Bigfoot Photos

The DailyMail (British newspaper) has a new story about Bigfoot! A man in rural California has seen 5 of them on his land. He has a photo of one of them, and a footprint. He says 2 of his neighbors have seen the same Bigfoot family.

Click here to see the photo and read the story.

I believe him! As I wrote in my previous Bigfoot posts, this is an animal that is adept at hiding on the higher dimensions. They are super secretive and live deep in the woods. People who get an eerie feeling walking in the woods may be in the presence of one!

If you read the Bible, the people then talked about giants (Goliath). Giants are also featured on Game of Thrones ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s quite possible that a few giants – like Bigfoot and its arctic brethren the Yeti – still exist.


2 Psychics in Vegas this Weekend!

I heard on the radio that the Long Island Medium (I’ve watched some episodes of the show but I don’t have cable or I would watch more), Teresa Caputo is doing a show in Vegas! I entered to win tickets. It’s priced low, though, and I might just go. It’s at the Monte Carlo casino on Saturday night. I also listed it in my new Las Vegas New Age Studies Meetup group, in case someone wants to go with me ๐Ÿ˜‰

And now I’ve gotten an emailed newsletter fromย Gary Spiveyย saying he is in town this weekend, too! I went to him once when I lived in California and he was the most powerful psychic medium I’ve ever met! I’ve been interested in going to him again ever since then, but I wasn’t able to travel much (former health problems, money problems). So, I’m amazed that he’s coming to Vegas where I now live!!! Watch his great meditation on YouTube. He’s going to be at Bally’s (also on Saturday night!) and he’s also doing an energy workshop on Sunday.

What to do….. I’d really like to see both of them and hopefully meet some spiritual people in this Godforsaken town! (I’m having some trouble adjusting to life in Vegas. I’ve already been almost run off the road 3x. People are super horrible, aggressive drivers here. MUCH WORSE than in SoCal.)

UPDATE: I won free tickets to see Teresa Caputoย from the radio station!ย I really had a feeling I’d win ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, now I am going for sure. I bought tickets to Gary Spivey’s energy workshop on Sunday. I looked into getting a reading from him, but 30 minutes is $400 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Feast Day of St. Francis

St. Francis is one of my favorite saints because (1) he helped animals and (2) he’s my dad’s patron saint. Catholics don’t talk about animal rights too much, but both Saint Francis and Saint Martin were devoted to the animal kingdom. St. Francis was often observed talking to birds. He could have conversations with them. That’s why you see so many garden statues of St. Francis. Often, the statue will feature birds or double as a birdfeeder/bird bath.

I was reading the new Diana Cooper book about animals and she says the lions in Africa are trying to heal the world with their roars! If you’ve read books about Africa, you know lions make A LOT of vocalizations at night. Sort of a low-pitched rumble. A pride of lions will vocalize together and the rumbly noise will be heard for miles. This is similar to your cat purring in your lap. Diana says both of these sound frequencies are very healing!

Pray for the lions in Africa, and all the big cats around the globe (tigers, panthers, cheetahs, leopards, mountain lions) who are in danger of losing their habitats. Regardless of what you are taught in school or in church, most animals are MORE PSYCHICALLY and SPIRITUALLY ADVANCED than humans!

Vegas Shooting

I was lying on my couch last night around 10:30PM, about to go to sleep, when I kept hearing siren after siren after siren!ย At first, it didn’t seem unusual because I live off of a major highway (the 215). I decided to check social media and see if something was happening…turns out it was THE WORST MASS SHOOTING in U.S. history! On the south end of the Vegas Strip (where all the casinos and hotels are).

I just moved to Vegas one month ago! To be honest, Vegas is pretty ghetto and I don’t recommend living here (lots of gun violence, domestic violence and people scamming you for money). So, I am not super surprised that someone would lose it and go postal here. I read online that the shooter was a gambler, so maybe he was hitting the skids financially? No one knows the motive for the shooting yet.

