Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday


Today is the sultry screen siren’s birthday (June 1st)! I just read Tanis Halliwell’s book called Hybrids and she says Marilyn was part dolphin. Sounds weird, but dolphins are very importantย in metaphysical circles. Dolphins and whales hold all the ancient knowledge of Atlantis. It’s believed they interacted with the Atlanteans – were able to talk to them and even mingle with them. So now, some people have dolphin DNA lurking in their bodies. Tanis says Marilyn Monroe was one of them, since dolphin hybrids are super sexual and very charismatic. Since Marilyn is still famous all these years later (and she still looks sexy, even by today’s standards), I am inclined to believe her!


Happy World Wildlife Day!


I created this dolphin art for an application to be a stock illustrator, but I didn’t get approved…so I almost trashed this, but I looked at it again and it’s SO CUTE! And who doesn’t love dolphins?ย 

Dolphins and whales are super popular because they are not just animals; they are very wise beings. They hold the knowledge of the Lost Civilization of Atlantis.ย 

Let’s pray for the safety of all animals on Earth today โค