Happy 4th! Be Spiritually Free!

I got an emailed newsletter from psychic medium James van Praagh today and he talks about SPIRITUAL FREEDOM. A great topic for 4th of July!

Do you feel free to follow your OWN SPIRITUAL PATH? Or are you chained to the old ways of doing things, like church and The Bible?




You are FREE to create your own spiritual practice.

What do you LIKE doing? Praying or meditating? Yoga or going to church? Reading uplifting books like “Angels in my Hair” by Irish angel lady Lorna Byrne or Marianne Williamson’s take on A Course in Miracles? Or the New Testament in the Bible? Going to a meditation class or just listening to meditative music on iTunes? (I like Larisa Stow with Shakti Tribe.) Going for nature walks and imagining all your stress being recycled into the Earth? Or being active in your community like volunteering for causes?

Be honest and pick what you can really stick with! Plan out a new spiritual practice STARTING TODAY.


Queen of the Fairy Kingdom


I consider Dana (dawn-ya) the Queen of the Fairy Kingdom! She is the Irish queen who created the leprechauns. Like the leprechauns (normal-sized Irishmen made small), she is only 3 feet tall. But she is very powerful! Ask to connect with her during your next meditation ūüôā

In other Irish news: Sinn Fein, the political party that wants a united Ireland, won almost half the seats in Parliament! This is a huge victory for them. I personally think we will see a united Ireland in our lifetime ‚̧

I feel that¬†after Queen Elizabeth dies (she’s been having health issues), a new, more modern time will begin, especially once¬†Prince William takes the throne. Even though they don’t have political power, the royal family is an important symbol of the glory days of the British Empire. Prince William wants to bring the British royal family – kicking and screaming – into modern times, while his dad Prince Charles likely doesn’t. I just saw in a documentary that¬†Prince Charles¬†still has servants ironing his shoelaces for him ūüėČ Psychics predict the Queen will die soon, Prince Charles will be king for about 5 years, and then Prince William will take over. As a huge Princess Diana fan, I’m excited to see her son(s) take over!

What are Leprechauns?


Leprechauns were normal-sized Irishmen until their Irish queen, Dana (dawn-ya) miniaturized them to keep them safe. Ireland was being overrun by brutal invaders (the Gauls). The little Leprechauns hid in the woods.

Today, Leprechauns still have some human characteristics. Some drink beer or whiskey, some smoke pipes, some wear Irish fisherman sweaters, some have thick beards, some like dancing Irish jigs and most wear dark green blazers and pants.

Ask the Leprechauns for abundance. Specify what you mean by “abundance” such as $100 more a week in tips, 10 new clients for your acupuncture business, etc. Then visualize this happening!

The Fairy Kingdom

17 days ’til St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m going to post 17 days in a row! I love St. Patrick’s Day and the magic associated with it.

Today’s post is about The Fairy Kingdom. I think Walt Disney used¬†the best name for this: The Magic Kingdom. I would use that, but it’s copyrighted ;( So, who is in The (magic) Fairy Kingdom?

  • leprechauns
  • fairies
  • gnomes
  • elves
  • trolls
  • unicorns

Some of these are open to interpretation. Some people would not include unicorns and trolls in The Fairy Kingdom, but for these blog posts I’m going to ūüôā

I will also talk about St. Brighid and St. Patrick and Dana, the Fairy Queen (sometimes she’s called the Leprechaun Queen). Brighid was originally a Fire Goddess. Patrick likewise has a lot of Celtic and Druid symbols associated with him. He was famous in Ireland long before he became a Catholic saint.

Year of the Fire Rooster 2017

Saturday, January 27th, is the Chinese New Year! We are now in the Year of the Fire Rooster.

Who is the Rooster?

The Rooster is personified by successful businessmen and women. Most are extroverts who like to talk! They love attention and want to be in the middle of all the action. Known to be fashionable and a loud dresser, Roosters love hosting and attending glittering cocktail parties full of important, moneyed people. The Rooster lives for business success. Like the barnyard Rooster, these people expect to be on top of the heap, ruling their social group. They are friends with CEOs and investors and tech millionaires. Flashy, yet serious about their career, Roosters are very dedicated to their work. He/she works hard to climb the corporate ladder to success.

The Rooster likes to strut its stuff and boast about career achievements, just as a barnyard Rooster¬†fluffs up its feathers to look important! Roosters¬†set¬†personal goals¬†to get¬†promoted at work each year. They strive to be highly visible in the workplace. Rooster women will “dress to impress” with high heels, business suits, bright silk scarves, bling-y jewelry and fashionable hair cuts. Rooster men will wear high-end business¬†suits with expensive ties (skinny ties are “in” now and Rooster men follow trends, so maybe a skinny tie). Men will wear the latest cuts and¬†fabrics to attract attention. They are not afraid of¬†loud patterns¬†or shiny fabrics. Think of a Rooster’s¬†colorful tail feathers! And¬†like the barnyard¬†Rooster’s¬†crown (its red comb), workplace Roosters¬†aspire to be treated like royalty or a VIP.

