Radleigh Valentine Talks About Doreen’s Virtue Unexpected Conversion to Christianity?

I am ALMOST done with my online learn Tarot course by Hay House’s Radleigh Valentine. He is good friends with Doreen Virtue (when I saw Doreen at a Hay House Live event in Denver, she brought both Radleigh and James Van Praagh up on stage with her). They’ve designed a bunch of Tarot decks together. I found out Radleigh (he’s super nice and VERY flamboyant) has a show on Facebook Live every week, so I watched it.

The first few minutes of his 2018 video are all about how UNEXPECTED and WEIRD some of the things that happened in 2017 were… and if someone had told him what would happen, he wouldn’t have believed them! He would’ve thought they were CRAZY! I think he is talking about Doreen and her shocking turnaround, leaving the metaphysical world for the Christian one, but he doesn’t mention her by name.

Is Radleigh talking about Doreen here?


Tarot Cards about Love and Family

I am over half way through the Radleigh Valentine online course to become a certified Tarot card reader! Last night, I watched his video lesson on Tarot cards about love and family. These are the cards most closely associated with your love life!

Puppy Love, Crush = 1 of Hearts/Summer/Water/Cups (I’ll just write Hearts from here on.)

Finding True Love, A Happy Couple = 2 of Hearts -OR- #6 card in the major arcana = The Lovers

Getting Married = 3ย of Hearts

Having a Baby =ย #3 card in the major arcana = The Queen/Empress/Ultimate Girly Girl

A Loving Family, Happy Family Life = 10 of Hearts


FREE Tarot Card Reading



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What did Madame Blavatsky say about Jesus?

I came across this quote today on Instagram (I’m new_age_ellen on there if you want to follow me), and I had to share it! If you don’t know, Madame Blavatsky was a famous psychic medium in her days and she described a lot of the spirits she talked to – now our New Age people like St. Germain (not a Catholic saint – known for his colorful jewels) and Lady Nada (very wise woman).

Christ is to be sought neither in the wilderness nor in the inner chambers nor in the sanctuary of any temple or church built by man. Christ, the true esoteric savior, is no man but the divine principle in every human being. ~Madame Blavatsky

Interesting that she loved Jesus, too! She calls Him the divine inside every person.

Jesus as painted by Leonardo da Vinci


Newly discovered Jesus painting by Leonardo da Vinci, worth $450 million! I think it’s amazing He is holding a sphere of energy, a metaphysical concept. People have said it’s a globe, but it’s clear, like a looking ball.

Is Jesus God?

Lately, I’ve been wondering about people saying Jesus IS God. This is weird to me, as a Catholic/New-Ager. I always thought of Jesus as the Son of God. And that He was not as important as God. But people are pointing out that we have no clear description of God. Does He look like a person? Or just a mist of energy? (I think a mist.)

What does the Bible say God Looks Like?

Even the Bible offers no description of God’s face! It just says that God created us in His likeness. And the strange Book of Revelation offers a description of a man with white hair like wool and eyes like fiery flames sitting on a throne, wearing long robes. It says no one who sees God’s face is allowed to live, so the angels hide God’s face behind their wings. If God is so important, why not describe Him?

Will the Virgin Mary Rise in Popularity?

Everyone seems to be praying to Jesus these days…even as the rise of the feminine is happening! I thought the Virgin Mary was going to become super popular….