Doreen Virtue Fairyologist Review

I am 3/4 of the way through the Doreen Virtue Fairyologist online class. I’m enjoying it because it’s gotten me thinking about the Fairy realm again. I would like to do more to promote them! They have such a great message: caring for the Earth and all the animals and plants on it. I guess environmentalism is still an important and needed message since President Trump resigned from the Paris Climate Change Agreement yesterday!

That said, the videos in the course are super-short and the course seems a bit thrown together. I wasn’t expecting it to include things like the Huna beings in Hawaii or how to craft a Fairy circle in your garden. But she does have a lot of knowledge about the history of Fairies and it’s clear that she has researched them for years.

Also, her Hawaii estate is in every video (the one she sold to start her rescue ranch) and it’s SO BEAUTIFUL. It has/had a Fairy door and a Fairy stone fence with wrought-iron lamps to light at night. Maybe someone should start a Fairy park for adults? In the U.K., there are Faery fairs where adults dress up in Fairy wings and dresses 🙂

Britney Spears = Flower Fairy

I’m taking Doreen Virtue’s Fairyologist course (it was half off this week!), and while watching her videos I came to realize that Britney Spears is a Flower Fairy! She definitely meets the criteria that Doreen laid out:

  • into dancing and music
  • sexy
  • super beautiful face
  • very sweet personality, similar to an Angelic personality
  • shy (in interviews, Britney is shy)
  • love wearing girly outfits in bright, happy flower colors

Also, I believe Britney has dressed up as a fairy, angel and a butterfly in her stage costumes?

Fairy hybrids are fascinating! It means a human crossed with a magical Fairy.

I think I’m a Tree Fairy hybrid. Tree Fairies are not soooo sugary-sweet and into pink flowers and shimmery glitter as a Flower Fairy. Tree Fairies like woodsy colors like green and brown and are a little tougher, since they fend for themselves in the woods. Side note: I always thought Fairies lived alone, but Doreen said Tree Fairies can live in groups, like the Elves do.

What is my review of Doreen’s Fairyologist course? Read it here.

Are Gnomes Real?


Many different cultures talk about gnomes. Gnomes are especially popular in Germany, in England/Scotland/Ireland and in Sweden/Norway/Finland. Sometimes, Gnomes are called Dwarves or Goblins. They are in many fairy tales.

What do Gnomes look like?

Everyone knows the Travelocity Gnome. That is a good representation! Blue or red hat, crumpled suit, wild white beard. Gnomes are little people (only 2-3 feet tall or 0.6 meters) with a very round bodies. Most Gnomes look a bit rumpled! They love working outdoors in nature and don’t mind if they get their clothes dirty.

If you want to read a good book or two about REAL Gnomes living in Ireland, look up Tanis Halliwell on Amazon.

According to Tanis, Gnomes live in families just like you and me. The Gnome family might live alongside a human family, like in your garden or your kitchen cupboards. When she was staying in an old cottage in Ireland, Tanis met a family of Gnomes. All the Irish locals believed this family existed and had seen them with their own eyes!

What do Gnomes like to do?

Gnomes are famous for loving to garden! If you are a serious gardener, you will attract Gnomes. They also like fixing things in your home, like your sink. Anything that’s working with tools, they like.

Where do Gnomes live?

Gnomes love to stay hidden and will seek out a woodsy, unkempt spot. If you have a messy, half-abandoned garden shed or greenhouse on your property, a Gnome family might live there! Other possibilities are a dusty, cluttered wooden cabinet in your house. One that you rarely open. Gnomes also live in hollowed out trees or a mess of downed tree limbs. Maybe you have a fireplace logs that have been piled in the back of your property forever? A Gnome family would like to live there. Also, if you are ever walking in the woods and you see a tree with exposed roots, like a hillside has given way or the ground has eroded, that is a great spot for a Gnome family. Their goal is to stay hidden while seeking shelter in a tree or wooden object.

What different types of Gnomes are there?