Good year for weddings and babies

Like the barnyard Rooster who wants to be the leader of the biggest (or the hugest in Trump speak) flock possible, a Rooster year is filled with weddings and new babies. It’s a good year for new business partnerships, too, like joining forces with another business in your market. This year,¬†Oprah is partnering with Weight Watchers to promote weight loss and with Kraft-Heinz to create a new line of healthy grocery store food.

Ruffled feathers

With Trump now in office, people are worried he will get his “feathers ruffled” and start a nuclear war! Yes (the ruffled feathers part, not the nuclear war part) may well happen in 2017. Many world leaders will get into scuffles (like on Twitter) over little tiffs. It’s a year where everyone will feel the heat from social media criticism. Leaders especially at risk: Trump, Putin, Kim Jong Un. Already, NATO and the US are doing war exercises right on Russia’s border with Eastern Europe. And the airspace over Syria is already a pissing match among all the different countries bombing there. And North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is lighting off more and more missiles. The good news: the skirmishes aren’t likely to erupt into a full-fledged war. There will be more talk than action. Like a Rooster fighting for dominance in the barnyard, there will be lots of loud squawking but then the birds/world leaders will calm down and take a breath.

Don’t feel like a Rooster?

If you’re a very spiritual, metaphysical, bohemian or a Bernie Sanders-type socialist who isn’t interested in big money or big business, you may be a Phoenix! The Phoenix is also a bold and powerful bird, but is more at home in the spiritual world than the business world. The Phoenix is the famous wounded bird that rises from the ashes. The story correlates to religious stories about death and redemption/rebirth. The deeper meaning here is about dying to what the world or society is telling you to be. And being reborn as someone who answers to a higher calling, listens only to their own voice. This can mean being part of the vegan community (resisting factory farms, prepackaged food with additives) or the Women’s March (resisting sexist comments in the workplace) or the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest (resisting big government and big oil) or the Black Lives Matter movement (resisting police abuse) or the LBGTQ community (resisting discrimination based on sexual preference or identity). As I’m writing this, I’m realizing how many protest groups are now active! My personal favorite is the Anonymous hacker group (resisting government propaganda).


How to be successful in this Fire Rooster year

The Fire energy this year can get too hot! Don’t¬†run off on wild goose chases. What seems like a “crazy dream” might really be a crazy dream! To be successful in 2017, keep yourself grounded. Think of a rooster who looks undignified and all over the place when trying to fly, but walks around on the ground in a confident strut.

Make realistic, achievable goals this year. Carefully plan out how to move from point A to point B. You will get more accomplished this way. Be practical, not dreamy. If you are not a business-minded person, just imagine yourself as Martha Stewart or Donald Trump and ask yourself what THEY would do. They would likely create a detailed business plan, with goals listed on a calendar. Break down your goals for 2017 into monthly goals.

Likewise, be conservative with your money this year. Don’t take big gambles. Plan a realistic budget. Wait for your career to advance (for most people, this will be in Autumn). Instead of risking your money in hopes of a big windfall, work diligently towards a promotion or a higher profile job that pays more money.

Advice for 2017

  • Don’t stick your neck out. Where did this phrase¬†come from? From chickens who get their heads chopped off so that the farmer¬†can sell¬†chicken breasts. This Fire year brings us lots of fiery arguments and heated¬†fights. It’s wise to¬†avoid these battles. This means staying away from violent protests.
  • To reach your life goals this year, first see¬†the big picture. Imagine¬†in your head what you want to accomplish. It could be your dream wedding, a beach vacation, moving to a more progressive¬†city or a million-dollar book deal. Plan out small, easily-acheivable steps to get yourself there.
  • Score brownie points with your boss this year by being on time! In this Rooster year, your dedication to the job will not go unnoticed. After all, a Rooster’s job is to be ready at exactly the crack of dawn to wake everyone up.