Again, I am PRO GUN-CONTROL! I was just on UNLV campus last week (getting free tickets to see Barb, the entrepreneur investor from Shark Tank) and 2 people were asking for signatures for a “save our gun rights” campaign. I was honestly disgusted! America has some of the most lax gun laws in the entire world. In Europe, you can’t just walk into Walmart and buy a shotgun. You can’t decide you want a semi-automatic gun like soldiers use in the army (for what purpose do you really need one?). You can’t buy boxes and boxes of ammunition. You can’t buy body-armor piercing bullets, exploding bullets, etc. For the SAFETY of EVERYONE!

So, that’s my rant. Another part of this unfolding story is a concert-goer who told our local news that a woman at the concert was acting erratically, pushing to get to the front near the stage, touching people’s hair and getting into arguments. She was saying, “You’re all going to die tonight!” People thought she was crazy and she got kicked out of the concert venue. Then, 45 minutes later, the shooting started. Was it a premonition? That is my guess.

Gluten Free Protein Bars Video

You know how infrequently I post videos to YouTube! I am going to set up some video recording areas in my new apartment in Vegas, so I will record more videos!

Today, I did a quick video promoting a delicious protein bar I discovered in Vegas (you can order them online, too): Mad Macro.

  • gluten-free
  • dairy-free
  • paleo approved
  • no soy
  • high protein/low carb

Check out the video from my YouTube channel (newagestudies) below or watch today on my Instagram video feed (new_age_ellen)!

More Doreen Virtue News! Leaving Hawaii and Closing Animal Rescue

I just started watching this week’s video from Doreen Virtue (she’s renamed them “Heart to Heart” videos – used to be Weekly Angel Card Readings) and Doreen says she is leaving Hawaii! She didn’t say where she is moving to (I’ve only watched the first 5 minutes of the video). I’m guessing mainland U.S. but not California where she used to live since Laguna Beach is a super, super expensive area. She says she needs to downsize A LOT so she is selling the animal rescue ranch and giving away most/all of the animals! She mentions wanting to help others and do a lot of charitable work including giving away most of her money/future book earnings (she says again in this video that she has spent all of her savings on rescuing the animals)…. Will she become a preacher and work at a mega church? Or start her own homeless outreach and grass roots church?

I will laugh if she moves to the Denver area because I just moved away from Colorado Springs (45 minutes south of there)! I’ve heard she has family connections in Denver and I’ve met people who took classes from her in Denver many years ago. And when I called into her radio show, she seemed to know about the Colorado Springs area. So maybe it’s an area she’s interested in. IF she was still a metaphysical speaker, I would be bummed to find out she’s there doing in-person stuff and now I’m here in Vegas!

I’ve been thinking about her prediction that I would move to a wooded area (like Montana) and get a state job with the forest service or another government environmental agency (like BLM, EPA). She told me this when I called into her Hay House radio show,ย but that didn’t happen! Instead,ย I moved to Vegas earlier this month! I never did get an environmental job. Now, I’m looking for a good part-time job that I can do along with the computer animation jobs I’m doing on fiverr (newagestudies).

UPDATE: I’m 15 minutes into her latest video now. Doreen is telling us she wants to follow the Bibleย and it says rich men don’t go to heaven (at least not easily). She mentions the part where Jesus asks the simple fishermen to drop everything and follow him, and they do. Then he asks a rich man to drop everything (give up his businesses, his house) and he refuses. Doreen says she wants to follow the Bible soย she is selling everything she owns!


Doreen also says she wants to keep writing for Hay House, a big metaphysical publishing house. Because they are getting a lot of hate mail for publishing her Christian Bible book, she is asking people to write positive letters to the Hay House president, Reid Tracy (Louise Hay has died).

20 minutes into video: Doreen says SOME of the animals will come with her to the new place (I imagine the dogs, cats and small birds), but the farm animals have already been re-homed! She said there is no longer be a “donate” button on her website for donating to the animal rescue, as the rescue is already over and done with ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Doreen says she won’t be telling us where she is moving to! She will only say that it’s not in Hawaii and it’s someplace she will be flying to (with her husband and pets). I’m guessing it’s “the mainland” = the continental U.S.

UPDATE: On Facebook, Doreen confirms she’ll be moving to the mainland and living on a smaller ranch. I wish her the best with her move! My move to Vegas really s-u-c-k-e-d. My cat screamed the whole 2.5 days in the car and PODS took 2 long weeks to deliver my furniture and boxes.