. It’s available on Amazon Fire. There’s also a shorter-lived American version of this show with different actors. I didn’t watch that one.

Mondays on NBC.

UPDATE: I saw the first show. It’s so-so. I like the premise, but there are way too many characters and too many things going on! Also, a big discrepancy for me is that the main character kind of believes in psychics and kind of thinks they are frauds…even though HE is a psychic and his mom was a professional psychic! There is a talking cat, which I wanted to love…but it’s mean!

Jim Morrison = Fiery Sex God

I re-watched the movie The Doors this week! Val Kilmer was so awesome as Jim Morrison.  Is it possible Jim was some sort of fiery sex god? He wrote a lot of imagery about fire (“Come on baby, light my fire, Try to set the night on fire” is one of my favorite song lyrics and great to listen to if you need some energy). There are a lot of sun/fire gods and goddesses, like Pele in Hawaii. Very free and hyper-sexual. Jim was always writhing around onstage in tight black leather pants. In the movie, naked girls would run up to him onstage (I guess this was a thing in the Sixties!). He even called himself “The Lizard King” (after doing a lot of peyote in the desert). Sexy!

Jim also wrote amazing poetry. In one scene in the movie his girlfriend Pam (miscast as cutesy Meg Ryan) says, “You’re not a rock star, Jim. You’re a poet.” And I agreed with her.

Interesting to compare and contrast the 1960s to today! Our society is so stratified now. Back then, it was divided into the hippie idealists and the government-supporters who agreed with the war in Vietnam.

Another comparison I made is the drug use, especially heroin. After killing so many rockstars in the ’60s and ’70s, heroin is back! Where I live, there are a lot of homeless young adults – probably 90% of them are heroin addicts. People are turning to it for a cheaper high when they are addicted to pain pills. Sad. I saw a post on Facebook that said since we ended up with MORE drugs after our War on Drugs, why don’t we have a War on Jobs? Maybe we will end up with MORE JOBS.

Jim Morrison died from a heroin overdose, as is now confirmed by singer Marianne Faithful, who heard all about it at the time, and the owner of the nightclub where he was found dead. Yes, the story of him dying in the bathtub (shown in the movie) under unknown circumstances is fake. He really died in a Paris nightclub bathroom after buying heroin from a dealer at the club. This story is on the Daily Mail website. The nightclub owner was alerted that someone was not opening the door to the bathroom stall, and he kicked it down and saw Jim Morrison dead 😦 Wanting to avoid any sort of police involvement, the dealers (and maybe the nightclub owner was complicit in this) moved the body back to Jim’s Paris apartment at around 2 AM, where his girlfriend was staying. Maybe she stuck him in a bathtub full of cold water in hopes of reviving him?

Heroin kills! Both the dealer and Jim’s girlfriend Pam would later die of heroin overdoses.

David Blaine VIP Package Items

Here are photos of what you get in the VIP package goodie bag.

    1. VIP “laminates” for your ticket and badge. These are pretty cool because they are holograms. If you look at it from one angle, you see a photo of him. From another angle, you see his DB logo. These got stolen from my show! So I just got them in the mail today (Colorado Springs show).
    2. Mini poster. I stepped on mine and ripped it ;( But I really like it. It’s on heavy paper with a glossy finish.
    3. Baseball cap. I am not a baseball cap person because they never fit my (small) head right. But I like this one! It’s very comfortable and not the boxy Trucker hat shape.
    4. Signed deck of cards. I don’t have a photo because I sold mine to someone at the show. But it’s a white deck of cards with a swirled gold design.
    5. Tote bag. It’s black with the DB logo on it. If it’s still available on eBay in my seller account, you can see a photo of it here.

Halfway thru 2017: Predictions Correct?

The Summer Solstice (June 21st) got me thinking about the rest of the year. 2017 is half over! How are your goals coming along? I am disappointed that I didn’t make more inroads into being a metaphysical writer/personality, basically the next Doreen Virtue! This is VERY FUNNY because during this time Doreen came out as a born-again Christian! So, she is not a New Age goddess anymore 😦 She is even selling her goddess dresses on eBay! This has taken the wind out of my sales as far as promoting the New Age. Is the whole movement going up in smoke? In a freakish way, I sorta foresaw Doreen’s switch to being all-Jesus, all-the-time. In January, I wrote a blog post titled, “Jesus and Mary’s Popularity Boom.” I wrote about how I was seeing people online turn away from being New Age to embrace born-again Christianity. I AM SO TUNED IN. LOLz.


