What did Madame Blavatsky say about Jesus?

I came across this quote today on Instagram (I’m new_age_ellen on there if you want to follow me), and I had to share it! If you don’t know, Madame Blavatsky was a famous psychic medium in her days and she described a lot of the spirits she talked to – now our New Age people like St. Germain (not a Catholic saint – known for his colorful jewels) and Lady Nada (very wise woman).

Christ is to be sought neither in the wilderness nor in the inner chambers nor in the sanctuary of any temple or church built by man. Christ, the true esoteric savior, is no man but the divine principle in every human being. ~Madame Blavatsky

Interesting that she loved Jesus, too! She calls Him the divine inside every person.

Jesus as painted by Leonardo da Vinci


Newly discovered Jesus painting by Leonardo da Vinci, worth $450 million! I think it’s amazing He is holding a sphere of energy, a metaphysical concept. People have said it’s a globe, but it’s clear, like a looking ball.

Is Jesus God?

Lately, I’ve been wondering about people saying Jesus IS God. This is weird to me, as a Catholic/New-Ager. I always thought of Jesus as the Son of God. And that He was not as important as God. But people are pointing out that we have no clear description of God. Does He look like a person? Or just a mist of energy? (I think a mist.)

What does the Bible say God Looks Like?

Even the Bible offers no description of God’s face! It just says that God created us in His likeness. And the strange Book of Revelation offers a description of a man with white hair like wool and eyes like fiery flames sitting on a throne, wearing long robes. It says no one who sees God’s face is allowed to live, so the angels hide God’s face behind their wings. If God is so important, why not describe Him?

Will the Virgin Mary Rise in Popularity?

Everyone seems to be praying to Jesus these days…even as the rise of the feminine is happening! I thought the Virgin Mary was going to become super popular….

Pope Disses Medjugorje

Pope Francis is quite the firebrand! Willing to go out on limbs and say things other popes won’t. I like it!

The Pope just visited Fatima in Portugal, the famous site where the Virgin Mary appeared and made the sun move in the sky. Very cool!

On the plane ride back, journalists asked him about the similar appearances in Medugorje, Bosnia. He said he doesn’t believe in them! This is interesting because one of the spiritual teachers I follow (I can’t remember which) said the same thing.

The Pope doesn’t like that the children (now adults) keep getting messages from Mary who tells them to climb the hill and meet with her at a certain time each day. In other appearances like Lourdes and Mexico City, Mary appears once (or maybe twice or three times), but doesn’t make regular appearances over years and years. I think the Pope is suspicious that the Medjugorje site owners are saying that Mary makes a daily appearance to keep the tourists coming.

The spiritual teacher complained that the Marian messages from Medjugorje are very negative. Like if we don’t pray enough, there will be another horrible war or a pope will be killed.

I read a book about Medjugorje quite a few years ago and I really liked how the children described Mother Mary. The book had a drawing of her on the cover and I thought it really captured her subtle beauty. At the time, I was going to a Christian church for mass (I felt really lonely and was hoping to feel more connected by going there, but it didn’t help!). One day, a church leader did a presentation about Medjugorje and said going there had changed her life! So I was fired up about the idea of one day visiting Medjugorje. This person led pilgrimages there every year, but I couldn’t afford to go 😦 I am still dreaming of visiting Lourdes, which both James van Praagh and Doreen Virtue say is amazing! My spirits have been dampened about visiting Medjugorje, though, which is in remote part of Bosnia.

Another thing the spiritual teacher mentioned about Medjugorje being wrong is that the children who see Mary and get messages from her every day are being controlled by adults in the church. Some of these deacons in the church have been reprimanded by the Vatican for making statements that the pope/church is not ready to say are true.

The other bothersome thing about Medjugorje is the children/adults say Mary told them 10 important secrets for the world…but they will not REVEAL THE SECRETS! Aaargh! Maddening!

The pope has a team investigating Medjugorje, but the Catholic church has never released its official report, which was due in 2015. And since the messages from Mary in Medjugorje started in the 1980s, they could have finished a report and said if its true or not a long time ago! It seems like the Catholic church DOESN’T believe in Mary’s appearances at Medjugorje, but the church is keeping the report hidden because the site and the tourists promote Catholicism?

I also saw a 60 Minutes piece on Medjugorje quite a few years ago. It was skeptical, but at  the time I thought that was because it’s a liberal news magazine and wasn’t going to promote something religious. But now I wonder if the news crew was turned off by the male deacons who “shelter” – and possibly control – the younger people who supposedly see Mary every day?

What do you think? Have you been to any of the Marian apparition sites? I have only been to Our Lady of Good Help outside of Green Bay, WI. I did feel a very powerful energy imprint there!