International Peace Day Button

Friday is International Peace Day so I made this button! Available in my Zazzle shop, Black Cat Drawings (see link under image).



I needed to draw this for my Grow with Google computer programming class. I am working on an online portfolio as part of the class. I don’t think I am going to be able to finish and get my nanodegree 😦 I figured this might happen because I planned to move to Germany for grad school in environmental science this October, but my parents pulled my money at the last moment 😦 Last month, I moved to a new place in Vegas instead…so lots of planning and packing and now everything is in disarray!

self-portrait drawing


Cecil the Lion’s Cub Killed by Trophy Hunter


Did you hear that Cecil the Lion’s cub, Xanda, just got killed by a hunter in Africa? The young lion was 6 years old and wearing a radio collar. He lived on the same lion preserve as Cecil did, and he also stepped over the invisible borderline of the park’s boundaries and was killed by a trophy hunter! The hunter likely wanted a lion head to mount on his wall 😦 Too sad. Lion hunting is still a big business in Zimbabwe, Africa. A hunter pays about $50,000 for the permits and a hunting guide. Crazy!

By the way, Donald Trump, Jr. has been photographed with a dead spotted LEOPARD that he killed! And a dead ELEPHANT. Sick.

As we ascend into a higher vibration world, the hurting of animals will stop.

I drew this Cecil the Lion as a tribute to him. Color prints available in my Etsy shop, black cat drawings. And a black-and-white version you can print at home.

My Wax Paintings on Etsy

I am now putting up some of my wax paintings for sale this holiday season! I have a new Etsy shop called Environmental Ellen.

I am not posting so much New Age/metaphysical stuff as I’m looking into moving in 2017 and going to grad school for environmental science 🙂 I will start offering flower readings, though. I thought I could make some good money writing metaphysical books, but it hasn’t materialized…so I am re-thinking my goals for 2017! I also write about politics on my other blog, I am sending out book proposals to write a funny book about Putin and Trump!

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Chakras Map


This is the new map I drew for all 11 chakras. Traditionally, there are 7 chakras but 4 new, higher-level chakras have been discovered! (There are also many minor chakras in your body that not many people talk about, like in the palms of your hands. This is what powers hands-on healings.) My new Chakra Clearing Meditation and Energize your Chakras class will cleanse all 11 chakras 😉 Available soon in my Etsy shop.

Earth Day!

Earth day graphic

RIP Prince

To be honest, I’ve been totally distracted by the death of pop star Prince, which happened yesterday! So sad when a celebrity you really liked dies. I am happy he is getting a lot of media coverage, though. He deserves it! What an amazing musical genius. I remember when Purple Rain came out. I was a freshman in high school and really into music. I even did a class speech about the album for music class!

Send Love

Let’s not forget Mother Earth on her special day 🙂 Send prayers and love to help the environment. I hate how so many big companies make money off destroying the environment, like coal mining and logging and fracking for natural gas. I hope the Earth soon becomes a better place where people truly honor and love the Earth again, like the native cultures do (Indian tribes, Hawaiians, Aborigines in Australia, etc.) and the Atlanteans and Lemurians did.

Happy World Wildlife Day!


I created this dolphin art for an application to be a stock illustrator, but I didn’t get approved…so I almost trashed this, but I looked at it again and it’s SO CUTE! And who doesn’t love dolphins? 

Dolphins and whales are super popular because they are not just animals; they are very wise beings. They hold the knowledge of the Lost Civilization of Atlantis. 

Let’s pray for the safety of all animals on Earth today ❤