Writing Sample 1: Metaphysical Topic


an online class


  1. Intro to chakras
  2. Chakra colors and locations
  3. Health problems associated with each chakra
  4. Using a pendulum to find muddy chakras
  5. Clearing your chakras to stay healthy
  6. Energizing your chakras with music and color and crystals

A. Intro to chakras

What are chakras (pronounced “shock-rahs”)? More and more people are hearing about chakras now that yoga classes and meditations mention them. Chakras are common knowledge in India and Indian traditional medicine called Ayurveda. Each chakra is part of the swirling energy of your body. Invisible, like energy itself. In the Western medical system, we explain how the body gets energy by pointing to oxygen traveling through the blood stream in red blood cells. Chakras are a less scientific and more metaphysical way of explaining how people get energy and where a weakness in your energy field can lead to illness, more like energy meridians in Chinese medicine. A Chinese acupuncturist will make sure your energy is flowing freely through these meridians (like rivers or blood vessels) by inserting needles to break up any blockages. Chakras are not like rivers or blood vessels; they are circular. Each is a spinning energy, like a hurricane or typhoon. Each chakra has its own color. Less used in the West, but commonly used in India, is the sound like “Om” associated with each chakra. You can chant these sounds to help unblock your energy centers. There are also ancient Indian symbols for each chakra. I don’t personally use either, but they are easy to look up online if you are interested.

B. Chakra colors and locations

There are 7 chakras in the traditional Indian energy system:

  1. 1st chakra: FIRE RED at the base of your spine by your butt
  2. 2nd chakra: SAFFRON ORANGE slightly above your belly button
  3. 3rd chakra: SUNSHINE YELLOW under your ribs
  4. 4th chakra: PALE PINK at your heart
  5. 5th chakra: ELECTRIC BLUE at the bottom of your throat
  6. 6th chakra: INDIGO PURPLE at your 3rd eye (in between your two eyebrows and up slightly)
  7. 7th chakra: VIOLET PURPLE at the top of your head

There are also minor chakras throughout your body, such as the healing energy centers in the palms of your hands.

Activity: Rub your hands together vigorously and feel how quickly they get warm. Now stop rubbing and pull your hands apart, leaving 4 inches of open space between them. Do you feel a tingly, pulsing energy field? You’ve created a ball of excited energy in between your hands. This energy can be used for healing any part of your body! Find a tense or sore muscle/joint and put each of your hands on it. Imagine energy flowing into it. Does it feel better? Every person has healing hands to some degree. If your hands got very, very hot you’d make a great healer, such as a massage therapist or a Reiki energy healer.

C. Health problems associated with each chakra

If the energy in your chakras isn’t rotating swiftly, the color of the chakra can become muddy and weak. A weakened or blocked chakra can lead to illnesses. Each chakra is associated with certain illnesses and emotional problems, due to its location in the body.

  1. 1st chakra: FIRE RED at the base of your spine. Not feeling safe, fears and phobias, low back pain, financial insecurity.
  2. 2nd chakra: SAFFRON ORANGE near your belly button. Feeling stuck. Writer’s block. Feeling blocked creatively. Not bonding with people you like. Fertility problems. Digestion problems related to intestines.
  3. 3rd chakra: SUNSHINE YELLOW under your ribs. Being tired. Being unhappy. Depression. Low self-esteem. Digestion problems related to stomach and gallbladder.
  4. 4th chakra: PALE PINK at your heart. Heartache and sadness. Grief. Heart problems. Poor circulation. Lung diseases.
  5. 5th chakra: ELECTRIC BLUE at the bottom of your throat. Not speaking up for yourself. Thyroid problems. Any medical issues with your throat. Also hearing problems.
  6. 6th chakra: INDIGO PURPLE at your 3rd eye (in between your two eyebrows and up slightly). Not taking risks. Not listening to yourself or your intuition. Being too practical and not passionate enough. Hormone imbalances. Sinus problems/allergies.
  7. 7th chakra: VIOLET PURPLE at the top of your head. Headaches and migraines. Feeling blocked spiritually. Feeling disconnected from God. Feeling bored and unmotivated, like your life is meaningless. Brain diseases.

D. Using a pendulum to find muddy chakras

After reading the above list, which of your chakras do you think is muddy and weak? If you are unsure, you can use a pendulum to check. A pendulum is a crystal or metal ornament hanging on a string or chain. You can buy one online from a metaphysical shop on Etsy. My favorite pendulum is a glass crystal included in Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Kit (buy on Amazon for $20 or spend $30 retail). It’s best to get a new pendulum which hasn’t been displayed in a store or used by someone else (the pendulum will pick up other people’s energy). If you do buy one at a metaphysical store, be sure to ask it in the store if it wants to be your pendulum. First ask it (hold it by the string/chain above your outstretched palm) for its “yes.” Most pendulums swing in a right/clockwise circle for yes, but some swing back-and-forth. Then see what its answer is! You will need to cleanse your new pendulum: wash it in water, place it in sunlight, place it on a plate full of sea salt, chime bells over it, smudge it with sage smoke, pray over it, ask for energy of the highest good to wash over it. If you can’t find one to buy, you can also make one by taking a ring and tying a piece of string to it. Still go through the asking to be my pendulum and the cleansing routine, or you may get some crazy readings!

Usually pendulums are used to answer yes/no questions. But you can also use them to see if your chakra energy centers are clear. Start with a chakra that you are confident is strong and bright. Start the pendulum in motion and notice how it continues to move. Is it moving clockwise? In a nice arc or is it swinging wildly? If its moving back and forth, how fast is it going? This will be a baseline for checking your other chakras. Swing the pendulum near every other chakra. See if it gets off-kilter or stops. This is a muddy/blocked chakra. Also notice if you feel any sensations in your body, near where the pendulum is swinging. Your body might release mini-blocks just from the energy of the pendulum exciting its energy to move faster. You may feel subtle sensations of movement from this.

