Unicorn Cards!

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Here’s a quick slideshow of all the unicorn cards I own! See my Instagram account for info on what decks they are from (see sidebar).


Part 6/6 Read the Ending!


The naked girl hurriedly swam back to her underclothes, drying in the sun. She put them on, and grabbed her backpack. Inside is her notebook and pen. She turns to the unicorn, pen in hand, but the unicorn has disappeared! She feels a moment of sadness. The unicorn was SO beautiful, SO sweet, SO smart and SO real! Then she starts writing notes, not wanting to forget a thing.

The girl never forgot the beauty of the unicorn, or its message for her. She vowed to work with healing rainbow energy. 

That girl was me.


P.S. Originally this was going to be a 7-day series, but then I changed it to 6 days and that screwed up the letter-a-day thing. Oops.


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Unicorn approved 😉

Part 5/6


When humans are sick, their bodies are not energized at the right levels, the unicorn explained telepathically. To be healthy, your body needs to glow with energy, like a light bulb. If you have blockages, your energy will get stuck and your light will dim. Blockages could be caused by repressed anger or sadness, hidden fears or worries or traumatic events buried in your past. Blocked energy causes painful stiff joints, chronic fatigue or illness.

“Wow!” said the girl. “How do I get rid of these energy blocks?”

With rainbow light! Imagine each color as a bomb exploding, breaking apart blockages that look like dams or road blocks.

The unicorn tells the girl to write this all down in a notebook so she can remember it forever.

Final part tomorrow!

Part 4/6


The unicorn told the girl that today she’d be gifted with magical abilities. It said every unicorn has a horn made of dazzling white light, and within this white light is a magical rainbow!

“But what do magical rainbows do?” the girl asked the unicorn.

The unicorn explained that rainbows are a magical healing tool. Rainbows display light in every color = atoms vibrating at every energy level visible to the human eye. 

“How is this healing?” the girl asked, perplexed.

Part 5 tomorrow!

Part 3/6


Who or what was watching her swim naked in the hidden Hawaiian waterfall and pool? The spray and mists of the waterfall and the damp rainforest clouded her vision. She slowly swam closer. She could only make out a white glow. Then the mists parted and she saw it. It was standing in the bushes on the opposite bank. A unicorn! She was astonished. She believed in unicorns, but had never seen one. It was as real as could be. Like a beautiful all-white horse, it glistened and sparkled in the sun. It’s horn of dazzling white light marked it as a magical unicorn. She was mesmerized.

Then the unicorn spoke to her.

Part 4 tomorrow!

U is for Unicorns

U is for Unicorns

What are Unicorns?

Unicorns are ascended horses. This means they are very spiritual and pure. A symbol of their spiritual nature is that unicorns are always white. They are drawn with a horn, usually either gold or silver or white. However, New Agers believe this horn is not a horn but rather a spiral of energy! Unicorns are gifted with a rainbow of energy. This is very special because the rainbow includes every color ray: red ray, orange ray, yellow ray, green ray, blue ray, indigo ray and violet ray. If you know the chakra system, you’ll realize that these rays are the same colors as the 7 main chakras! That is no accident. These colored rays of light are important for healing. Since the unicorns are able to shower us with rainbow light, they are master healers!

Are Unicorns Real?

Yes, unicorns really exist! They live on a higher dimensional plane than we do. Their energy is vibrates at a faster rate. They are closer to God than normal horses and people. Some people can reach the higher dimensions and see the unicorns. That is why there are drawings of what unicorns look like. 

A Unicorn Blessing

Dear Unicorns,

I believe in you! Please, bless me with your magical rainbow of light.

I ask you to point your unicorn “horns” at me. Create a rainbow of 7 color rays and direct it towards me. I know this magical rainbow can balance my energy by brightening my chakras.

Also, the next time I am eating or drinking, I ask you to purify my food/drink with this same rainbow of light. This will raise its vibration from the low, earthly level.

Thank you, unicorns!

CLICK HERE to download this blessing as a pdf file for printing.