Why Does David Blaine Sew His Lips Shut?

I created this new animated video to celebrate going to David’s magic show this week in Hollywood πŸ™‚ Click the video to watch it.

And watchΒ my other David Blaine video, “Why Does David Blaine Eat Frogs?” in my YouTube channel.


New Blog Focus

I am changing things up again with my social media!

New Instagram name: fairy_environmentalist

More changes coming! I am not having much luck doing Tarot card readings online, so I am going to focus more on my freelance work: cartoon animations and illustrations. I am already on Fiverr and Upwork, and I’m going to change over my Etsy shop πŸ™‚

I have added a link to my online art portfolio to the top of the page.

My Cartoon Animations on Fiverr

I am creating animations on fiverr for YouTube! The animated videos are like cartoons. Here’s an example video I created about magician David Blaine and his infamous swallowing a live frog trick.

You can get a video like this with ANY MESSAGE you want written on it! And you can choose the style of music. See my new listing on fiverr (my name there is the same: newagestudies).

These short videos are e-cards. More fun than a paper greeting card, for about the same money. And it saves you the hassle of buying stamps and addressing envelopes! Just email the YouTube link to friends/family/co-workers.