E. Clearing your chakras to stay healthy

Do you have a couple chakras that you think are weak? If you aren’t sure, don’t worry! We’ll be clearing all of your chakras. The best and easiest way to clear your chakras is to listen to a chakra cleansing meditation. Buy mine in my Etsy shop, New Age Studies. The CDs I like are Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue and Nine Chakras by Inna Segal (she has a difficult Eastern European accent and a dramatic style). Both are available on Amazon.com for about $10. Notice that Inna’s CD clears 9 chakras, but I’ve only taught you about 7 so far. The bonus section of this class includes information on 4 newly discovered chakras (for a total of 11 chakras). My Chakra Clearing Meditation, for sale on Etsy.com, clears all 11 chakras.

Another popular, and fairly easy, way to clear your chakras is to do yoga. Why yoga? Because yoga was invented in India for this very purpose!

F. Energizing your chakras with music and color and crystals

Each chakra is a different color because light vibrates at different frequencies. A super fast vibration creates the color white. It’s no accident that white is the color of spirituality: white feathers on angel wings, the white dove of peace/the Holy Spirit, white wedding dresses symbolizing purity. White is a high-level color. On the opposite end of the color spectrum is red. Red vibrates at a low vibration, and carries a low energy. What does red represent? Evil, the Devil, witchcraft, blood and death. Knowing that each colored chakra is carrying a different speed of energy/light is key to re-energizing them. You can have fun listening to different music and wearing different colors of clothes! See if you feel re-energized. This is more of a playful approach to energizing and strengthening your chakras. You should still do the chakra cleansing meditations at least once a month (more often if you feel stressed or sick or stuck in a rut), or weekly yoga practice.

Choose a chakra that you have a chronic issue with. For instance, I am an introvert and an empath (someone who is very sensitive to bad energy, like in a crowded mall or a tense traffic jam). When I was younger, I was very shy and quiet. I didn’t learn how to talk easily with people in social situations until I was much older. Even now, I have problems speaking up for myself, like if I’m angry with someone or if I have an opinion that’s different. So I have a chronic issue with my throat chakra. In fact, I developed thyroid problems and was on medication for low thyroid hormone for several years. I bought a bunch of items in seafoam green or light turquoise: a silk scarf (if you are an empath and picking up lower energies when you go out in public, silk clothing will help protect you), Chinese flat shoes, aquamarine crystals, yoga shirt and nail polish (I buy the non-toxic brand Mineral Fusion at Whole Foods). Even though it’s not a color I would normally wear, I found myself loving it! It also reminded me of my grandma because turquoise was her favorite color. It’s interesting how much colors affect us emotionally and hold special meanings for each of us.

1st chakra: FIRE RED

2nd chakra: SAFFRON ORANGE (reddish-orange)


4th chakra: PALE PINK


6th chakra: INDIGO PURPLE (gray-hued purple like lavender)

7th chakra: VIOLET PURPLE or CLEAR CRYSTAL (grape purple or royal purple)

Along with choosing colors that match your weakest chakra, you can have fun playing  songs and seeing if you feel more energized! I made a quick list of songs which I associate with each chakra. Feel free to add your own favorites. To make the experience meditative, either listen to the song through headphones while lying down on the couch with an eye pillow or damp washcloth over your eyes, or dim the lights in your bedroom and get cozy in bed while the song plays. Put it on repeat.


1st chakra: loud, fire-themed songs: Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon, Set Fire to the Rain by Adele, Light my Fire by The Doors, Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2

2nd chakra: New Sensation by INXS,

3rd chakra: peppy, upbeat songs about the sun: Happy by Pharell Williams, Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles, Sunshine on my Shoulder by John Denver, Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations, Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin

4th chakra: heart-based songs about Mother Mary and her symbol, the rose: Let it Be by The Beatles, Ave Maria by Andrea Bocelli, The Rose by Bette Midler

5th chakra: speaking up for yourself, being a powerful woman/man: So What? and Stupid Girls by Pink, Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson, Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

6th chakra: seeing with your 3rd eye/using your intuition: Purple Rain by Prince

7th chakra: connecting to God, your spiritual life, believing in God’s power: any religious songs by Jackie Evancho, any church hymns, bright classical music


wear. Buy clothes in new colors! Often, the chakra colors you are lacking are NOT your favorite colors. You may avoid these colors normally, but try something new! For instance, I don’t like to wear bright colors. I normally wear black and brown and forest green. Sometimes I will wear cranberry red or stone grey. Notice these are all Earth colors! I am an Earth sign, so maybe that’s why. I’m also part Fairy, and Fairies dress in Earth colors (bright flower colors if they are Flower Fairies or dark forest colors if they are Tree Fairies). You can learn more about being part of the Fairy Kingdom in my Metaphysical Quizzes, in my Etsy shop (etsy.com/shop/newagestudies). My Throat Chakra was weak, so I bought some new accessories in bright turquoise and seafood green: Chinese flats (shoes), a long silk scarf, a yoga top and a silk ribbon to tie around my wrist as a bracelet. (Note: silk is a great fabric for highly sensitive people, also called Empaths. It deflects negative, tense energy. Try wearing silk the next time you visit a crowded place that would normally give you anxiety!)

Color Therapy oracle cards by Inna Segal. Pick out the cards corresponding to the 11 chakras (There are a lot of colors in this deck, so you have a variety of options. If you want to see the cards I chose, yay). Find the cards representing the colors you are deficient in. Display these where you’ll easily see them. You can buy stands at any Michael’s or Hobby Lobby craft store, or on Etsy.com.