So, what did I predict back in January in my blog post about 2017, the Year of the Fire Rooster?

Predictions that happened! 

  1. I wrote about the Rooster symbolizing the top-tier CEO who flaunts his success. So we shouldn’t have all been surprised that Trump won the election!
  2. Ruffled feathers, but no real war. Kim Jung-Un’s missile test provocations in North Korea. Putin’s bombing runs in Syria clashing with US military planes.
  3. The Phoenix. A symbol of a more spiritual community rising from the ashes of society. YES! Society is changing rapidly: healthcare for all, gay rights, legalizing marijuana, global warming/stopping pollution, rights of animals not to be exploited in circuses/trophy hunting, women’s rights marches. Of course, these issues are all part of a tug-of-war! It’s 2 steps forward and 1 step back.
  4. Fires and explosions. The super disturbing fire at London’s Grenfell Tower just happened. We could include Kim Jong-Un’s missile tests as explosions/explosive firepower? Lots of wildfires, like last year. Earlier this week, I could barely breathe because of smoke here from a fire in UTAH. And I live in COLORADO!
  5. More alternative medicine => medicinal marijuana (and recreational) now legal in more states.
  6. Dramatic fashions like winged eyeliner and glitter.
  7. Veganism continues to be a rising trend.

Sorta happened.

  1. Lots of weddings and babies? My cousin did get married in Denver. It sounds like Prince Harry will get engaged later this year. Can’t think of any big celebrity weddings. Beyonce’s twins are getting a lot of press.
  2. Success through detailed planning and careful spending? Did that happen for you? I’m feeling unsuccessful at the moment 😦

Didn’t happen. YET.

  1. Explosions like a dirty bomb or natural gas explosions.
  2. Terrorist attack or big accident involving trains/subways and maybe bridges.
  3. Economic downturn in US and UK.

James van Praagh Live in Denver – Part 2

Being in the workshop was very inspiring and I thought of ANOTHER gig I can put up on fiverr: spiritual advice or spiritual life coaching. You can ask me 1-3 questions, send me your name and photo and I’ll see what psychic insights I get for you!

Honestly, I think EVERYONE IS PSYCHIC. We’ve just forgotten how to tune into it. James calls it “making the connection.” He says meditate every day, listen to calming music, go someplace quiet to relax. I do this every day. My 2 cents is to use lavender aromatherapy every day, or a sage spritz or something to clear the energy in your home. James brought a Tibetan set of bells with him, which I own too. Very clearing!

I noticed that just about everyone in attendance was….(drumroll) a WOMAN! Yes, “mother’s intuition” might be a real thing! Partly, this is because women are told its OK to be tuned into to the emotions of themselves and other people, especially loved ones. My mother always says she “just knows things” about people in her life, and sometimes about world events. Whereas men are pressured to be very logical and tune out their emotions/intuitive feelings.

If you believe in past lives, it’s quite likely that many of us women were “witches.” Most witches were like herbalists who lived in the woods, coming up with potions and healing salves from the trees and plants in the forest. So we all likely have some magical powers in our bloodline! Not to mention the gypsy card readers and healers, who I find fascinating also. And if you had past lives as a Native American, you likely knew tons of natural healing techniques or you could’ve even been the tribe’s shaman (usually male, but you can switch genders in different lifetimes).

Another interesting thing people were talking about at the workshop is how we felt magnetically pulled towards each other. It’s very noticeable if you close your eyes and stand close to someone. You’ll feel your body sway towards them! This is because we are attracted like a magnet to the other person’s energy field, especially someone with energy similar to ours (someone we “resonate” with) or someone with a powerful magnetic field, like James or another famous psychic.

Random thought: I saw someone wearing a “SPIRITUAL GANGSTER” hoodie and now I want one!

