Day 3 of Lucky Leprechauns!


Green and white bouquet I bought for St. Patrick’s Day!

Meet Leigh.

Leigh (pronounced Lee) has brown hair with a dash of red in it, which he carefully gels back, and a trendy goatee. He has intense blue eyes. His personality is tight-lipped, even taciturn.

Leigh’s Abundance Tip:

Keep your plans a secret!



Day 2 of Lucky Leprechauns! 

Meet Lugh.

Lugh (pronounced Lou) is a lively, rough and tumble little Irishman. He has a mess of black hair and a wild black beard and a dangerous glimmer in his eye. He’s a bit of a rebel and wears a white fisherman’s sweater instead of the green felt jacket most leprechauns wear.

Lugh’s Abundance Tip:

Create a vision board.

Day 1 of Lucky Leprechauns!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I am introducing you to a different leprechaun for 7 days in a row 🙂 Each leprechaun tells us an abundance tip! If you don’t know, leprechauns are magical “little people” who live in Ireland (they live on a higher realm so are difficult to see). They are famous for their green felt outfits, leggings and a belted jacket with a matching green cap. They always know how to find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. They also know how to party!

Meet Liam.

Liam (pronounced Lee-im) is a stocky little fellow. He has dark red hair under his green cap, and a dark red beard to match. He smokes a pipe. He dances a feisty Irish jig and likes his brandy.

Liam’s Abundance Tip:

Write down your goals.

The Color Green and The Elementals

emerald green color card

Secret Language of Color card by Inna Segal

The Elementals’ Favorite Color

The color green, especially dark greens like emerald green, is closely associated with The Elementals, especially with leprechauns, elves and fairies. What is so special about the color green? It is the color of the Plant Kingdom, which The Elementals are sworn to protect!

Green Ray of Healing

Also, each color has a special frequency which means it vibrates at a different energy level. The green ray in New Age thought is considered a healing energy. So if green is your favorite color, you may be gifted as a healer! Or you may decide to work with The Elemental kingdom to save the environment. And green vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, etc. are very healthy! Likewise, green herbs can be used in natural healing and have been for centuries.


Elves always wear dark green clothing that matches the forest they work in. Fairies wear bright flowered-color dresses but some wear green accents like leggings to match the green leaves of the flowers they sit on. Leprechauns wear green outfits, too. And Ireland, their home country, is known as The Emerald Isle for its lush greenery (the island gets lots of rain = plants grow like crazy).

Emerald Stones

To connect with The Elementals, you can buy a raw emerald stone. I have a beautiful raw emerald I bought from an Etsy seller for under $10! (raw emeralds like this aren’t good enough quality to be sold as gemstones) Remember to re-energize your emerald in moonlight, not sunlight.

Leprechaun Meditation for Abundance


I love St. Patrick! Say this meditation on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) to give it more power. Both St. Patrick and the leprechauns represent the beautiful spirituality of Ireland. Leprechauns are amazing at bringing in abundance.

See emerald green sparkles in front of you. Now imagine an emerald green ray of light beaming out from your heart chakra (“shock-rah,” near your heart but in the middle of  your chest). This emerald green ray transmits the energy of love. Ask St. Patrick to visit you. See him standing before you, bathed in this emerald green ray of love. He is dressed like a Catholic priest, with gold and green Celtic symbols embroidered on his outfit. Say, “Dear St. Patrick, I have called you in to bless me with an abundance of love and riches.” See a green Celtic heart (with knotwork in the middle) float toward you from his outstretched hand. Know that St. Patrick is blessing you with love.

To help bless you with riches, St. Patrick calls in his friends the leprechauns. Everyone knows the leprechauns are lucky! See three leprechauns standing in front of you. They look a bit like the dwarves from “Snow White” but they wear forest green clothes: felt leggings, a matching top edged in a ruffle and a pointy green cap. Each leprechaun steps forward and hands you a lucky shamrock. As soon as you take the lucky shamrocks, the leprechauns start singing and dancing. They dance away from you, saying, “We’re off to find the pot of gold!” Wave goodbye to them. They’ll reappear once they’ve found gold for you.

Manifesting abundance is all about shortening the time between cause and effect. Your positive thinking is the cause and the effect is realizing your dreams. Visualize what you want. Create a vision board with positive affirmations, Bible quotes, pictures ripped out of magazines and inspiring post cards. Do meditations and even hypnosis. See in your mind what you want to achieve. The more passionate you are, the quicker you will attract what you want. Know that the world has infinite resources and God wants you to achieve your dreams.

Now, see a thick mist of gold sparkles. The sparkles form a golden path. Walking towards you on this path are the leprechauns. Watch as they set down a heavy black pot overflowing with gold coins. Ask them, “Where, oh where, did you find this pot of gold?” They’ll reply, “Why, at the end of a rainbow, of course!” Admire the gold coins. Pick one up and inspect it. Is it shiny? Is it heavy? Is it inscribed with writing or embossed with a symbol? The more real the gold coins are to you, the better. Say good bye and thank you to the leprechauns. Know that the luck of the Irish is with you!

Want to print this meditation? CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK for the pdf file: leprechaun_meditation

©Ellen Auchter 2016
Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.