This Blog is Ending!

I decided not to renew my domain name for this blog! I am determined to save money and get to a better place financially in 2019, and this is one expense I can cut (about $120/yr for the domain name and business plan with WordPress). Plus, I hate WordPress!!! It’s so clunky to use. And Blogger is still FREE. I used to write blogs on there, and it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles but it’s good at grabbing traffic.

So I am starting 3 new blogs on Blogger, each focused on a different revenue stream:

    angel tarot card readings (I will put my metaphysical posts here!)

    ellens animations (I do cartoon animations for clients on fiverr, so this will be an extra place for me to showcase my work. I will also talk about graphic design.)

    natural healing life coach (I just started selling doTerra essential oils and lotions! You can buy them directly from my webpage on the doTerra site. I will also highlight other natural products I like such as Badger Balm’s Suntan Lotion Face Stick.)

    I would love it if you follow me on some of my new blogs! Each also has a Facebook page (except for Ellen’s Animations) and an Instagram page of the same name.

    Mostly, this blog gets hits for all of my Doreen Virtue conversion to Christianity posts. But she left the new age movement awhile ago, and I think it’s old news now that she probably doesn’t want rehashed.

    I also get hits on my posts reviewing magician David Blaine shows. I saw on that he will be announcing another tour for 2019, this time in Europe. So maybe I will copy those show reviews and do another one if I go to his show.

    As it’s about to be a new year, I say, “Out with the old, and in with the new!”

    If there are posts you still want to read, this blog will be up until the end of February, 2019.


December Card Reading!

Messenger of Abundance card
Messenger of Abundance card

December Card Reading for 2018

I *finally* created a super cute Keynote pdf file/movie for our monthly card readings! Just press the download button (or the link) and it’ll display as a pdf in your browser. I will also put the movie/slideshow up on YouTube.

We got one card about money (see the photo for card 1). And 2 cards about holiday stress!

David Blaine Cleared of Rape Charges

Scotland Yard says they will no longer investigate date rape charges against magician David Blaine. Apparently, David appeared in London for questioning and the police don’t feel there is any evidence to go on. This isn’t quite the same as being proven innocent! A model claimed that David spiked her drink with a drug that made her pass out for 12 hours. She hazily remembers him having sex with her. It’s hard to say if this is true or not. This was in 2004.

Magician David Blaine cartoon character.

Magician David Blaine as a cartoon character. By Ellensanimation on

I am glad that David Blaine has been cleared by Scotland Yard and is able to travel to London with no worries about the police.


I needed to draw this for my Grow with Google computer programming class. I am working on an online portfolio as part of the class. I don’t think I am going to be able to finish and get my nanodegree 😦 I figured this might happen because I planned to move to Germany for grad school in environmental science this October, but my parents pulled my money at the last moment 😦 Last month, I moved to a new place in Vegas instead…so lots of planning and packing and now everything is in disarray!

self-portrait drawing


Real Life Angel: Michael Ketterer

I’ve written about people who are part angels and part fairies before. I’ve been watching America’s Got Talent, and singer Michael Ketterer is definitely part angel!

How do I know?

1) His name: Michael. Many angels are named Michael or Michele after the most popular angel, St. Michael.

2) His eyes. Michael has remarkable blue eyes. Both angels and alien hybrids have distinctive eyes. Angels have pretty sky blue eyes.

3) His profession: nurse and now a child psychologist in a hospital. Angels want to HELP people. They will often go around saying this! “I just want to HELP people. What can I do to HELP people?” Michael is very giving in that he works in hospitals and he has adopted kids – some that were abused by drug addict parents and one that is confined to a wheelchair with a serious disability. Angels are often nurses/doctors or police/firemen. All this and he has time to sing! He sings uplifting songs and posts a lot about his Christian faith on Twitter.

4) People’s reactions to him. He even got stonefaced Simon Cowell to CRY! Simon was moved by one of his songs with lyrics about loving your family. Simon himself has said that there is just something special about Michael Ketterer.

Mission Impossible: Fallout Review


Tom Cruise is on the cover of People magazine for August 6, 2018.

I ended up seeing the new Tom Cruise movie TWICE this week (it just opened on Thursday)! I was traveling in Boulder, Colorado, and had so much extra time! I didn’t know what else to do but see a movie. The movie theater (Century) in Boulder was a little weird – you reserve your seat when you buy your ticket. I don’t really like this, because you never know you are going to sit by or if a lot of people are going to buy seats by you. I like having some space around me in the movie theater, especially if people are going to be talking during the movie or even the promos.

Mission Impossible: Fallout Gets 4 Stars

I give the newest Mission Impossible movie 4 stars (not 5). I LOVE these kinds of action movies and I LOVE all Tom Cruise movies (minus that weird sex one). But the movie is VERY LONG (almost 3 hours once you sit thru all the promos, 2.5 hours if you watch it at home). And it’s not as funny as the last one! I thought that was a big selling point of the Mission Impossible movies over the James Bond movies: more joking and not taking itself so seriously.


The People magazine story says Tom Cruise gets to all of his movie premiers 3 hours early to talk to fans and take photos πŸ™‚

The movie name, Fallout, refers to nuclear fallout from nuclear bombs.

More Tom Cruise Chase Scenes

There’s lots of great chase scenes, including a motorcycle chase through the narrow streets of Paris and a Star Wars-type helicopter chase through narrow mountain canyons. Plus lots of running and fist-fight scenes.

I thought the story line had way too many things going on. It could’ve been divided into 2 movies.

Tom Cruise still looks good πŸ™‚ I read afterwards that he did some of the crazy stunts in the movie, like dangling from a helicopter and leaping between buildings in London (he broke his ankle).