The only psychic prediction I heard James make is an attack on the NYC subway system. I personally think there will be a dirty bomb in NYC. That means it will be partly nuclear!

I left half way through the workshop, at the lunch break. I still get tired easily, so I thought it was better for me to just drive home early (1 hour drive, but with traffic it took 1 1/2 hours). It was an enjoyable workshop. I’ve mentioned before that I love James’ meditation classes in his online school, School of Mystical Arts.

Oh, he also name-dropped John Edwards, another psychic medium who mostly talks to dead people. The last I heard, he moved his TV show online. I am wondering who the “new” crop of famous metaphysical/spiritual people will be! Some people like Gabrielle Bernstein, but I’m not a fan. She’s the only one I can think of! I would like to be in the mix.

One more thing I thought of: James recommended that everyone choose between being: a psychic, a medium or a healer. A medium is a psychic who specializes in talking to dead people (like your dead relatives). This is if you are going into it professionally. Instead of trying to be all three (or more!), concentrate on the ONE THING you are best at. I decided to choose PSYCHIC, even though I am very interested in energy healing, too.

Read Part 1 if you haven’t yet!

James van Praagh Live in Denver – Part 1

Yesterday, I saw psychic medium James van Praagh in person! He did a meditation class at Mile Hi Church in Denver. You can see his events listed on his personal website. He does quite a lot of them! He mentioned he’s going to Maui next week to do a writer’s workshop with Doreen Virtue. I was dying to ask him what he thinks about Doreen’s conversion to born-again Christianity!

I actually saw James live in person once before…at the Doreen Virtue event I went to in Denver a couple of years ago (part of a Hay House Live tour). He came onstage for part of Doreen’s talk. He’s very low key but likes to joke around a lot. I am thinking he is part Leprechaun! If you’ve taken Doreen’s Realm Reader workshop, you’ll know what I mean! Leprechaun’s have a little twinkle in their eye and like to joke and gossip and have fun.

What did James have us do at the meditation workshop? Mostly, we picked one person in the audience to work with. We did quick exercises like scan their energy, look into their eyes and see what insights you get, hold something from them (psychometry) in your hands and see what it reveals. Everything was quick and easy. Since I’ve gone to other psychic development classes, I could’ve done harder exercises. But anytime you do psychic stuff with a group of people, it seems SO EASY to get information! Everyone in the class saw things (like aura colors) or felt things (I felt a lot sadness from one of the women).

The exercises re-confirmed to me that the best way to “read” someone – even someone you are meeting in “real life” – is to close your eyes/avert your eyes and just go with what you “feel” about the person. We are all bombarded with information from the energy fields of people, but we are taught to ignore this! In fact, it’s much more accurate to “go with your gut” than to judge a person by what they say about themselves (often fudged/misleading) or what others tell you about them (gossip usually has an agenda).

My favorite experience at the workshop was choosing people at random and looking into their eyes. Since looking someone directly in the eyes gets uncomfortable fast, I just unfocused my eyes and gazed over their shoulders. Something about facing the person, but not saying a word, felt very revealing and intimate.

I loved one of the people I got to read like this. She had a VERY STRONG Atlantean vibe. Atlanteans are described as very tall and thin, very self-assured, great public speakers who stand up for what’s right. President Obama = Atlantean (another Realm Reader thing). This woman at the workshop had an amazing ball of blue aquamarine light hovering by her head! I glimpsed it quickly and then it was gone (I suck at seeing auras). This color is associated with Atlantis, the very psychically-advanced society by the sea. Also, this woman had a very unique and interesting necklace on. Like a golden swirl that formed a symbol. I really wished I could ask her about it! But James instructed us to remain silent and move on to reading someone else ;(

My second favorite exercise was scanning a person’s aura or the energy field around their body. I didn’t actually think I’d be good at this! Some people see auras so easily, but I can only SOMETIMES see a faint white line around things. I went to a professional quantum energy healer in Denver a long time ago, and he basically did the same thing we did in this exercise (and charged a lot of money for it). You just slowly run your hand about 3-6 inches off the person’s body. The other person just stands still with their eyes closed. It was super easy to get information this way! Try it with someone.