  • GARDEN GNOME = The most popular! Just about every gardener puts out a fake Garden Gnome statue in hopes of attracting a green-thumbed Gnome! If you are super-serious about your garden, you may be blessed with a Gnome and his family. While you aren’t looking, the Gnomes will do all sorts of magical garden tricks to help your garden grow. Keep in mind that Gnomes like places to hide. Add some extra big clay pots for them to hide behind, big downed tree branches or large rocks. Remember that Gnomes prefer garden accessories made out of natural items like clay, wood and stone. Not plastic, resin or shiny metal objects.
  • WOODLAND GNOME = Some Gnomes live out in the woods. They prefer a deciduous forest with lots of ground cover (fallen logs, leaves, mushrooms, moss). Gnomes have an association with wild mushrooms, but I’m not sure why.

What is the common personality of a Gnome?

Gnomes are a bit old-fashioned. The man will take the lead in talking to humans. He may have a gruff, manly-man personality. He doesn’t like too much idle chit-chat. He loves working. Besides gardening, he is great at fixing things and building things. He is serious about his work and prefers to work alone. He may leave in a huff if he thinks you aren’t being serious enough about your gardening. The Gnome children will be in the care of the wife and will remain mostly hidden from view.

Gnomes are Elementals.

If you didn’t know, Gnomes are part of the Elementals, which I like to call the Magic Fairy Kingdom. This includes all of the magical little beings who work with the environment: Fairies, Mermaids, Elves. And the magical Leprechauns and Unicorns. Wizards are in a different group, but work very closely with the Elementals to get their magic done. Like Fairies and Wizards, Gnomes are able to visit Middle Earth. This is sort of a real place and sort of a magical place on the higher realms. Everything here is earthen and rustic, with mud and wood.


Do you have trouble fitting into this world?

You may be only half human!

Did you know there are human – elemental hybrids? You may be half leprechaun!

Take my quiz and find out!

You may be part lucky leprechaun if you:

  • look Irish with red hair and freckles
  • love playing pranks on people to make them laugh
  • celebrate St. Patty’s Day with lots of drinking and dancing on tables

The whole first page lists common characteristics of leprechaun hybrids. The second page tells you what careers are good for leprechauns. Plus common life problems (I’ll tell you one for free: too much partying -> rehab).

Order easily with this PayPal link. You get 2 pages to read/print out, sent to your PayPal email address.

Queen of the Fairy Kingdom


I consider Dana (dawn-ya) the Queen of the Fairy Kingdom! She is the Irish queen who created the leprechauns. Like the leprechauns (normal-sized Irishmen made small), she is only 3 feet tall. But she is very powerful! Ask to connect with her during your next meditation 🙂

In other Irish news: Sinn Fein, the political party that wants a united Ireland, won almost half the seats in Parliament! This is a huge victory for them. I personally think we will see a united Ireland in our lifetime ❤

I feel that after Queen Elizabeth dies (she’s been having health issues), a new, more modern time will begin, especially once Prince William takes the throne. Even though they don’t have political power, the royal family is an important symbol of the glory days of the British Empire. Prince William wants to bring the British royal family – kicking and screaming – into modern times, while his dad Prince Charles likely doesn’t. I just saw in a documentary that Prince Charles still has servants ironing his shoelaces for him 😉 Psychics predict the Queen will die soon, Prince Charles will be king for about 5 years, and then Prince William will take over. As a huge Princess Diana fan, I’m excited to see her son(s) take over!

What are Leprechauns?


Leprechauns were normal-sized Irishmen until their Irish queen, Dana (dawn-ya) miniaturized them to keep them safe. Ireland was being overrun by brutal invaders (the Gauls). The little Leprechauns hid in the woods.

Today, Leprechauns still have some human characteristics. Some drink beer or whiskey, some smoke pipes, some wear Irish fisherman sweaters, some have thick beards, some like dancing Irish jigs and most wear dark green blazers and pants.

Ask the Leprechauns for abundance. Specify what you mean by “abundance” such as $100 more a week in tips, 10 new clients for your acupuncture business, etc. Then visualize this happening!