Predictions for 2017

  • Economies falter, even in powerhouses like the US and Great Britain.
  • This Fire year brings more natural disasters like huge wildfires, monster tornadoes, historic flooding and rare volcanic eruptions. Expect more crazy weather, too. Other disasters like epidemics (remember the Ebola scare?) could flareup.
  • More terrorist attacks are predicted in¬†Fire years, especially with¬†a bomb or another explosive device. A dirty bomb has been predicted for some time. This would be a homemade bomb or IED with stolen nuclear materials added to it. Its detonation could cause nuclear radioactive fallout. Would ISIS dare to do this in a big American or European city? It could create a long-standing “no go zone” in a major bustling city, like New York or Paris.
  • Other explosions are possible, like the natural gas explosions we’ve seen in the (old and neglected) sewers of New York City and¬†in homes.
  • It’s predicted that trains could be targeted by ISIS, etc. for terrorist attacks. This could be a derailment, a mysterious high-speed crash, a bomb or a gunman on board.
  • Bridges may fail and fall down due to disrepair. Or by tampering from¬†a terrorist organization. Or a major bridge could¬†become a flashpoint during a protest, with people blocking traffic. Or there could be another “Bridgegate” with a politician or the National Guard blocking an important bridge to make a point.
  • 2017 is a hot year for fashion! Roosters like to look their best and love bold, “look at me” fashions. What’s in: clunky black eyeglasses, extreme winged eyeliner, bright sparkles and glitter, faux fur in crazy colors like hot pink, stiletto boots and heels, “free the nipple” open or meshed tops with nothing worn underneath, colorful feathers and Pom poms, dramatic designer gowns with high slits, bright patterns like polka dots, gemstone colors like ruby red and emerald green, metallics and peacock colors like dark teal,¬†royal blue and hot¬†turquoise. Make a splash!
  • Health and beauty trends in 2017: Buzzwords like “organic” and “all-natural” continue to move products. Health foods make a big dent in the marketplace. All the “bad for you” food and drinks like salty fast food burgers and fries and sugary sodas continue to decline in popularity. “Good for you” foods like smoothies and kale chips continue to climb in popularity. Restaurants will add more vegan and vegetarian and gluten-free items to their menus (yay!). GMO companies like Monsanto will face increased pressure and protests.
  • Alternative medicine like meditation, yoga, medical marijuana, acupuncture and juice cleanses¬†will become more accepted by the mainstream.
  • Social pressure to be healthy will eventually¬†lower rates of¬†smoking, binge drinking, obesity and illicit drug use.

Doreen Virtue’s 2017 Predictions

I always look forward to Doreen Virtue’s yearly prediction video! She doesn’t give specifics (Sylvia Browne used to do celebrity predictions, which were fun); she just pulls cards and talks about the year, one month at a time. This time, she also chose a card for the whole year. The card for 2017: Truth. She said this means there will be a lot of push and pull between people divided by politics, environmental flare-ups, black/white racism¬†(like the black victims of (mostly white) police abuse). She also said it’s a big year for Indigos, the people who are here on Earth to speak out! I myself feel more outspoken in my writing (I never thought of myself as an Indigo because I’m very quiet, but maybe I am). I’m switching my focus from metaphysical studies to politics! I think I will find plenty of things to write about ¬†ūüėČ

Doreen’s big predictions: a) MARTIAL LAW and b) WAR.

Pretty crazy, right? I’m not sure how martial law in AMERICA would come about. Maybe Trump is even crazier than he seems on Twitter? I actually have some high hopes for him in terms of business contracts and the economy. It’s possible he takes a heavy hand in response to some rioting (this is what Doreen predicts) and calls out the National Guard. Doreen specifically mentioned TANKS. Time to re-read 1984.

She didn’t say anything specific about the war. World War III in Europe? That would be my prediction. NATO is ALREADY amassing troops on the border near Russia (in Estonia and Poland). If you don’t believe me, Google it.

Because of this war, spiritual people (like us) will become peace activists. It helps to pray for peace, Doreen says, and to pray for the hearts and minds of the specific world leaders involved. Remember the prayer circles for President Bush during the Iraq War?

She also mentions: more whistleblowers come forward, more crazy weather, drama at President Trump’s inauguration (January 20th).

Sounds like a wild 2017! I say bring it.

~ Ellen

Do you follow Diana Cooper?

Diana’s Facebook page

Diana Cooper is a British author in the world of metaphysics. She mostly talks about Atlantis and unicorns. She has a book called Angel Answers (great gift idea for newbies). My other favorite thing she does is write about her dog! She has self-published two books about him and how he, as a dog, sees the world. Very cute and sweet! I follow her on Facebook and she is asking for prayers since she now has colon cancer ūüė¶

Diana’s light of Jesus video

For Christmas, Diana has put up a short video on Facebook about the light of Jesus and how it pours into the world at this time of year. Another of my favorite metaphysical authors, Lorna Byrne from Ireland, talks about this too!

Virgin Mary vision

Last night, to help bring in more Jesus light, I was listening to another author I like, Tanis Helliwell who writes about hybrids. She has¬†MP3s about Jesus. As I was falling asleep, I had a dream about the Virgin Mary. She showed my a bright blue band of light encircling the world. It was the most beautiful, most clear aquamarine color! Inside this band of light were people holding hands. It was a metaphor about the world coming together and joining hands. It reminded me of that famous Coke commercial from the Seventies with the song, “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony….” I used to love that song!

Where do you see Jesus’ golden light this Christmas?

Merry Christmas, and remember to think about the healing golden light of Jesus today. Look at your Christmas decorations and Christmas cards and see where this golden light of Jesus is represented. It’s a popular theme in Christian art. Do you see golden halos drawn around Jesus’ head? Maybe He is depicted with golden light flowing out of the palms of his hands? Or the Star of Bethlehem is shown beaming golden light down onto Him as a baby in the manger?