I definitely felt a lot of excess energy around the head of the woman I scanned. Like they were “in their head” too much, thinking and re-thinking things. It was like a waterfall of energy from the left side of her head towards her left chest. I really didn’t think I’d be good at this exercise, but I felt it immediately and it seemed very obvious to me as I scanned her (hovered my hand over her). When I was done reading her energy field, I told her that she is thinking too much/being too logical when she really wants to be in her heart more (a common problem in today’s world). She agreed. She told me she very much wants to be more involved in women’s marches and other political activism and has been wondering how to do it. I offered a lot of advice/encouragement to meet up with other women who want to go to these marches, and maybe carpool, etc. She said she met someone who lives in Wyoming and she got the idea of helping transport women from Wyoming into Denver because Wyoming doesn’t have any women’s marches. So (a) people usually KNOW what they should be doing but get apprehensive about taking action and (b) I am awesome at giving advice and should be doing this on fiverr! 😉

When we switched places and she read my aura/energy field, she correctly said I have some deficit with my yellow chakra. This has been such a problem for me! And I still don’t know how to fix it! I got gallbladder surgery a long time ago and it completely ffed things up for me/my body. I gained 75 pounds! And then I got a chronic fatigue illness! So I am still trying to figure out how to get more energy. The yellow chakra is like your personal battery. She also said I have a huge surge of energy coming out of my 3rd eye! It was kind of funny because James van Praagh had just pulled one girl out of the audience to be a test example and he said the same thing about her! He said she should really be working as a psychic or a medium professionally. So, I was jazzed about that!

Read more in Part 2!

David Blaine Live Show Review Part 2

I’m still on a David Blaine high 😉 Or maybe I feel this way because I hardly slept last night! I was too excited after the show to go to sleep.

Asi Wind also appears in the show. He is David’s friend, a mentalist from Israel. Asi is also in this NY Post article about David getting ready for this live tour. The article has a few big photos of David’s magic hideout (giant posters of Houdini on the wall). Super cool that David has a hidden magic lair somewhere in NYC! Do you want to know what tricks Asi Wind did? If not, don’t read this part! I loved the mentalist thing he did with little white envelopes, a credit card and slips of paper. He also did a few tricks with Rubik’s cubes.

Do you want to know what tricks and stunts David did onstage? If not, don’t read this paragraph! He did a puzzle trick, a swallowing a frog trick, a swallowing a wedding ring trick, human voodoo doll thing (touching one person but it’s the other person who feels it) and stabbing himself with an ice pick and the drinking kerosene and water to make fire and then put it out. Do you want to know what he did for his grand finale? At my show, it was the holding your breath underwater. UPDATE: David’s personal best for breath hold is 17 minutes. He did about half that at my show (8 minutes). Following that was an audience Q&A. But he’s said he may change up what tricks/stunts he does since he has so many shows to do in a row.

A couple of tricks/stunts I was hoping David would do but didn’t see: (1) making butterflies appear. I was very much hoping to see this because I saw in his SnapChat that he was testing out a butterfly lighting effect. The lights looked like streams of butterflies falling down from the ceiling! Very pretty. and kind of mesmerizing. The calling in of a butterfly is one of MY FAVORITE TRICKS that he does! It is in one of his older TV specials, when he is entertaining little black kids in the 9th Ward of New Orleans hit hard by hurricane Katrina. This trick would be extra difficult to do inside an arena… I was hoping, though. If I ever learn a magic trick, this is the one I would learn! I never saw the blue butterfly lights. Maybe it was part of the stage props that his crew said got stolen. Or he just didn’t bring it on tour. (2) levitating. In his latest TV show, Believe, Criss Angel looks like he’s gotten sooooo much better at levitating! I was wondering if David’s been practicing to keep up with him. Again, the tricks/stunts might change from show to show. I saw the one in Colorado Springs, CO, in June, 2017. He told us we were show number 9 out of 40!

Revealing anecdote David told us during the Q&A part of the show: David said that after one of the other live shows he felt down about his performance. He thought one of the tricks/stunts he did wasn’t good enough. But his friend/tourmate Asi told him it’s not about being “good or “great.” It’s about being “better!” Like just get better with every show. I thought this revealed a lot about David’s personality = driven perfectionist? Kind of startling that he judges himself harshly when he is so successful, monetarily and with the number of fans he has. The arena looked packed and it holds several thousand people!

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My Review of David Blaine Live Show: Part 1

I went to see the new David Blaine Live show in Colorado Springs, CO, last night! If you don’t know, David is a super amazing magician who is now traveling the US in his FIRST EVER live magic show. He’s said he may take the show to Europe next. I think he is going to be busy with this for the next few years!

I got VIP tickets as a birthday gift from my parents ($300 in Colorado Springs, but I think they are $400 in larger cities). I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never done VIP before! I imagined he would hang out with us in a small room after the show, and autograph something/take a photo with every person in the room. Anticipating this, I drew a little angel for David! But I wasn’t able to give it to him.


Instead, we were ushered into another room/on the stage to line up for a quick photo with him, one at a time. The house photographer took the photo and it’ll be emailed to us later. David’s very mellow, and the whole thing went by very easily (this is the type of thing that gives me anxiety!).

Then, we waited in the VIP room and he came in awhile later with Asi Wind. Asi (Ossie) is a mentalist/magician from Israel and a super good friend of David’s who is traveling with him and doing one segment of the live show himself. I was standing verrrry close to David, as luck would have it! But I was too shy to want to participate in a trick.  I watched him do about 5 card tricks at close-up range. They happen SO FAST! If you like a trick on TV, you can rewind it and watch it again. Live in person it’s just like – “Wow, what happened!” I thought since I’m into metaphysical/psychic things that maybe I could pick up on a “feeling” of what he was doing if I was close to him. But no.

Cool card tricks he did in front of me:

Putting the person’s card underneath their watch without them knowing, disappearing all the spades and diamonds out of the deck, using the number of letters in someone’s name to count down to their card in the deck, tapping the deck once and having a card move up to the top.

Everyone noticed that David had a Band-aid on his hand. We were all wondering if this is an injury from his ice pick through the hand trick!

I talked to a lot of people in the VIP room which made it fun. I sold my signed David Blaine card deck to one of the aspiring magicians there. In the VIP bag, you get the signed deck of cards, a mini black-and-white poster (I stepped on mine when I put it under my seat and ripped it), a cool black baseball cap with the DB logo (I’m wearing mine right now and it is comfy and cute!), plus the tote bag which is black canvas. We were supposed to also get a special laminated VIP badge and a laminated ticket that you can keep as a souvenir but the show guides told us a bunch of stuff got stolen! I guess from a truck parked outside the venue in Colorado Springs. They are going to mail them to us later, someone said.

What is David Blaine like IN PERSON?

Very mellow. Like he is in his TV shows! I sensed a flicker of anger/annoyance when someone, instead of taking back the signed card he was handing to him, shoved their cellphone in his face and just kept recording. And wouldn’t take the card he was handing them, so they could keep recording. It was rude, honestly. All over the venue it says NO RECORDING or PHOTOS, but during the last trick in the VIP room he actually asked everyone to take out their cellphones and record it. Some people were broadcasting it live on social media. Maybe he wanted that done to promote his tour?

When we went for our photos with him, the show guide said DON’T TOUCH HIS HANDS. The rules were you could fist-bump him (gently) or hug him. But when we met him, he grabbed everyone’s hands for the photo poses! I talked to someone afterward and we both said we were afraid to touch his hands after the warning. We didn’t want to hurt him. The reason was his hands are getting beat up from the tricks and stunts he’s doing. This live tour is 40 cities with a grueling 3-day on, 1-day off schedule. He said he is only eating on his days off! Poor David! He wanted a challenging pace to make the whole tour a Houdini-esque test of his endurance. I’m thinking he chose 40 cities because of Jesus’ 40 days struggling in the desert?

What was he wearing?

He always wears ALL BLACK. Even his tennis shoes are black.

Merchandise for sale:

Black or white t-shirts ($30) and baseball caps ($25). I’ve heard other venues were selling cards. Maybe these got stolen? Or they sold out?

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